Whataburger Ketchup Mystery

200 posts in 5 years and I know that at least 5 of them pertained to Whataburger... I believe you when you said it the first time James!
just how much does someone have to eat at Whataburger before they:
1. notice the different codes on the ketchup
2. develop a belief that there is a difference between them
3. and identify one as being clearly superior
product ketchup labels

I was reading an internet forum discussing the significance of the numbers 1 through 5 on the bottom of the labels. Could you please explain what they mean? Thank you.

please see the following link



I just sent this email to the contact info on the wataburger website.

I'll let you people know what the response is so you can go back to crafting your tinfoil hats.



The number on the ketchup packages refers to the way they are packaged. There are five rows in each case of ketchup. The numbering is for quality control purposes.

Matt Houston
General Manager

Now we can go back to more serious questions like who would you shoot if while walking through the woods, you come upon a sasquatch riding a unicorn and you only have 1 bullet left in your clip?
I realized that i lurk way too much on the OB as i stopped at whataburger on my way home from the dog park and immediately looked at the ketchup packets to see these so called mysterious numbers.
#1 on a small bun, all the way with japs, and every bite dipped in that glorious ketchup.

Nom nom nom nom
cplstansfield thank you for actually looking into this.

Honestly you people scare me. If there really were 5 different sweetness levels of ketchup at Whataburger that werent widely known about it would be a terrible mistake on their part. With the ketchup packets being labled with only a tiny number and no other indicators it would leave the vast majority of patrons with a feeling that Whataburger has no quality control with their products.

I know if I grabbed 2 or 3 packets of ketchup and they all tasted different (and were not clearly marked as being different) it would send up a HUGE red flag.

Another reason it couldnt be a 'test' to determine which sweetness level is preferred is because there is no way to determine which one is actually ranked higher than the others. There is no number to call and again as I mentioned before there is only a TINY number on the packet which most people would never bother to look for. How are you suppose to give feedback and compare products in a non-closed environment when you dont know you are suppose to give feedback on them?

The ONLY reasonable conclusions people should have drawn from the number should have been related to production lines and not the recipies.
As someone who works in manufacturing, I can tell you its the line it comes from. It gives them traceablility back to certain products incase a recall is needed. The different tastes probably comes from different levels in the tank that weren't mixed properly and were sent to the fillers
The people who think it is sweetness scare me.
It's cool the general manager piped up, but the GD question was answered by a credible source on the first page immediately following the question.

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This thread is embarrassing on so many levels.....
It was the first ****ing response...
I just sent this email to the contact info on the wataburger website.

I'll let you people know what the response is so you can go back to crafting your tinfoil hats.

Blue star for calling a tinfoil spade a spade. I would have given a spade instead of a blue star, but TexAgs doesn't give us a spade option.
So a carload of Aggies stopped in WB on the way (before excessive beer intake) to go tubing Sat. After getting various different packets, we conducted a quick taste test (very unscientific as we were running behind) and the packets did actually taste different.

So was it some sort of psychological response since people did know the packets had different numbers?

Does our WB insider want to confirm that the 5 production lines actually have the same product (as indicated in one post), as compared to five separate lines, or some design flaw in the system, where it would be possible for the recipe to slightly vary?

i don't know about the ketchup at whataburger, but the green m&m's definitely make the ladies horny. also, shaking a polaroid makes it develop faster, and pop rocks and coke will kill you if consumed at the same time.
The real question her is: "Ketchup" or "Catsup".
"Are you gentlemen here to help me with my ketchup problem?"
Is there any way to purchase mass quanities of Whataburger ketchup without having to purchase tons of burgers and fries? My tastebuds will be pleased to find out while saving my waistline.
The real question her is: "Ketchup" or "Catsup".

check out the name origin.
I need to report that I was issued a 2 and a 3 during my recon mission to Whataburger today.

I'm still trying to figure out what to make of it all.
It's part of their quality assurance program. It is so they can have traceability in their products. If there is a problem with number 3 somewhere down the line, then they now how to trace the problem back in their system. We do the same thing with our parts. It prevents you from having to shut down your hole line of production and inspect the entire system. In whattys case they just got to nozzle/conveyer/_____ #3 and go from there.
It's really starting to look as if this was planned by Whataburger to create the ultimate Aggie joke.
I never realized there was much difference in any ketchup. Granted, I just look at the price.

That's because, in general, there isn't. A guy I worked with on several projects years ago happened to have done a shutdown/overhaul of a catsup plant somewhere in east Texas several years back. Funny thing - they bottled about a dozen different brands out of the exact same vat of catsup. Hunt's was the primary brand, but every generic store brand came from the same production facility, just with a different label on the bottle. Heinze is different and comes from a completely different facility.

Same for things like antifreeze - my dad used to work at Dow in their propylene glycol unit way back when I was a wee lad. From Prestone down to the Autozone brand that is half price - they manufactured and bottled it all for them. From the same vat of antifreeze. You paid more for Prestone because they used fancier labels and gave you the impression that it was somehow better, but chemically it was 100% the exact same as that cheap bottle of Autozone brand.
yall mourning this loss from a couple weeks ago?

Fire consumed an 18-wheeler carrying a load of Whataburger ketchup on Interstate 10 Wednesday afternoon. County Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner said the truck was traveling west from Georgia when its two occupants smelled something burning while going through Seguin. When they saw smoke coming through the vents, they pulled over and jumped out of the burning vehicle near milepost 599 on I-10. Firefighters from the Marion, New Berlin, Cibolo and Seguin departments brought it under control and also extinguished a grass fire it started in the median. Kistner said Guadalupe County Road and Bridge Department personnel were en route to help haul off the load of smoldering ketchup. The fire’s cause was undetermined.


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Alright, I started this to make light of an urban legend pointed out to my kids and I by their friends, one that Gman's daughter is familiar with so it's not just an RGV thing. Note that I was satisfied with James' response by post 4 and puncuated that at the top of this page. The OB did the rest, so Dough, XiXi, Sean, et.al. just consider it a break from the virtues of which is a best co-witness, true or lower 1/3.

a load of Whataburger ketchup

the truck was traveling west from Georgia

I shall procure another beer. Discuss.
The OB did the rest, so Dough, XiXi, Sean, et.al. just consider it a break from the virtues of which is a best co-witness, true or lower 1/3.

I have no idea what that means CP. Let me know if I should be chuckling or pissed off.
I believe he is reassuring us that there is no need to arm ourselves and purge the production-line non-believers from the OB, as this was only a troll.

My AR remains hanging on the wall..for now.....
I am an Owner/Operator of a Chick-fil-A. Those bad boys cost about 5 cents each. They are like 3 of the old packets. Let me know if you need any other inside ketchup info. Oh.... and ours are better than Whataburger, you can dip or squeeze! And you don't have to wait 10 min for your food. JK, I love me some Whataburger.
I agree that CFL has Whataburger beat on packaging, but I love Whataburger ketchup. It is awesome. I typically don't like sweet food that isn't supposed to be sweet but I make an exception for WB.
What's up Mr Houston? I'd like a #5, mayo, no onions, with jalapeños on wheat. Thanks in advance.

That ketchup is the best anywhere. I go down the road laying waste to my #5. I don't dip the fries while driving, I peel back the edge of the ketchup pack and suck it out of there.
Chik-fil-A is the bomb!

BTW - how has nobody commented on the fact that Matt Houston is now a manager at Whataburger? Guess crime fighting in the early 80s hasn't really paid off...
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