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Gentlemen, we are national

Long long time lurker (be kind texags) but I must share with the texags community. We are nationally relevant.

Backstory, I live in the heart of southern cal, meaning in Westwood - homeland of ucla.

After a&m game I went to local grocery store for food for dinner. Asked the checkout guy "hey do you watch college football?"


Me - "Johnny football made a top 5 play of the year and eventually won the game. You gotta watch sc."

He gushes " i love Johnny football and a&m is my favorite team." "of course Johnny football made top ten sports center."

Told him good game for ucla - his response was "probably - but Johnny football is the only reason I watch college football."

Maybe not as cool for those in the homeland, but for those of us abroad - hearing a&m is a nationally relevant super team is amazing. Especially for my fellow ags that suffered through the shermchioni years.
We are everywhere!
No worries OP. I'm ****faced too.
I was in Virginia this summer and they loved Johnny and us there too.
I think you mean the Franman years.
Takin' over both LA's.
Im in Waco, and never get that sh*t.

Fortunately only here 4 more months.
Fortunately only here 4 more months.

Long Beach Hooters gives you a 20% discount for joining aTm fan club.
Lovin' the sliver.

"...the Big 12 is now viewed as the fifth of the big BCS leagues by many recruits." Rivals.com national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell (August 2013)
Good story Rambo. Most Ags assume we are nationally known, and we have not been. When I was at A&M I summer schooled in Boston and was shocked how few had even heard of A&M. I agree the last two years have dramatically changed that.
Coloradoans still hate Texas, Johnny and all. My theory is that only the ********s leave. Except me.
Good story. These last 2 years have been incredible for our overall exposure
Monroe, Louisiana here. Surprisingly a bunch of LSU, La Tech, and ULM grads pull for us and Johnny when we aren't playing them funny enough. After the first half I knew I'd need a drink so I went to the gas station a block away for my house and the clerk was listening to the game and upset that we were losing too. Next door neighbors I know but still cool we have fans in Tiger/Bulldog/Warhawk country.
Good times. Good times.
Johnny made us national. I had people talking to me about Aggie football in Alaska in August.
Was in Ireland back in June and had a guy from Jersey hit me up about JFF for about 15 minutes. Said he thought he was a little to big for his britches based on what the media was reporting, but said he was an amazing football player.

He's a transcendent talent.
Clintalmighty - don't hate because I am trying to highlight the fact that finally a&m is what we hoped for; a competitive, recognized, meaningful football team - with a national following.

If you would have told me we would be here after Shermchione's failure I would have laughed. God bless jff and hopes that he comes back.
Nice. Let's keep the ball rolling.......
Stories like this NEVER get old, IMO.
I'm drunk. Why not?
I was judging a BBQ contest in Springfield Kentucky in October. They have a street festival going on the same weekend. While waiting for judging to begin. I was wandering around and donated some money at the stand the Weblos had set up. One of the kids saw my hat and said "Johnny Football" real loud. The other kids all started chanting it. It was pretty effing cool
I went to a conference in Dallas and one of the speakers was from Univ of Cal San Francisco and he said in his talk how he loved watching Johnny Football. Of course the tu people hissed but I thought it was cool.
Hell I love watching case McCoy too. Those two touchdowns he threw were magnificent.
On a dirt road in Maui at a coconut stand this past summer the big Hawaiian dude slinging his machete wanted to talk on and on about Johnny after learning I lived in College Station.
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