How do I price this bottle of Black Label Johnny Walker?

An older neighbor gave this to my old man a few years back because he doesn't like scotch. I think it's been in his closet for decades and it came in a "Scottish themed" case that was also old. May have been a company gift at one time.

Anyway, how do I find out how old/valuable this is?

edit: There wasn't a noticable "date" on the bottle or label.

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ok, i'm an idiot

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Maybe try A bigger scotch nerd or rep from diageo can probably date it based on packaging.

Value - I have no idea, but I want it and call dibs.
Taste - if it's early 90s it may be a lot more smokey and medicinal than the current blend. Again, I want it and will let you know how good or bad it is.
The bottle is from 1940´s to 1950´s and is valued $350-$450 to a collector.

Cool find.
By the way, I've got a pdf file showing the evolution of the label of the JW Black Label going back to 1909. I would post here if I could post a pdf. I can email to you if you like.
A bottle that old is probably spoiled. I'm willing to take it off your hands for free to, uh, dispose of it....
stupid question here...does whiskey age as well in a bottle as it does at the distillery?
No. Once in the bottle it does not age. Drink it and enjoy it...keep the bottle
Early 90s...I'm an idiot.

Do you want to sell it or drink it?
How do I price this bottle of Black Label Johnny Walker?

which my brain read as:

How do I finish this bottle of Black Label Johnny Walker?

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Cleaned out my grandpa's closet & found these yesterday .... I'm guessing from the 60s or 70s but anyone have any ideas?

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The bottle in the OP was officially bottled in 1952. Some archive company in Scotland responded to my inquiry.
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