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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

October 11, 2023

TexAgs' recruiting analyst Ryan Brauninger joined TexAgs Radio on Wednesday morning for another edition of Recruiting Country, highlighting the latest news and notes from the recruiting trail surrounding Texas A&M.

Key notes from Recruiting Country

  • It's difficult to put out recruiting information immediately following a loss. Nobody wants to hear it. They would rather wallow in their own misery than he a positive recruiting update. One of the things Jason Howell and I wanted to do was ask kids directly what's more important: The outcome of the game or the overall experience? Every single kid said the experience. Seeing the overall experience goes into whether or not they had a good trip way more so than the outcome. The question becomes, what is the threshold for that?
  • Drelon Miller‍ had an official visit this weekend. He is an incredible kid. He said the conversations were great. They were talking about him in Ainias Smith's role. He said that's the role they want him to play starting next year. He said he didn't like losing, so they needed to do something about that. Very innocent. You know LSU and USC are hammering with that. LSU has its own issues. Is Lincoln Riley probably hammering him with it?
  • What is the cut-off to where these kids start looking around? They get to 9-3, and they will sign a top-five class. 8-4, you get murky. You go 7-5, and we got big problems. There is no direct line in the sand. You are ballparking it. 
  • Micah Hudson‍ is committed to Texas Tech. He is a kid who has flirted with coming to A&M. We got word that he was coming, and I was hesitant to say anything. Later in the week, the information we had gotten was more real. On Friday night, he was en route to College Station after his game. That is a big deal. He stayed until late Sunday night. You get 48 hours on an official visit. 
  • Micah has a really strong relationship with A&M football and the recruiting staff. I think he has a soft spot for A&M. It was always going to be tough for anybody to unseat Texas Tech. He likes College Station as a town. He doesn't do a lot of media, so you have to pick and choose how you get your information. A&M has done an exemplary job with him, but I would lean toward him signing with Texas Tech. If there is a program that could unseat that, it would be the Aggies. 
  • Micah having family ties at Tech goes a long way. I don’t know the exact recipe for how A&M gets him to flip, but I do think it could be in the cards. He is a sensational player. He does things similar to Garrett Wilson, Evan Stewart, Jaxson Smith-Njigba and Christian Kirk. He is a bonified star. 
  • Terry Bussey‍ is a good start. Jordan Pride‍ is a really good player. He was in town. Myles Davis‍ was in town. You have to go get more corners. If you can stack classes, you would like what you did. That's the biggest hole in this class in running back, but when you look on campus, I don't think it's that pressing of an issue. Running back and corner are their biggest needs. 
  • I want them to sign a real edge rusher. Solomon Williams‍ was here last weekend. That is that guy. It will be A&M, Texas and Alabama. We feel A&M is a pretty decent spot right now. That kid's tape is off the charts. He would be a huge help for the class and roster. That would be a need and a want for A&M. I would put him up there with Colin Simmons‍ in terms of that style of player.
  • I can tell you Myles Davis said he knows losses happen. It's about how they manage the locker room and the overall feel of the program. 
  • Last week, I said Kyle Field could impact the game and these recruits. Nine pre-snap penalties would indicate that it was as loud and rowdy of an atmosphere as we have ever seen. Kids are swept up in that. There are not many programs across the country that can offer a game day experience like Texas A&M and Kyle Field can. Cudos to the 12th Man. At the end of a disappointing loss, all the recruits wanted to talk about was the atmosphere.
  • When Tyanthony Smith‍ was being recruited, he spent a lot of time with Bryce Anderson and Kam Dewberry. Both of the guys were very honest about what day-to-day life was like. At USC, they take these kids to places in LA that, if you play football there, you will never go to those places. Your time is eaten up. The players have done a good job of being honest.
  • Our quarterback commits seasons are going really well. Miles O'Neill‍ was off to a good start early. AJ Maddox‍ might with Player of the Year in the state of Mississippi. I think he was 20-for-26 for 300 yards and three touchdowns. He is a skinny guy, so he needs to add strength, but he is already starting to do that. 
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