TD Moton

TD Moton

Defensive Tackle
6′4″ / 310 lbs
Shreveport, LA
Calgary Academy
Class of 2015
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Rating: 89.0

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Texas A&M


Recruiting Battles: Texas A&M Aggies vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs
5 yr ago by Jason Howell
Recruiting Battles: Texas A&M Aggies vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs
When facing Mississippi State, Texas A&M has had success on the recruiting trail. The Aggies have multiple players the Bulldogs offered, and both programs are fighting over 2018 playmakers. Jason Howell looks at the recruiting history between the two schools.
Gabe Bock
6 yr ago by Gabe Bock
TD Moton's coaches - twin brothers - Monday on show...
Shreveport Woodlawn coaches and twin brothers Jerwin and Derwin Wilson join me Monday at 9:05 to tell story of TD Moton's A&M journey.This should be really good. These two guys drove him to Aggieland this weekend to drop him off at school and both have been instrumental in encouraging him and keeping him in shape throughout this process.And incase you're wondering, yes, the brothers are related to fellow Woodlawn High School product and A&M star nickel back Donovan Wilson.
TD Moton cleared by SEC, will join Texas A&M for fall camp
6 yr ago by Billy Liucci
TD Moton cleared by SEC, will join Texas A&M for fall camp
Check off one of the highest items on the priority list of many chronicling Texas A&M's offseason: the status of freshman defensive tackle TD Moton. On Tuesday sources revealed that Moton has been admitted to school and cleared by the SEC to play.
Defensive tackle TD Moton expected to enroll at Texas A&M this summer
6 yr ago by Jason Howell
Defensive tackle TD Moton expected to enroll at Texas A&M this summer
TD Moton has followed a long, hard road since leaving high school, but it looks as if he's finally found its end. Moton received his ACT score, and sources believe he has what he needs to enroll at Texas A&M in time for the 2016 season.
Billy Liucci
7 yr ago by Billy Liucci
Liucci Questions Answered
Go ahead, predict our haul, I asked first! Okay. I'll go with the Ags finishing out with Quartney Davis, D'Vaughn Pennamon, Aaron Hansford and possibly Jack Jones and maaayyybe Brandon Jones. In addition, I'll go with one 'wild-card' - either an unexpected add or a very late offer. That said, I'm currently at under 50% confidence when it comes to Brandon and I don't think the Aggies are going to throw around a ton of last-second offers. Very few, actually.As I'm typing these answers, I've heard some pretty encouraging news on Chris Daniels and his visit earlier today with Coach Sumlin. I'm feeling a momentum shift in A&M's favor here.Are you still anticipating position coaching changes after signing day? Over and under at 2.5.Yes. Under.How do you think we close out this years class?See above.And thanks for doing these. You're always welcome.Do we land Hansford and if so what position is he projected to play?I actually believe the Ags pull that one off. Think WR/TE hybrid. An h-back type who can flex out and play wide receiver, line up in the backfield or put his hand on the ground and help seal the edge.Any update on Moton?Here's the deal: TD Moton has to take the test one time. He'll have one shot to reach a certain score and if he does, he's in and will be here in June and enroll in summer school. If he doesn't hit the target, then he'll have to figure out what to do from there but won't be able to play for the Aggies this fall. Keep him in your thoughts because this is a young man who wants to suit up for the Aggies more than any other single player in this year's class. I'm really pulling for the young man, as we all should. With guys leaving last month, we really need to celebrate kids like TD Moton.Depth chart for 2016 at RB? Keith Ford - James White - Trayveon Williams. A guy like Pennamon would be able to force his way in there, as well, and Bussey is the wild-card.When do we go in house with Jones and do we get him? Tonight. Still too early to call whether or not the Ags can get him at this point. They're still very much in it but momentum does slightly favor Texas (not nearly the done deal as they think, which isn't to say they won't land him) and he still has the Baylor visit this weekend.Are we pursuing backup options at LB?It doesn't feel as if they are. The number was always two at the position, which I tried to tell everyone from the jump. They're at one plus a guy who could very well grow into the spot so they may choose to sit back rather than reach for a second guy that they're not sure of. A&M has always brought in a transfer or two during off-seasons under Sumlin and LB is certainly a position I could see them doing so at after Signing Day.Will we sign a DT? I'm beginning to like the Ags' chances with Chris Daniels. Let's see where this weekend takes it.Tell me who's left that we have > 50 % chance