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Stephen McGee talks Kirk Merritt, NFL Draft, Garrett vs. Trubisky

April 27, 2017

Key notes from Stephen McGee interview

  • It’s pathetic, it was a headscratcher for me, I had to read the (Kirk Merritt) news twice when it broke. I don’t even know what to say. I get that we all make mistakes and mess up, but the lesson needs to be learned and the message needs to be sent to the program. The bigger story I think is, what could be tolerated from a guy who can help you win football games these days, after what we’ve seen at Baylor and at Oklahoma with Joe Mixon recently? Did we put off something because this guy was a good football player who could be productive?

  • If Trubisky does go number one and not Myles, it solidifies the Browns as the worst sports franchise in the history of football. There has never been a number one pick at A&M who is the type of football player that Myles Garrett is on the field. Everything we just wasted our time on in Merritt, Myles is the exact opposite. He’s a leader and a surefire number one pick because you don’t have to worry about him on the field. Its the stuff away from the field and in the locker room where he will solidify himself as the correct choice for the number one pick.

  • You have to look at the opportunity cost here, you get to solidify your self on the defensive side of the ball. You have to be able to rush the quarterback in the NFL. I don’t care how good of defensive backs you have, if Tom Brady has a clean pocket, there is not a defensive coordinator in the league who wants to face that. Myles Garrett will make a difference day one. If you pass on that guy, Sashi Brown, your days are short.

  • I think Garrett is a a once in a lifetime type of player. The quarterback class, albeit a good class, there is not a surefire guy that can have an impact today. You can find a good quarterback later, maybe a guy like Patrick Mahomes. He may need to develop and learn for a few years, but so do all the quarterbacks in this draft.

  • Yes, I would still take Myles Garrett number one. How much of a knucklehead do you have to be to take Mitchell Trubisky over Myles Garrett. He was the starting quarterback at North Carolina for 13 games. I like Trubisky because I think he can sling it, he has it all except for the fact that he only has started 13 games. They lost some games and he had some bonehead interceptions. You want to see a guy making a difference at North Carolina. I'm not saying they didn’t have a good football team, but why wasn’t he the starter for them before last year?

  • Choices for where the Aggies get drafted:
               Myles Garrett - #1 Overall to Cleveland
               Justin Evans - 3rd Round
               Josh Reynolds - 3rd Round
               Jermaine Eleumunor - 5th Round
               Daeshon Hall - 5th 7th Round
               Avery Gennesey - 7th Round

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