Lowes Iris Home Automation

Anyone else jump on this? I just ordered the Comfort and Control Kit and am pretty eager to get it.
Unless you pay for the premium services, this thing doesn't appear to be that great for the control and comfort kit. It doesn't appear that you can set up schedules for your thermostat or devices unless you pay for the premium service. Scheduling would be where you get your biggest savings potential.
Hmmm hadnt noticed the different packages. I think you can still program your thermostat like a normal programable, but you cant use the scheduling (ie front door opens, turn to 73)
nm canceling my order in the morning. Some of the other home automation I was looking forward to is only available in the premium package. At 120 bucks a year Id probably be better going with Insteon.
Viviant just replaced my old ADT system.
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