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New water meter leaking issues

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I initially asked this on the Next Door App for the Castlegate area, but think this might be worth reaching a broader audience.

Since the city replaced the water meters in Castlegate in July, several neighbors are having the water meters fill with water. The meters are running even when the main house valve is shut off, so it looks like the leaks are in the one foot section between the meter and the house valve. Most bills have tripled. I thought it was interesting that several of us have this issue, so we were trying to connect some dots. If you've had this issue, please leave a comment. Thanks!

** Some neighbors had their leaks fixed by the city despite being on the "customer side" because the damage occurred after the contractor replaced the meters. Some have been told to try and recoup the money from the company the city contracted with, and others are told it's on the customer side, it's clearly their issue.

Our family of 6 had the following water bills for Dec 2014: 7
Dec 2015: 4
Dec 2016: 7
Dec 2017: 29
Our water issues begin at the time the meters were replaced and continue to go upwards. Our pipes were fine until the meters were replaced. It's been very disappointing to see how so many customers have had different outcomes when dealing with the city.

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Jennifer Nations,, with the CS Utilities Water division is knowledgeable, professional, and customer focused. If she cannot address this issue she will know who has the solution.
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Howdy basketaggie,
I believe you may have already spoken with the Water Services director about this but if not, please email me at I would encourage any other customers who have an issue with their replaced meter to do the same. Thanks!
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Mine got replaced, and subsequently leaked. A call to the utility department got it squared away the same day.

Funny side note - the guys who fixed it blamed the one who installed it. They installed it.
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I thought mine was leaking and they came out a couple times and said no it is just irrigation water. The third time I call because water is bubbling from under the street. They dug up half my yard to find out the leak is on the main under the street. Fun stuff.
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