at getting. Q Davis, D Pennamon and A Hansford and perhaps even Chris Daniels. I'd say Jack Jones, Brandon Jones and Jauan Williams are close enough to 50/50 to include in the discussion but I'd still slightly favor other schools there.Can you give us an update on redshirt players (like Bussey) and forgotten about players (like Manning)? Manning is no longer with the program. I've heard Bussey is healthy so he'll be interesting to watch this spring. Keith Ford, Justin Dunning and Eric McCoy are probably the two young guys folks within the program are most excited about.Are we officially a basketball school now? No but I'd say enjoy every second of it. The Ags could go on a special run and we've all been waiting on it for a while. Great to see Aggieland, and especially the students, go all-in with this team.Any good news on the TD Moton front? In by summer? See above.1) Outside of Moton, do the Ags sign another DT?See above. Chris Daniels is still a legit possibility.2) Do you think we should've gone JUCO to meet some of our needs LB, TE, etc.? Yes...especially at TE. Even more so than LB.Have you seen the new star wars? How did you feel about it?I liked it. It wasn't amazing but it definitely reminded me more of the original three movies than the three that came out after that (Eps 1, 2 & 3). I was entertained but could have done with a few more of the creatures that were in the ones when I was a kid. I'd still say my favorite scenes as a little lad were the cantina scene, the Jabba scene and that giant white creature attacking Solo in the snow.are there any surprises left? I think the biggest surprise out there to be had could be Jack Jones. Ags have a very real shot there.How would you rate Star Wars Episode 7 compared to the other six movies? I wouldn't have expected this one to be a repeat question but see above!What is the staff's #1 selling point to Jones and McCulloch? Are they more interested in playing time than anything else? With Jones if definitely feels that way. That and comfort level with his actual recruiting classmates, which is a bit odd considering his connection to guys like Dunning and Daylon. With Jeffrey McCulloch, I think it's more than playing time in that it's simply the fact that he's always given that program and that coach the benefit of the doubt. Once there was doubt in his mind regarding A&M, he gravitated right back to them and seemingly ignored all of the issues that program had throughout the season and even moving forward. Look, I get it. Lifelong Longhorn fan goes to Texas despite A&M making a real run at him. Now the flip side to that is if you 'get' that one, then you need to see the Ags accomplish the same with Brandon Jones, much like they did with Daylon Mack a year ago. Problem the Ags have right now is that the perception that Texas has somehow been able to create with some of these guys is that there is more uncertainty in College Station than Austin. That's what Sumlin needs to overcome with Jones.Why so many DB recruits to LSU? LSU became DBU under Chavis, it's perplexing we can't land any of these guys especially with the success of Devante, Wilson, Evans, Williams and Watts this year.... Yeah, if the Ags don't land Jones, I'll have a problem with this year's DB haul. I'm a big fan of Charles Oliver and Travon Fuller...think they're REALLY good, actually. Elite-level athletes, to boot. Ikenna Okeke is probably a nickel or maybe even eventually an LB. You have a five-star safety that has been leaning your way for the better part of two years and one of the most well-known and accomplished DCs in the game. You need to close. A group with Jones, Fuller, Okeke, Oliver, possibly an ATH like Moses Reynolds and a transfer in Priest Willis who is essentially like getting a five-star JC signee would be pretty damned good. Without Jones, however, you add him to the list of high-end DBs that the Ags have missed on the past two years and it would be alarming. Let's see what happens. I also think there's still a chance that Eric Monroe visits but even getting him here will be tough and pulling him away from LSU next to impossible. You go back and think about slow-playing guys the past two years like Holton Hill, Kris Boyd, PJ Mbanasor, Eric Cuffee and Parrish Cobb and it's a real head-scratcher. Again, with all of that said, if you pull Brandon Jones, you have really like the Aggie haul on the back end.With your predicted signing day recruits and present players on the roster. What is your prediction of improvement of the offensive line and linebackers?I think improvement at LB is all about health at the position. Alaka, Moore and Washington would be a nice set if healthy and I really think Dodson is a year one contributor. The health of Riley Garner and AJ Hilliard will come into play, too, and I still think you'll see someone spin down into the position this spring or when fall camp rolls around. Up front, it's going to all be about coaching, because I think there's