Is it illegal to trap catfish in Texas?

A buddy of mine from Arkie is trying to sell me a wooden catfish trap. I have no idea how illegal this is to use in Texas. It looks a whole lot like this.
Not sure of the legality of your question... but I knew a guy that would catch cats in the river, then use a catfish trap (wooden/chicken wire box) to purge the fish in a clear stream.
looks illegal.
I have always been told it is illegal. We would have to be careful with perch traps because channel cats would get caught in them sometimes. You have to throw them back regardless of the size.
If it is a private lake that you or family/friends own no problem

if your going to throw that in gibbons or Somerville your asking for it
+1. Legal for private waters only.
Catfish is classified as a game fish = no trapping.
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