Loftin to accept chancellor position at Missouri

December 4, 2013

Note: Story last updated on 5 Dec. at 12:17 pm.

TexAgs has learned from a source close to the situation that outgoing Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin will be named the chancellor at the University of Missouri. University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe will make the announcement of the hire of Missouri's 22nd Chancellor on the University of Missouri campus tomorrow (Dec. 5) at 11 am.

In July, Loftin announced his retirement and his intent to continue as a professor at A&M. In the process of his retirement, Loftin and the University negotiated an $825,000 buyout.

Loftin was named interim president at Texas A&M on June 15th, 2009 and formally became the 24th president of the University on February 12th, 2010.

Below is the text of the personal farewell letter, from Loftin to the Aggie family, sent out by email and posted on the president's webpage on Thursday.

When I announced, in July of this year, my resignation from the presidency of Texas A&M University, I noted that my love for students is and has been my primary motivation. At that time a return to the faculty and to teaching and research seemed the logical path for me. Since that announcement I have devoted a great deal of thought to how best to continue doing what I love—serving students. Recently, a unique and exciting opportunity came my way, an opportunity to continue affecting the lives and futures of thousands of students, not just a few dozen enrolled in the classes I would teach or working in the laboratories where I would do research. While it is very difficult to imagine ourselves anywhere else but Aggieland, Karin and I have found a new home with many of the attributes of Texas A&M. Today the University of Missouri System is announcing that I will become the 22nd Chancellor of its flagship campus in Columbia, Missouri. As a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, a piece of me will always be here, and my love for this university’s students will not lessen. We look forward to maintaining the friendships we have forged here while we develop new ones in the State of Missouri. I will be leading the oldest public university west of the Mississippi, a land-grant institution that shares much with Texas A&M—a rich history, membership in the Association of American Universities and the Southeastern Conference, an outstanding faculty and staff, and a passionate student body and alumni. We wish only the best for Texas A&M and for its students, former students, faculty and staff.

R. Bowen Loftin ‘71

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BREAKING: Loftin to accept chancellor position at Missouri

WTF? Didn't see that one coming.
What the heck? Talk about coming out of left field. This a sign that he was forced out as pres. from a higher up?
I've heard rumors since announcing retirement that he was pushed out. In my mind, this is confirmation.
Perry not running for governor again in the same year that Loftin "steps down"? I knew something had to be up.
What's next? A return to the BDF?
Yup gotta make room for Perry.
I sure hope Perry doesn't become the next president of A&M. Although it's hard to not begin believing that is what's happening.
Those kids in como will love him.
How the hell can we vote all of them out?!

Elect a new governor with more respect for higher education than Goodhair.
Sharp and Perry. Get ready.
good riddance bowtie!
and he got that sweetheart deal on the way out too
Probably more Sharp than Perry.
Good move, based on most of the classless comments above.
he made them give him a sweet deal. He knows what all went down behind the scene.
Pushed out and given a soft landing. Making room for RP. Oh boy, here we go
How the hell can we vote all of them out?!

Elect a new governor with more respect for higher education than Goodhair.

Bingo. But I bet the vast majority of people who hate what the BoR has done to A&M voted for Perry anyway.

This is chickens coming home to roost. I am proud to say I've never voted for Perry.

Be careful who we elect.
Good move, based on most of the classless comments above.

Maybe you need to re-read, I only saw one idiot.
Agree that only one was critical of Bowen, but many written in an immature vernacular of junior high kids.
Missouri? Ugh, that sucks.
I'd say this is pretty clear confirmation he was forced out. He clearly loved being BMOC here, so I don't think he'd take a position at Mizzou on his own volition. I sincerely hope this isn't the first domino in a scenario where Perry ends up as A&M president.
What's next...?

Saban to tu?
How could you say good ridence to that guy. He only made the best thing ever to happen to A&M..happen!! Plus he was forced out. Stupid
Locking up Sumlin shows me we are still ok.
^ what?
Frankly while loftin was fun and the faceman for the SEC move, he always seemed a bit unprofessional. And it doesn't bother me.
What does bother me is how it got done and what dastardly plans they have in store. Seriously some shady dudes spinning wheels. And noone cam stop them.
Hello? Did you note that this is a Chancellor's position, senior to a President's position? Not a lateral move, but a step up!
Wrong, titles mean something else up at Mizzou.

Chancellor Missouri=TAMU President
President Missouri=TAMU Chancellor
we were lucky to have Mr. Bow Tie! at first i questioned the choice but Loftin proved to be are real asset! hate to see him leave!
Sharp and Perry remind me of the forgotten fable with a turtle and a scorpion. Won't end well for either of them.
If this means we can an actual academic president that will help us move up in the USNWR rankings, then great.

If it is clearing the way for Rick Perry to be president, I feel bad for those whose career actually depends on the academic reputation of A&M.
He doesn't get A&M?
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