Suddenlink vs. Directv

OK, so I'm considering switching to Suddenlink after many years of DirecTV. Any of you have experience with both and give any advice here.

I've been perfectly happy with DirecTV but it's just gotten very expensive over the years. I can save about $30 a month with the same setup, channels, and DVR with Suddenlink (they are my phone/internet provider).

I don't expect Suddenlink to be on par as far as technology goes, but maybe I'm wrong. Can you at least do things like record 2 shows at the same time with suddenlink?
Call Directv, ask for retentions, and tell them that you'd save $30/month with Suddenlink. See if they can beat that.

Chance are that they will.
You can record 2 shows at the same time on suddenlink, but you can't watch a third at the same time. It puts up a message asking you if you want to stop recording or change channels.
Does suddenlink here have the tivo dvr's yet? Had suddenlinks dvr but it was horrible (both quality and interface wise). Media Center is far better and cheaper but would be more initial work.
I had completely forgotten about their branded tivo DVRs.

Last I heard, they were testing them in West Texas in the spring.

Just got done talking with a Suddenlink rep...

The SL branded Tivo is $17.00 a month (old Moto DVR is $15.99, so a $1 per month difference)

The catch is the mandatory installation fee... $70 for them to come hook it up. I tried seeing if there was a way around it, but there wasn't from any of the Reps I talked to.

I'll probably still end up getting it just for the online scheduling (miss this the most from our Dish DVR).

Edit: this is for B/CS

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Yes, they do offer the Tivo in the Austin area too. I'll probably talk to them and get more specific about this.

I also called DirecTV and they were only offering to take my bill down $10. Looks like I'll be switching to Suddenlink.
Wait till you call to cancel your Directv. Suddenly they're BEYOND willing to negotiate - at least that was my experience.
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