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Nelson and Fobbs

No sour grapes here. These guys have character issues, particularly Nelson. Not keeping your word is one of the basics parents were supposed to teach their kids. The self-centered nature of the way these two guys handled their signing makes it clear that they're more interested in themselves than their future teammates. Just watch, these guys are going to prove the kind of people they are over the next four years.
wish nothing but the worst for them.
Ryan Perrilloux disagrees and thinks Nelson and Fobbs are stand up guys.
Why even committ if your going to do that ****?
We wont hear about the for another 3 years now.
Forget em
because it is sales...and an 18 year old kid is very impressionable.
and a follow up thought...we didn't have a problem with it when Fuller did it to OU and came here.
it's already been mentioned, but fuller's dad went here, it wasn't on signing day, and it was after we had a coaching change here. apples and oranges
Fuller was an A&M legacy and wasn't interested in Fran's run only offense. Once Sherman was hired he committed, in December, allowing OU to fill his spot. He didn't string them along leaving them on the morning of signing day.
Yes, for the 100th time, Fuller is NO way comparable. He switched over a month before signing day. Plenty of time for OU to do something else.

I will say that Fobbs wasn't critical, he was a nice to have and Nelson seems like his best fit is as a 4-3 OLB. He doesn't look like he'll ever weigh more than 220 or so. If that's what his determining factor was, so be it, but he shouldn't have been texting Billy saying one thing & doing this. That's a real b**** move.

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Jesus had to keep repeating his assertion that he was the son of God to the Jews. I guess we will have to keep reiterating the fact that Fuller is not comparable to Nelson.
How many players worry about their team mates more than themselves?
I don't have a problem with fobbs switching. He wanted LSU from the start. He's staying closer to home. Not an priority need.

Nelson on the other hand pulled a Perrilloux or even worse. He didn't man up and honor his word. He misled the staff and his fellow recruits.

to bad Jlane won't be around for the next two years.
He's staying closer to home.
Actually, Shreveport is about 15 miles closer to College Station than to Baton Rouge. That is why it can be a good recruiting area for us.

Shreveport is not a "Cajun" city. It is almost a traditional East Texas city. The downtown streets are named for Texas heroes and is is much more associated with Dallas than with Baton Rouge or New Orleans.

Last of the Old Army

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What about Pierre Brown?
Well, hopefully Nelson's karma is about like Pierre and he'll be a journeyman so-so player for the next 4 years.
Nelson has screwed himself. At A&M he could have become a diamond. At blowU, he will just be another rock on a gravel road. He probably will be scout squad material until his Jr year.
Nelson does not meet the criteria required at TAMU when it comes to character. Anyone who plays a coach until the 11th hour then switches is dishonest and not ever to be trusted. His "friends" up there will never respect him or trust him. No honor among thieves. Ok to go someplace else, wish you the best, but act as he did is a serious character flaw that could never hold up at TAMU. He would never graduate.
I am glad he left his best friend here though. I hope he destroys him next year.
Nelson wanted to go somewhere where he'd be comfortable, and not having a linebackers coach who he knows he will get along with definitely swayed his decision making.

Wouldn't you rather go to a school where you know who is coaching you and that you will feel comfortable? I don't blame Nelson for going, it's totally OK with me, just kinda wish he would have done it a little sooner.
We would have landed both of these guys if Sherman was a good recruiter.
Mike Sherman is a good recruiter. Look at the class.

Apparently Nelson didn't want to be at Texas A&M as bad as he said he did. Let him go. These things have a way of working themselves out. I think Coach Sherman gave the young man a shot to see if his words (verbal commit) and actions were the same. They weren't.

There appears to be some outstanding defensive lineman in this group as well as the Patterson and Jones recruits. The offensive line is tremendous as well as all the rest of the group - its a top 20 class - they should get along.

I doubt Coach Sherman cites the absence of Nelson and Fobbs as he welcomes this outstanding class - they are not a part of it and you have to move on.
"Mike Sherman is a good recruiter. Look at the class."

Sherman has done well, but Fran had a getter class his 3rd time around.
ma. bennett played the same game as nelson. Its all about me....who will be the lucky team that gets me. We are better off w/out nelson and in my opinion would have been better off w/out big mouth m.b.
Bennett never lied to anyone.

spreadsheetag has the right idea. I hope you crash and burn Corey.
Wouldn't you rather go to a school where you know who is coaching you and that you will feel comfortable?

The whole above-top-secret business with the coaching changes has been ridiculous.

People, especially recruits, want something a little more concrete than "don't worry guys, big things are at work and we're going to have a GREAT staff in place for 2011!!!!"

BTW, why isn't anyone mad at Stoops for obviously coaching the kid to stay quiet until today?

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