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To the 12th Man: A personal message from Johnny Manziel

January 8, 2014

Message from Johnny Manziel ... in his own words


To All My Friends in Aggieland,

After long discussions with my family, friends, teammates, and coaches, I have decided to make myself available for the 2014 NFL Draft. The decision was not an easy one. Anyone who has ever watched a football game at Kyle Field knows that leaving that atmosphere, those Saturdays with excitement, color, and noise, will be hard for me. I cannot begin to tell you what the support of the school, my teammates, Coach Sumlin, Chancellor Sharp and the fans has meant to me over the last two years. The Heisman Trophy belongs as much to you as it does to me. My teammates and I never doubted the value or the deep and real spirit of The 12th Man. It is not a myth. Anyone who has ever played football for Texas A&M knows that passion is real.

I promise you I will always be an Aggie. I will always try to make you as proud of me in the NFL as I did at Texas A&M. While there are many wonderful memories I will take with me – big wins, surprising upsets, and Bowl victories – I most cherish standing arm in arm with my teammates during the postgame, singing the alma mater, or jumping into the stands to feel real Aggie spirit. I regret we weren’t able to bring a National Championship to College Station, but I assure you a championship is going to come soon with Coach Sumlin and these talented players. And when it does, you can bet I will be with you to cheer and celebrate. I’ll probably be the loudest one there.

Thank you for making my college years very special. The faces, the friends, the fans, and the experience will forever be an important part of my life. Gig ’em Aggies! I’ll always love you guys.


Johnny Manziel
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To the 12th Man: A personal message from Johnny Manziel

Lots of dust in the air today...
Well done.
Love that guy! Good luck Johnny. You will be missed.
Love him
Cant wait to tell my kids, I saw Johnny Manziel play.
Thank you man, truly. Great years and what you did while here will go down as some serious GOAT. Good luck in the NFL and everywhere else, whether it's for us or against us I'll see you at Reliant soon enough.
Good luck JFF!
The service is unavailable.
Thank you Johnny Football!
No. I won't accept it.
Go knock the NFL out Johnny and give them something that they've never seen before or will see again.
I am going to miss him wearing number 2 in maroon. Damn finest player I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Amazing that the Greatest of All Time is an Aggie.
Good luck JFF!
The best
Good luck Johnny in the NFL! You made all us Aggies proud!!
For some reason I was fine with it before, but now I feel like I just got dumped.
Kyle or Kenny have huge shoes to fill
Size 15 to be exact
He made the correct decision. I wish we could have had one more year but it just doesn't make sense for him. His stock is as high as it ever will be.

Come on Texans! Pick him up.
Won't open on phone

Best of Everything Johnny --
Johnny Football, you deserve your shot in the NFL. Thanks for everything!
#2 on the field... #1 in our hearts!!

Good Luck JFF!! We'll miss you and Mike.

Gonna suck to be a Browns fan.

Thanks to moving to the SEC, my husband and I saw him play in person twice since we are in ATL. There will never be a more exciting player. There was never a time I thought that Johnny couldn't pull out a win. He is indeed the GOAT!
Thought it odd to mention Sharp, but no mention of Loftin...
Whoop!!! Thanks for the memories and great ride, Johnny!
Johnny, thank you so much for all you've done for TAMU. You will forever be remembered as the GOAT at TAMU, and in my opinion college football. My 4 yr old daughter continues to proudly tell everyone, "Johnny Manziel is my boyfriend!" Best of luck! Thanks again!
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