Pictures from Hustler Ball in Jefferson, TX...

Offered without comment...
Sadly, I know some of the people in those pictures. I grew up in Jefferson and my parents still live there.
Those scared the crap out of me!!!
And what the heck is the "Hustler Ball"? And why do they have it? That was just WRONG!!!!!

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swingers party is what it looks like
Where is Rover and Ultra??!?
The Hustlers Ball is a "pimps and hoes" type theme party. They have it every year at Auntie Skinners Bar in Jefferson. I think I might have to go next year simply for the great people watching potential. Maybe even take a camera!
Is it just a "for the public in general" type of party? An organization? The employees of this bar?

I'm trying to wrap my mind around just going to a normal "for everyone" social get-to-gather and someone's ass is hanging out.
normal get-together...i believe anybody over 21 can attend (if you have enough tattoos and not too many teeth)
Where is Rover and Ultra??!

My happy ass was far, far away from Skinners that night.

Don't know about Ultra.
Swinger Party Here

Don't Worry About This Post, I'm Just Learning How to Hyperlink with Text[/url]

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Wow just Wow.

Don't lie. All you fools looked...
I particularly liked the ones that had the stretch marks showing...........ugh
Freebirds called... they want their foil back...
yikes.......what a trashy bunch of rednecks!
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