more than enough talent there to field a solid OL. It's going to be about coaching and finding the right spot for each of the guys available.Do we stand pat where we are now or do we add some one that will move the needle? I think they're going to stand pat in terms of personnel unless they're able to sneak the Williams kid from FSU and the East Coast at the wire.Can Sumlin recover from this recruiting downturn with less than 9 wins (regular season) this year?The first thing I want to say is this: What happens if the Ags finish strong and threaten the top-10 in this year's recruiting race despite all that has transpired (the perfect storm of negative recruiting momentum and perception) and also add Trevor Knight, Priest Willis and Keith Ford to the playing rotation this year? Is that really and truly considering a 'recruiting downturn'? Granted, they could miss on several and barely crack the top-25 but there's a lot left to happen over the next seven days. As for winning less than 9, I think Sumlin would find himself in a tough spot but not necessarily done. If he went 8-4 it would really depend on how he got there because you'd be talking about losing four games or more in four straight years. Win 11 in year one and not drop less the four the next four seasons would definitely be a trend.Odds that going 8-4 or worse would bring a coaching change? See above.Tight end options at this point? We need more than 1 on the roster. Completely agree. Really need to ink Aaron Hansford. Missing out on Irvin Smith, Chalk and Thaddeus Moss and not having an in-state fallback was pretty criminal.Favorite cut of steak? Favorite craft beer? Filet usually or an occasional ribeye. I'm always asked the craft beer question and never have a good answer. I'm open to suggestions.Do we offer any new Tight Ends? I really don't think so.We gonna hold on to Mark Jackson? Right now, I'd say I feel cautiously optimistic on this one. Oklahoma visit is a real concern but he's been committed for a LONG time and we're getting very late in the process. That's a big decision to make when it comes to a flip.Why strength in tu recruiting? If Sumlin on hot seat then Charlie is fried. Thanks Billy! Agree completely. Don't know how the Horns were able to sell it and how the Ags very clearly were victimized by the 'hot seat' stuff. That said, the A&M class could still very well rank higher than Texas if a couple of things fall right (Brandon Jones, Chris Daniels and Jack Jones to A&M). Then what? What's the narrative at that point? Final basketball record prediction, including place in the SEC?I think they roll to 14-4 in the SEC and advance to the tournament final. Not sure about the SEC tourney title game result or the ISU result so do the math on that record.What seed do you think we get in the tourney based on that ending record? I see the Ags as a three seed when it all shakes out. Maybe a two if they do what I wrote above.What is realistic best case scenario finish at this point? Hold onto Jackson, get Davis back into the fold and land Brandon Jones? See above. First question and, yes, holding on to Jackson.Can't wait to put this recruiting cycle behind us!Likewise.1. What are you most looking forward to with respect to Spring practice? For me, it's going to be watching the Spring Game on the SECN - FINALLY!Yes, a spring game will be nice. I'm most looking forward to seeing Keith Ford and Trayveon Williams in action, watching the quarterbacks develop and seeing how the Aggie offensive line comes together.2. If you could give Coach Sumlin one friendly, unsolicited piece of advice, doesn't even have to be football-related, what would it be? Thanks and props to you and the staff - hardest working folks in the biz! That one is easy. Be more open and accommodating with the local media. Too much concern with national and social media perception and not enough with the folks that cover your program every single day and, in some cases, devote a great deal of time, money and resources into covering your program to that Aggies can feel more connected. That's not only TexAgs, that goes for the entire local beat. As far as ball goes, I'd say work to forge a greater personal bond with your QBs.The past couple of years, recruits seem to be in love with Twitter and playing a ton of games with coaches. Is this a trend across the country or more unique to Texas kids? I think it's a national thing but the last two Texas classes have featured more dishonest and deceptive young men that I'd ever like to see. It's pretty disappointing and I don't know where it's going to stop. Perhaps high school coaches holding their players more accountable but that's an awful lot to ask of those guys.I know people are up in arms about this recruiting class, but I'm confident with a lot of returning players. Agree completely. What's gotten lost in all of this is that the Aggies are returning a LOT next year...especially on defense and at WR.Which position(s) need immediate impact freshmen/juco to step in?O-line but that's more guys who haven't played much than freshmen. Running back. Kicker and punter.