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Is RG3 Catholic?

Just wondering about rg3 playing at a Baptist university, is he Catholic?

I noticed him kneel and make the sign of the cross after the first or second td.

Anyone notice that?
Saw it as well.
A lot of non-catholic players do that. I attend a baptist university (NOT BAYLRO) and 60% of the student body is non baptist. In fact, there is a large Muslim population even though 9 hours of Christianity classes must be taken including a ton of "Christian life worship" credits that must be earned to graduate.
Jesus is Jewish
RGIII is Jesus (supposedly)
RGIII is Jewish
The pope's fave
I believe he's tongue speaking snake kisser.
I'm a baptist and I do the cross every time before we field a punt. I think it helps.
Isn't he baylro's Black Jesus???
does RGIII sh_t in the woods?
does RGIII sh_t in the woods?

Damn, that was what I was going to say.
I believe it is a Catholic tradition not to touch the hands of any person after they have handed you your backside.
I'm not sure what denomination he is, but he was a really classy guy in the post-game. Well spoken, well mannered, really cool. He made a fan out of me. I'm not sure how he ended up at Baylor. :-/
He learned all his manners from his head coach.
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