Pantone number for a nice, dark maroon color?

Does anyone know the pantone number for a really sharp maroon color? Something similar to the maroon accent colors on this forum, not anything too red, plum, violet, purple, etc.


Is this what you're looking for?
201 is the number I used to use for maroon
Here is an online guide...

It should be a simpler number. Here are some that were used a lot in the past:

Pantone 202, or #8C2633

Pantone 505, or #6C1420

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491 looks like a decent maroon color as well.

if the search function worked you could find it, I posted the official pantone number years ago....
Every real college has one of these media pages that lists all the official html and pantone color codes. Here is the one for Texas A&M:

You are welcome
Thanks RustyBoltz,

On the link you provided you can find the pantone number for all of the accent colors (PMS 11 for gray and PMS 7408 for yellow/gold for example), but there is not a PMS number for Aggie Maroon. They probably only give that number out internally.

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7413 U
Old Main, if I'm understanding it correctly, there is no number. It's just called "Aggie Maroon". I'd call the licensing office to get more details.

Good luck.
I think right now it is between 504 and 505. This USAF guide uses 504.

Face, is 7413 U the official Aggie Maroon color? If some random guy (like me) calls up the licening office I don't think they are going to give that PMS number out.

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The local t-shirt shops say to use PMS 505 if you don't have Pantone Aggie Maroon.

The artist I'm working with sent me these three samples. The one on the right is Pantone Aggie Maroon which apparently is a trademarked color developed exclusively for A&M and the one Texas A&M wants to use as the "official" maroon. I think this maroon color (the one on the right) is too violet. Anyone agree or am I in the minority here? Anyway, I'm going to use 504 for my artwork. PMS 504 looks like the dark maroon I associate with Texas A&M.

Someone mentioned PMS 201 earlier. This color is actually the official pantone color for the Alabama Crimson Tide, so it probably isn't the best maroon color for A&M.

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What kind of artwork?
Just artwork for a bumper sticker I'm working on.

Kind of difficult to be sure what's right cause everyones monitor will show the color slightly different. Anyone got an ips monitor?
It is difficult to determine the exact shade of maroon on a particular monitor, but I've seen this three color sample on four different monitors and overall the official Pantone Aggie Maroon is just too violet in my opinion. This new maroon should go in the same folder as the beveled aTm...the folder's content title should be DON'T SCREW UP STUFF THAT WAS COOL BEFORE YOU MESSED WITH IT.

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