+Charlotte McKinney or Kate Upton? Charlotte McKinney and it's not close. Not a big Upton fan.Should the coaching staff seriously look at how they close on potential signers? If you base our current status on remarks from the various web sites, we are lacking in some manner.Regardless of whether or not the Ags finish with a strong kick, I do believe Sumlin needs to really evaluate the entire recruiting process and how they're handling it - from the schedule (ending the camps so early this year hurt, IMO) to being careful when chasing out of state targets that are longshots to waiting too long to offer to shutting things down too early at certain positions and essentially 'counting your chickens before they hatch.' Just a top to bottom analysis of what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong and go from there. Personally, I'd love to see the powers-that-be not let current frustration come into play and allow the head coach to create a spot or three for 'non-coaching' positions that would be 100% geared towards either 'analyst' roles - guys who can advance scout for you and things like that and also maybe bring in an NFL scout type of guy who could spend the majority of his time evaluating both roster talent and prospective targets.How much truth to the rumors of paying recruits do you there is? Oh, I think there's plenty of that going on right now. More than I've seen in a while.Favorite Kate: Upton, Beckinsale, Middleton, or Winslet? Beckinsale. I've stated my case on Upton, not sure why Winslet would even make the cut and I'm not into the whole Duchess scene.Will Brandon Jones sign with A&M on NSD?No idea.Will Jeff McCulloch sign with A&M on NSD?No.Will Quartney Davis sign with A&M on NSD? Yes.Should it be cause for any concern if we make assistant changes after signing day with our player commitments - for example, if Dave C was let go, should we anticipate issues from any of our current Oline commits after they have signed? No reason for concern. If anything like that were to happen it would be no different than what would go on at probably 1/3 of the programs around college football post-NSD.One of the most frustrating things to me about the way this staff recruits is that there are always scholarships left on the shelf.I don't a way, I don't think that's always a bad thing. No reason to reach on a guy you're not sold on and have him on scholly for the next four or five years. Also, look at the transfers the Ags have brought in since Sumlin's arrival: Priest Willis, Tra Carson, AJ Hilliard, Brandon Williams, Keith Ford and Trevor Knight. It doesn't bother me if you're a couple short. My issue has more to do with the fact that you're still in need of a tight end, a DB, an LB and a DT and may not be able to fill the need spots. Let's sit back and see how they finish. I think a lot of this is our fans aren't used to having this much uncertainty heading into the final week.Why do we continually not sign our full annual allotment, plus not fill the 85 limit with grad transfers or juco's? See above.Sumlin is on record saying the SEC is a depth league, but we refuse to bring in depth, even for depth's sake. I don't think you bring in depth for depth's sake if you're digging deep down your list. Those guys aren't going to help at all in the SEC. I think the Ags' biggest problem has been thinking they're in better shape than they are at times at certain positions and shutting things down and/or shortening their wish list prematurely.if Kyler wouldnt have left, would things be a LOT different right now? as in, game changingly different? I think they would.Yes. Either he or Kyle, for that matter. So many revisionist routes you could go here that I think it's best just to say things didn't work out and should have been handled differently on all sides and move on.1. Is Johnny going to Dallas?I have no idea how things are going to turn out with Johnny and where he's playing next fall. Your guess is as good as mine...or his, for that matter.2. Who is the starting QB against UCLA? For now, I'll go with Hubenak but that's going to be a really close battle. Trevor Knight is a good football player, folks.Did you watch Making of a Murder? Not yet but it's probably up next.Do you think Avery and/or Brenden are guilty? See above...NO SPOILERRRRRRRRSSSSSS!TAMU could add a 5-star CB to this weekend's official visit list? who? who is coming and do we have any surprise visits coming? Kristian Fulton from Rummell HS in Louisiana is considering the visit. Longest of longshots. He's all but locked in to LSU.1) Is there a chance that David Underwood will transfer from Michigan? Sorry..had to lighten things up. Funny thing is Underwood and I still keep in touch from time to time. Last I talked to him was a year ago and he was training guys in the Allen area. He's a great dude