Jaxton McNair

This kid was a local walk-on who performed well during the Maroon and White Series but is no longer listed on the roster. Was he one of the guys cut to get down to 35 for the Spring? If so does he plan to transfer to say a Juco to play or is he going to redshirt here and tryout again in Fall 2013? If anybody has any insight I was curious.
He was cut during the fall.
No idea about his future plans
He was flat out misslead by the Coaching staff when he committed to walk on. Turned down alot of big time offers to come to A&M. I know the kid, coached the kid, and I'm very upset on how this went down. He deserved better.

Not a Childress fan.
Heard some rumors and it isn't sitting well with some people. Hope the kid bounces back somewhere.
Mooreags is he planning on transferring anywhere? Juco possibly? I thought Jaxson was having a good fall. Really surprised by this.
I don't know what his plans are. He called me yesterday and left me a message. I plan on calling him later in the day.

I am more than willing to place a call to Coach Pierce and let him know that there is a good player available. He can play with my son at Sam and contribute.

I hate the business side of sports. We get so excited as fans about committments, but we don't ask where those roster spots came from and how they became availble and who was affected.
It's absolute BS to me that a coaching staff can do this to a kid. Entice him to A&M as a preferred walk on, have him turn down other opportunities to play elsewhere and then cut him before ever seeing the field in a real game. Complete and utter BS.

I guess it's just part of the ugly side of college baseball because my boss's son, a freshman at TCU, was scared to death of being cut as well. Last I heard, he was OK, but no guarantees from Schlossnagle.
Amen Cinco. Really pisses me off. As a former aggie baseball player, I am done with aggie baseball for a while. Can't support it.

I know that this happens everywhere, but that doesn't make it right.
McNair knew what he was getting into by accepting the preferred Walkon position.
Unfortunately it didn't work out, however I have zero idea what was said behind closed doors and how honest the coaches were with him or how much they led him on, but unfortunately there is an ugly side to college baseball.
I know the kid somewhat as my son played with Jaxton summer before last on the BV Renegades. Good kid and I wish him well.
Have also heard a few rumors that another local product Andrew Brown , who was redshirted last spring may be sent to a JUCO this year. I'd be shocked if that happens . Saw this kid play with my son for 3 years at Consol and with Renegades.
Hey Kev, Hope Chase is doing well.

I spoke with Jaxton's dad in depth and told him what was explained to me by Rob himself. Ford was in the same position with the Ags and had a chance to walk on at A&M. Rob told me that do to the restraints of the 27 man scholie number and the fact that he had to cut the number to 35 before the first game that Ford would not be protected and that even if he out played every scholarship outfielder in the fall, there was still no guarantee to have a roster spot. Jaxton's dad said that this was never explained to Jaxton and that if it was, Jaxton would have gone elsewhere.

If it's true about Andrew then that's another prime example. Andrew could have gone somewhere else on scholarship and been protected.

I'm so glad Ford made the decision he did.
Follow the money not your heart(being an Aggie) in all business decisions especially one so personal that involves your son!!! Your son can always transfer into A&M after his baseball career is done.

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The fall is more than just the M&W Series. Does anybody here know how he performed day in and day out? Is he a fit for the roster? Rosters and needs evolve.

Players don't get misled by coaches generally. They hear what they want to hear, and sadly so do their parents. Scholarship players expect certain guarantees too and many of them never play or get cut. Nobody is entitled to anything nor should they be. If he's a good kid and a good player he'll find a place to play.

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That's why you take the money
I hate to hear this, the kid has talent and will end up playing somewhere if that's what he wants to do. If I remember correctly, he really likes TAMU so it wouldn't surprise me if he decided to hang em up.
No guarantees for a walk on, preferred or not. Heck RC has let several scholarship players go in the last several years.

I dont know the kid, but there is always 2 sides to the story and frequently players and their parents hear what they want to hear.

I agree though Trey, Ford made a GREAT decision and I think he's going to do extremely well at Sam. They are lucky to have him.
Wow...tough luck. These head coaches at major programs and the scholarship limit situation is very competitive. Especially in baseball, with so little money available and so many spots to fill. Seems like the best financial move is to go juco and get a free ride for 2 years and keep your grades as high as possible and keep your draft options open-then go to major college to play or finish degree. The only rub is if you absolutely want to go to A&M and are not "deemed" baseball worthy. I wonder how many of the baseball players that sign with A&M are lifelong Aggies or legacies? probably not that many. Guess I better get used to this same mesasage, and realize there are 115 or more D1 baseball programs and an equal amount of D2 and D3 levels plus juco. I figure if my son is one of the top 4000 players in his class he can play somewhere.
I think people take these things too personally.

Childress has to find players he believes will produce wins and do so under brutally tight scholarship restrictions. His livelihood depends on it.

Kids are going to get cut. As someone said, Childress has cut scholarship players before.

