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Is there a jackass of the game threadfor Arkansas?

I have to say that the movie Old School was funny, but sitting next to some smelly, 40-something, guys reminiscing about Zephyrs and who have not let go of the drunken frat daddy thing after all these years is not funny. How one of them did not get kicked out after spilling his scotch on the people in front of them is a mystery to me.
If they stand during big moments of the game, I'll take those guys over most of the people on the third deck that sit on their hands. Last I checked the alumni side is still part of the 12th Man. Fans at the Texans stand more and get into the games more than the west side and the Seahawks 12th man would laugh in our faces.
Last time I checked, alumni are no longer part of the 12th Man. Something about elephant walk. Ever heard of that?

But, your point is well taken, they probably could be louder. When I look over at the students, though, I see lots of them talking on phones, playing grab ass, texting, or just standing there. Getting your own peers to yell might help, too.
Old man, you can't see across the field to see if someone has their phone out. I know, it surprises you old farts that we actually care about Aggie football too, and it's hard for you to believe we actually pay attention and yell.
They weren't loud. They were obnoxious.

Here is a direct quote from one of them while he was just rambling...

Is Manziel Jewish? Come on, ya Jew. Throw the ball.

This was before he dropped his drank on the folks in front of him.
Andre Ware
playing grab ass

If aggie girls stopped having great asses, this wouldn't be an issue
Vader2020 won this with this "come at me bro, but not in person" thread last night
We just don't get....ourselves???
The chick in front of me texting literally 75% of the game. Her battery died so she commandeered her husband's phone after that. 45 yard line seats wasted on her.

This was before he dropped his drank on the folks in front of him.

Based on the constant griping about not getting goog AT&T coverage in Kyle, I'm willing to bet there is a whole lotta textin, twitting and phone callin going on
Social media addicts....our society is loaded with them.

Seriously. Addicts. Ask many of them to go without it for a day, and they start having obsessive cravings and feeling literal psychological withdrawal symptoms.
I think it was scotch and sprite.

Is Manziel Jewish? Come on, ya Jew. Throw the ball.

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