who has done well for himself.2) Any last minute players that we may make a run at for lb or te from small school? Doesn't feel that way, no.I know you probably won't answer this but here it goes, "During this whole bad momentum phase, which poster has become the biggest tool on the boards?"I haven't had enough free time to pay attention. When I'm on the computer, I'm typically working and trying to not get caught up in the drama.Thanks again Looch for doing these.Very welcome!A few years ago the clamor was that we had good recruiters but not good X and O coaches; we (supposedly) tried to fix that, and now the hue and cry is that we need better recruiters.I think losing Polian, Anderson (who was VERY good in East Texas and so well-connected there), Spavital and Beaty in a two-year span really hurt, in hindsight.Is there room on the staff for a recruiting coordinator position?Id like to see a staff with a Coordinator who truly coordinates every phase of recruiting and then maybe a Director of Recruiting who is more in charge of handling the actual methodology and philosophy of the Ags' recruiting efforts.Why would you do this to yourself? Do I really want to know what? Except answering these questions, I presume???I'd rather us fly under the radar with grateful committed recruits and be successful then have a bunch of star power entitled recruits that transfer as soon as they don't get their way.I agree, but you still have to fight these battles for the great players who want to be here in order to compete in the SEC West. You're not going to win in this league without elite-level players. Some of those you can develop but most are going to be the by-product of winning intense recruiting battles against the same teams you're trying to beat on Saturdays.I know recruiting is important but in this entitlement generation we live in today do you think coaches put too much emphasis on recruiting (**** power) at all costs while not considering the athletes ability to delay the instant gratification of starting time? No, I think coaches tend to factor that in. It's just an unfortunate reality in today's day and age that college coaches must deal with.What is the worst negative recruiting tactic/description about A&M you've heard this cycle? Not sure off the top of my head. Let me think on that one. Nothing sinister, just more of a 'he won't be back, the program's wheels have fallen off' type stuff, which is incredibly ironic when it's coming out of Austin. OU recovered from it a couple of years ago if you're looking for the blueprint. Granted, Stoops had a lot more goodwill built up but it was still pretty bad there in Norman for a minute.Do transfers have some sort of market when they decide they are leaving? Sumlin has done a good job of filling recruiting holes with transfers. I think this coming year will need to be a BIG transfer in year to accomadate for some of his huge flops we are seeing. Is this something Sumlin actively monitors or has some inside knowledge about or is more of luck of the draw on who calls you and if you have a hole for them?No, it's something that they pay very close attention to but there is also the element of kids simply reaching out.And any way Tony Brown decides to transfer after being sent home from the natty? I wouldn't want to stay on that team if they voted to have me gone. Could he look at the Ags? It's doubtful. He's back on the Alabama team btw.You mentioned on Mondays BL Hour with Brice that the coaching staff left Irv Smith "out to dry" and that was a big reason he decommitted but did not go into detail as to what that meant. Are you saying they stopped contacting him? And why when he was such a position of need?I don't know that I said the coaches left Irv 'out to dry.' If you didn't misinterpret that, then I didn't do a good job of verbalizing it. Don't feel like that happened at all.Oh and thanks for doing these Billy! De nada, mi amigo.Is Tate Martell the real deal or is he more like Sumlin, style over substance? Don't misunderstand I love how redass he is already. Odd placement of the random shot at Sumlin that is also an insult to Martell disguised as a question. He's the real deal, IMO.What do you think A&M needs to do to recruit better.. is it a staff complacency problem.. or just not gifted recruiters? all related in one question as it seems to occur every year especially in regards to DB's who we apparently lead for 2 years with, and then lose in the last 2 weeks prior to NSD. While I realize its not NSD yet, that seems to be the trend. (Sheffield/B Jones/J Adams/etc).See above, though Ags never led for very long if at all with Jamal Adams.Is Sumlin the man for this job as so many thought when he was hired(myself included) or has the honeymoon ended? The honeymoon has certainly ended but that does not mean he's not the man for the job. IMO, we're going to find out the answer to that question this fall.If we don't land any of the remaining targets we have do