So Ben Affleck broke up with J-Lo...

Wonder if she'll give the ring back?
was just a matter of time..
Good for him. It was just a matter of time till her bomb exploded.

him too

That chick as the perfect smile.
and her...

Gene Frenkle, Classic

Never saw this one coming.

That chick as the perfect smile.

...if only her head was flat enough to rest a beer upon....
gene.. i thought this might be more your type..

Well if you turn that first guy's face up sidedown it would almost look like a cooter.
I will never again allow my picture to be take b/c:

(1) I'm ugly.
(2) It will eventually be posted on the internet.

AustinTheAggie, please take my picture down.
lemme guess.. the chick showing her juggs?
No jerkjack, I'm the person immediately above my first post on this thread!

I would appreciate it if you would take my picture down!

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You know, I realize that Ben is a little slow but I am really surprised it took him this long to realize J-Lo is a ho.
Um, more than Ben is known to be in Hollywood.,2933,97296,00.html

Ben Affleck's close pals staged an "intervention," the kind used for addicts, to stop his wedding to Jennifer Lopez.

so is the general consensus that this is a permanent breakup? like anyone is shocked about this... their whole 'relationship' has been a big publicity stunt.
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