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In an effort to recognize Aggie entrepreneurs, I wanted to recognize Eli Sepulveda '86 and Curt Young '96 (2 time All American in Track and Field and 2 time Olympian runner ) for putting on an amazing training facility, Village Fitness. in Rice Village in Houston.

I have been a client for around 6 months now and enthusiastically recommend their services! Our twice weekly training has given me more energy, improved my mood, increased my concentration and strength. This has made me more effective at work and more focused at home with my wife and kids.

Village Fitness isn't a franchise, but franchises, including health and wellness franchises, allow prospective business owners to start businesses without having to "reinvent the wheel" with processes already in place. I use my skills and experience to guide you from the beginning to the end of the franchise investing process.

My service helps you narrow your focus down to the 3 brands that best match. This process saves my clients a lot of time by allowing them to focus their search on brands that they otherwise wouldn't consider that match them the best.

How has your fitness program helped in your work & home life? If you don't have one, do you have any plans to improve your fitness in the New Year?

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Adam Goldman

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And check out Village Fitness if you live/work in the Rice Village area!

Eli Sepulveda '86 and Curt Young '96