the coaches accept the class we have or do they give offers out to some lower tier guys to fill the positions we need help at? See above.You said on the radio that a couple of players aren't returning for 2016 and you would answer on the boards. Any specific information on attrition you can pass on ? Let me double-check on that one. Like I said, it's no one who was likely to even crack the playing rotation this fall.If it was up to you, what would you do different in regards to recruiting, offers, and visiting so avoid the end of the year slide (perceived or not)?Such a long answer to that one in terms of explaining it that it's more of an off-season discussion topic but see above.Basically, in your opinion, what changes could be made to benefit A&M with next year's class?See above.What is Lance Kothmann's role in the program's recruiting strategy? If his focus is solely on recruiting how is it possible that we don't have a viable backup plan when we miss on a target? Are they not learning lessons from previous years mistakes? He and Scott Johnston are the two primary guys when it comes to the behind-the-scenes and on-campus element to the Ags' recruiting efforts.Do you expect any signing day surprises (positive)?Yes.Do you expect any signing day shocks? No.What will be our biggest recruiting need next year? Looking at it VERY early, I would say tight end, linebacker and perhaps DT, depending on what happens with Daniels and Moton.1) Is TexAgs in the position to publish a series of fact based narratives to counteract the BS coming out of Austin (and the rest of the BDF?) If so, how can we help get that started?It's something we could look into during the off-season. Not promising anything but it could certainly be done. Doesn't seem like it would take much work.Thanks for all you and your staff do, not just the reporting, but the manor in which you do it...look forward to wrapping up the '16 class on a positive note while following the TexAgs crew online! Thanks a lot...greatly appreciate your support!do you think our current infrastructure (professional staff, budget etc) is comparable to our SEC peers and good enough to get us to a national title?No. I think Sumlin needs to ask for (and receive) more in the way of personnel in the building.I'm going to ask one random football question and two basketball questions because the football recruiting ones will be pretty well covered. That makes three and you knew it going in. Simply stating you're going to do so ahead of time doesn't absolve you from sticking to the two simple requests I put out there haha So, that said, I'll answer the two I like the best.Random football question: I talked to a current player at length a couple weeks ago who said Christensen is a world class a-hole and none of the players like him. Is this consistent with things you have heard? This was a defensive player so there wouldn't likely be cause for personal beef. Damn...this one missed the cut. Should have had it as one of two and I would've been forced to answer!How far does this basketball team make it in the NCAA tournament?I believe they're an Elite Eight type of team but get back to me after this upcoming six-game stretch. I could change that to Sweet Sixteen or Final Four.Are there any plans for TexAgs to expand coverage of basketball and put more of a focus on things such as basketball recruiting such as interviews with recruits like for football now that there is actual interest around the program? Yes.Specific OLine Coach Candidates? In your opinion of course as I don't think much info is out there yet...and if DC is in fact out. These are the kind of questions that you know I'm not tackling if a coach is here and working for the Aggies. Not my style.Quartney Davis 95%He's going to be an Aggie.Aaron Hansford 90%Lower but I do feel very good about this one. 60/40 in favor of A&M.Mark Jackson 90%Not that high but I do think he'll stick. 65/35 in favor of A&M.Brandon Jones 65%Lower. I'd go Texas 50%, A&M 40%, Baylor 10%.Jeffrey McCullough 33% (check again after in home)Much lower. I'd be shocked if he doesn't go to Texas. 10% or less.Chris Daniels 33% (check again after OV)I'd go much higher. 50/50 here.Clifford Chattman 25% (check again after OV)Much lower. I'd be surprised if he ended up visiting.D'Vaughn Pennamon 25% (I don't believe we are out of it but we are behind OM and Bama)I'd go much higher. Better than 50% and better shot than even Ole Miss to land him.Jauan Williams 25%Feels about right.Jack Jones 5%MUCH higher. I still think USC but I'd go 60/40 in favor of Trojans. Could honestly go either way.Tyler Vaughns 2%Not coming to A&M.Bonus: If Kristian Fulton pulls the trigger to LSU, I say theres a 75% chance we pull Monroe or Greedy Williams. I would disagree and simply say that the Ags would have an outside shot at one of the LSU DB commits if they add one more. Maybe like 25%.
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TexAgs National Average Rating

