State record class buck killed by car

Supposedly in Wyoming Co., WV.
Larry the (idiot) cable guy's skinny brother?
I was thinking the same thing. That dude is the picture of WV if I ever saw one.
Looks like some good driving for ol' Lonnie there. I guess his cap decal is fitting as well...
Holding rack out at arm's length to make it look record-ier.
Hillbilly with cutoff sleeves and a bluetooth. Guaranteed that guy has a Yeti in the back of his truck.
if only his toothless girlfriend was standing next to him holding a Budweiser we would have this years Christmas card!
When they talk about mounting a deer in WV, you really have to stop and consider what they mean in that instance...
State record class buck killed by car

You really believe that OP?
Ok, I only see 1. Tell me how I'm wrong.
Current record for gun killed buck is 185 & 4/8.

And look at the guy who killed it. Another typical WV representative!

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That is some vintage Trebark he's sporting!
Antler restrictions and/or archery only is working.
Archery only county, FTW.
That's worth about 200 pts. Illegal to take that head if that were to happen in TX. Looks farm raised
Nice Bluetooth to go along with cutoff shirt. I wish people would understand how absolutely stupid they look walking around with those things in their ears. You need while you drive, fine but take the darn thing out when your out of your car. You're not that important

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So, if you OB posters hit a big buck with your car, would you put him on the wall, or does that not count?
what if i him him while driving out to fill my feeder? that's basically hunting, right?
Looks farm raised

Judge many books lately?
if you OB posters hit a big buck with your car, would you put him on the wall,

I know someone that has a road killed deer on the wall. ...I don't know that I would do it, but if it was a state record??? Probably would.

Just don't be a dooosher. Tell people how you really killed it.
Hell yeah I would put him on the wall, but only if he was 150"+. I don't care if it's illegal or not. The law about picking up deer that you hit with a vehicle is absolutely absurd. In most cases, it's going to cost the vehicle owner alot of money in damages. Most likely more than the cost of getting a lease. Does TP&W really think this law serves a purpose? Yes, the deer was taken by an illegal means, but do they think people are driving up and down the highway intentionally looking for nice bucks to run over with their vehicle?
Off FM1960 in Houston a few years back a pretty good sized 16 point that had been living on a nearby golf course was hit by a car.

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Most of the game wardens I work with have to deal with a couple intentional road kills a year. It isn't that uncommon.
All i know is in high school a kid hit two deer on the way to school, when he got to school him and the Ag teacher called the GW and reported what happened . Then they asked if he could pick the animals up ans save what he could the GW said yes no use in letting it go to waste. The only deer i ever hit was completly demolished and there was no way to salvage anything.

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