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How many were alive 1/1/88?

That was the date of our last post New Years bowl victory.

Sad isn't it? Facts are facts.
Just woke up this morning trying to find something to ruin your day? See a Dr - Try some meds.
Awe, upsetting the Aggie Apple Cart for you? Sorry, all is well and we are Building Champions!
'88...my first year at A&M.

I must've brought the sh*t.
We have Juniors and Seniors at A&M who have never seen an A&M post New Years bowl victory in their lifetime. That is simply astounding to me. We have failed for so long, you would think dumb luck would have found its way to us once in 23 years.

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The one glitch in your theory is that we did go to the SUGAR BOWL after the 98 season, but it WAS played on Dec 31, 1998.
I don't think it's a glitch 63, I think the key word they're hitting on is victory not appearance.

You are way off buddy. I said victory, we lost in that game.

And it was played 1/1/99

Alive? I was there sitting in the cheap seats...it was cold in the first half, but I warmed up in the 2nd!

Sat next to my Dad's '46 roommate....he'd brought in a whole deal of those little airline bottles...35-10 and we were feeling no pain!
I was 3 years old.
I was alive and kicking then. Great win! The players stripping Heisman trophy winner Tim Brown's white towel from him and waving it around in the air like a scalp. I have the official poster from that game... but it's getting a little worn around the edges, like me

That game is also the answer to a pretty interesting SWC trivia question. Any guesses ladies?
I was two weeks away from being born.
I was 2 and had no clue what an A&M or Aggie was!

My favorite color was maroon though... Coincidence?
that was nine months before i was born. my dad must have gotten excited after that game and forgotten to wrap his tool!!
5 days before i was born!
I was still sucking the T in 88.
That game was the last time a SWC team won the Cotton Bowl... period end of sentence. Says something about the watered down state of the SWC in its final years.
I was at that game. We thrashed Notre Dame and their Heisman winner like a rented mule.
I was 5. Good lord, what a poor couple of decades since our last big bowl victory...
At the game. Back before Jackie almost got us the death penalty.
I remember that game very well. I hooked up with another Aggies wife after her husband passed out. I still feel guilty about it. I wonder if i am the real daddy of any of you? To find out ask your mom's about the reverse houdini. If she laughs, your the one.
How many total new years day bowls have we ever won? 4?

I was at that game too. That was the game with the Tim Brown towel incident. It was pretty darn cold.

And yes the Sugar Bowl was played on 1/1/99. I remember vividly because I was in New Orleans for New Year's Eve. I called home New Year's Day and learned that my dad had passed in the night. Obviously I did not make the game.
I was in my mom's belly.
I was 11 and watched it on tv. Being young and from another state, I didn't know much about the school or traditions, but decided that day that it was where I wanted to go and never looked back.

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I was -4 months old
How many total new years day bowls have we ever won?

Five-all listed below by season (i.e., games played on 1-1 of the next year).

1939 Sugar
1940 Cotton
1967 Cotton
1985 Cotton
1987 Cotton

I guess you could include the 1922 Dixie Classic (1-2-23), if you wanted.
Oeagg11 meet ur dad gwmaggie

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I couldn't find that exact date, but world population reached 5 Billion on July 11, 1987 & was reported as 5.1 Billion in mid 1988, so I am gonna say that 5 Billion, 50 million would be real close to the actual answer.

I gotta admit that throwing out a tricky question every once in a while to take our minds off of football is one of the things that makes Texags great !

That's what it's supposed to be like. Bada$$ coach, confident and talented players, winner's attitude. Even more satisfying that a Notre Dame guy I knew was talking trash before the game---noting that A&M had a couple of players kicked off team, so we'd have an excuse when we lost.
I popped out of the uterus the day before, so I probably won't remember it.
Bucky's team

I was there, it was 37 degrees. A couple of ND fans seated behind, couldn't get over The War Hymn because of so long to the orange and the white

arrogant ND, sounded like sips
I was there!!! It was cold but not quite as cold as the year before. We had us a good ol' time the night before, got up, had our coffee, and out we went to the game! Only afterwards did most of us pass out early for the night.
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