The TexAgs National Average Rating is a proprietary formula that calculates an industry-wide aggregate rating for each recruiting prospect. The formula includes publicly listed grades, scores, ratings and rankings by national recruiting services, along with a TexAgs rating. Combining the data provides a rating for each prospect, which is then normalized to fit the TexAgs Rating 100-point scale.

The intent of this rating is to provide TexAgs readers with a comprehensive snapshot of how individual prospects rank nationally.

TexAgs Rating

The TexAgs Recruiting team of Billy Liucci, David Sandhop, Jason Howell, Ryan Brauninger and a host of recruiting interns attends more than 75 games each fall and observes and evaluates every major Texas A&M target, as well as most of the top 150 prospects in the State of Texas. From this evaluation the team draws a rating for each prospect on a scale between 70 and 100.

99-100: Elite national prospect (Five-star)

Considered one of the best prospects in the nation and a likely difference-maker at the collegiate level. Displays all of the physical skills to be a future All-American with potential to be an early-round NFL draft pick.

90-98: Elite state prospect (Four-star)

Considered one of the best 30-40 prospects in the state and a top 250 national prospect. Displays the physical skills to be a major early contributor at the collegiate level with high professional potential.

80-89: Quality prospect (Three-star)

Considered one of the best 100 prospects in the state and a top 500 national prospect. Displays the physical skills to develop into a contributor over the course of his college career. Has the ability to become a professional prospect over time with development.

70-79: Solid prospect (Two-star)

Considered one of the top 250 prospects in the state. Has the physical skills to be a potential contributor at a D-1 program over the course of his collegiate career with significant development. Professional potential is low.

Staff Predictions

The predictions represent which school each staff member believes will ultimately sign the recruit, and the confidence meter represents his level of certainty in that outcome.

Example #1

If the predicted school is Texas A&M and confidence is set to “High”, then the staff member is saying “I believe that this recruit will ultimately sign with Texas A&M and I feel very certain about that.”

Example #2

If the predicted school is “Alabama” and confidence is set to “Low,” then the staff member is saying “I believe that this recruit will ultimately sign with Alabama, but I’m not very certain about that.”
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