And no one is protected at any program from this, the scholarship situation is just too tight.

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This guy is in my Geology class! Wears the same A&M cap to every class.
also keep in mind, the Ags have suffered very, very few MLB draft losses in the last 2 recruiting classes (2010, 2011). 80 to 90% of each class made it to campus. Which makes fall ball very competitive and numbers heavy roster-wise
Mooreags is right. I coached McNair in football, know him and his parents. They were told in no uncertain terms that he had a roster spot. A&M staff knew he had big time scholarship offers and told him he had a spot. Even so, had he tanked in fall ball I could see it...but he did not tank, he excelled.
Scholarship or not, no player is guaranteed a roster spot, ever. That's not just at Texas A&M, thats everywhere. At the end of the day, if your not good enough then so be it. Go prove someone wrong then.

I'd expect the guys who have played before or have seen the business side of baseball (professionally) to know this. Be a bigger man than to get on "Tex Ags" and become a tough guy.

If you don't want to support Aggie Baseball then that's your choice. Not one player or coach will be losing sleep over anybody's support.


Kyle Nicholson '07
What are you talking about Kyle?

You may want to tap the brakes there a little Kyle before you make a run at me personally. I was not being a "TexAgs Tough Guy". Give me a break. Did you even read the entire thread? I know you're a Childress guy and that's fine. But, I don't have to be. I can have a different opinion and that doesn't make me a "Tough Guy". I put in the time in that program and busted my butt for Aggie Baseball. If I have an opinion about something concerning it then I will voice that opinion.

I was simply commenting on a thread about a player that I have a personal relationship with. I was relaying information about said player from conversations I had with his father. That's it. Voiced my opinion on the subject and went on about my business.

Sorry I ruffled your feathers Bro.

Oh, and nice comment about losing sleep. I'm sure you speak for everyone in the program. That's a great attitude to have moving forward and is part of the problem.

Trey Moore
Anybody who went to more than the only game he got a hit in would know he couldn't play here. Kyle is right, no roster spot is guaranteed. Exactly why you shouldn't go some place to play ball that doesn't offer you if there are other offers on the table...kind of a red flag
He came to A&M because.....

1. Both his parents are aggie grads and it was the fullfillment of a lifelong dream to play for the aggies as opposed to going somewhere else to play ball.

2. His parents took advantage of the Tomorrow Fund which took care of his tuition.

3. Aggie's didn't offer because of 1 & 2.

The aggie coaching staff played those cards to thier advantage.

All I am saying, is what was reported to me by his dad. According to his dad, Jaxton was not fully aware of the situation. Maybe that's his own fault for not doing the homework on the subject. I don't know.

And I don't care if EVERYONE does it. Doesn't make it right.

Ooops, dreaded double post...

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If you don't want to support Aggie Baseball then that's your choice. Not one player or coach will be losing sleep over anybody's support.

That's a pretty arrogant and chitty thing to say, Especially coming from a former player.
I would hope that every coach and player would appreciate each and every supporter they have, not take the attitude of.. If you want to support us fine, if not F off"
Again pretty arrogant
Sounds like Kyle thinks you are making a run at RC. I tend to agree with Kyle on this. I hate that the kid didn't make the team, but it's a cutthroat business, starting all the way down in Little League. That's just the baseball environment. There is no reason to call out RC on TexAgs. If you are this upset with him, then give him a phone call. Don't hide behind your keyboard.
We don't need to pile on Kyle. I'm sure that came out the wrong way.

Kyle was a great player and played the game hard. Played through injury and was one of my favorites.

I'm not doing this to get into a pi$$ing match with Kyle. It's not worth it and will do noone any good.

The guy is fighting for a coach he really likes, that's all.

Oh sorry Sea Bass, I'll keep my opinion to myself and just pump sunshine behind my keyboard.


Don't hide behind your keyboard.

Lol. Says the guy who uses an handle to the guy who post with his actual name.
That's funny.
Oh sorry Sea Bass, I'll keep my opinion to myself and just pump sunshine behind my keyboard.

There's a difference between being critical and personally attacking the coaching staff. Your first post made RC out to be a liar, and Kyle took offense to that. When he responded, you blasted him. Don't play the victim here. If you want to attack the coaches, be prepared for some guys to come out defending him.
Lol. Says the guy who uses an handle to the guy who post with his actual name.
That's funny.

I'm not the one calling our coaches liars and unethical. Not seeing the similarities here...
another thing to keep in mind...#18 was here during the MJ to RC transition in the 2005-2006 timeframe...where every player (and especially MJ's holdover recruits & players) had to fight for their roster spot everyday under the pressure of being cut. That was a 2-year period unlike any other in the last 25 years of aggie baseball.

And there were only a handful of players that made it through from 2004 to 2007. Off the top of my head I can only think of about 5 who did
I'm done with this. It's going nowhere. I have said my peace.

Gig'em Ags and good luck this year.
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