Devin Price

Wide Receiver
6′3″ / 170 lbs
College Station, TX
A&M Consolidated
Class of 2020
Rating: 91

National Avg
Rating: 85.7

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Recruited by
Texas A&M
Terry Price
Boston College
Southern Miss
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A&M Consolidated WR Devin Price reacts to offer from the Aggies
Junior Season Highlights
Aggie commit Josh Ellison, Consol contingent talk recruiting and more
2020 ATH Devin Price recaps big night, talks A&M atmosphere


10 hrs ago by Billy Liucci
Scattershooting Recruiting: Surveying A&M targets as 2020 focus narrows
After a fairly quiet spring, the recruiting wheels are likely to turn a little faster for the Aggies in the coming months. Billy takes a closer look at where A&M stands with a long list of their key targets on both sides of the ball.
20 days ago by Ryan Brauninger
A slew of miscellaneous recruiting notes - Tuesday evening
The Texas A&M staff continues to comb the state and the country evaluating players and building relationships with HS coaches. Jason had an update this morning on OL coach Josh Henson who was making the rounds in Houston. LB coach Bradley Dale Peveto was on the east side of Houston as well today with stops at Dickinson and Clear Creek among a host of others. He's also been by Dayton (RJ Orebo's little brother Donovan Orebo is a 2022 prospect) and all through the Golden Triangle. My southeast Texas sources say Peveto is becoming a pretty common guest. BDP is from Orangefield so it makes sense that he's got strong ties to the area. From what I know, Peeve hit Nederland, PNG, LCM, West Orange Stark, Port Arthur Memorial, Beaumont West Brook, and Beaumont United. He's expected to make the rounds through Louisiana tomorrow.Staying in state, WR Coach Dameyune Craig was at A&M Consolidated today to see Devin Price. I was out there, too. I don't know if it's because he's TP's son or if it's that he's a local kid, but if his name was Devin Peters from North Shore, I think there would be a ton more buzz about this kid. He's really stinking good, and he keeps growing. He made 2-3 catches today that are on par with the best the state has to offer. Here are a couple of clips. what I know, some of the big powers in the region (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Auburn) are balking because they believe it's a foregone conclusion that he'll be an Aggie. Devin is still sticking to his timeline of making a summer decision. He continues to talk to the A&M staff very consistently. Mike Elko and Elijah Robinson have hit a whole host of states this week and will continue to do so tomorrow. Elko has been in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky today and will head to the northeast tomorrow with Robinson to see Fadil Diggs, Isaiah Raikes, and one of the top safeties in the country, Jordan Morant. One stop Elko made today was with Vito Tisdale. Now, while Jason has heard that a commitment to Kentucky is likely in the near future, I heard today that Tisdale has plans to visit College Station in early June. It'll be very interesting to see how that plays out. Another out of state safety prospect the A&M staff would like to see in Aggieland is Antonio Johnson. He was scheduled to make a trip earlier this month, but there was a fire at his house that threw a wrench in a lot of his plans. A&M has built some solid relationships with both Johnson and Tisdale, but it's important, like it always is with out of staters, that they get them on campus to give themselves the best chance possible. Muscle Shoals (AL) LB Jackson Bratton remains committed to the home State Crimson Tide, but he's keeping his eyes open. It's no secret that the Bama depth chart is crowded at the linebacker spot. I think the Aggies get him back on campus. I was told today by an out of state source that A&M is actually recruiting Memphis (TN) big man Omari Thomas as a defensive lineman. He joins Raikes, McKinnley Jackson, and Jaquelin Roy among the group of interior out of state DL the Aggies are currently in the running for. I continue to hear things swing back and forth for Ft Bend Austin WR Troy Omeire. I think, based on what I've heard, there are folks around him who would like to undoubtedly see him in Aggieland. I also believe there are some Texas influences in there, as well. One thing I'm sure of though is that Omeire hasn't missed many days in the weight room this offseason. He's a big dude. was able to get some more info on Athens OL Garrett Hayes from a source in east Texas today. It sounds like things currently are between Arkansas and A&M. Hayes has really enjoyed the time he's spent getting to know Josh Henson and the talks he's had with Jimbo Fisher. Even with his mom's ties to A&M, the decision sounds like it will be all Garrett's, as it should be. He's also up to 295 from 275 since he's had to quit trying to make weight for power lifting.
1 mo ago by Ryan Brauninger
Running weekend recruiting thread
With as fluid as the visitor situation looks like it's going to be, I figured I'd sticky a running thread for the entire weekend. We didn't put out a traditional list because most of the kids we've talked to or head from sources on are still working out what they're going to do. We will update this thread as we get word on visitors through the night and into the day tomorrow.So, let's start with some things I know ( least things I think I know):- Camden (NJ) DE Fadil Diggs will be in town with his mom. Aggies continue to trend here. - Ft Bend Austin WR Troy Omeire is coming to College Station. He will also visit Texas the following day. - I spoke with Demond Demas earlier today. He will be in town again this weekend. Unsure of how long he'll stay. - There will be a group of kids come in on Saturday still even without the Spring Game. OL commit Josh Bankhead will be one of those. - I still expect all the official visits to take place with the question mark being Charlotte (NC) WR Muhsin Muhammad III. He tweeted that he'd be at Kentucky tomorrow. That doesn't mean he won't make it to College Station though. The last bit of intel I had gotten indicated he would still be coming, but we are waiting confirmation one way or the other. - To recap, those other OV's are Braedon Mowry, Josh Ellison, Jaylon Jones, and Maliq Carr. Miscellaneous- I've spoken with Vernon Broughton, Alfred Collins, Tunmise Adeleye, Smart Chibuzo, and Kameron Dewberry all in the last couple of days. Each one of them said they were trying to do what they could to get to College Station tomorrow. They were working on logistics with rides. - A&M Consolidated WR Devin Price thought the reschedule may help his case to come to the game, but his 7 on 7 team is heading to Dallas tonight instead of tomorrow to compete in a big time tournament. - I've again heard twice in the last day or so that the Aggies hold all the momentum with Memphis (TN) OL Chris Morris. The sources I've heard from are very plugged in. That would classify as a real out of state coup on the offensive line should A&M land him. - I believe A&M would put another recruiting weekend together if they felt they needed to before the end of the semester.
1 mo ago by Ryan Brauninger
A few recruiting notes from the weekend visitors
- I spoke to a source about the visit of Clear Creek OL Chad Lindberg today. The Aggies came in with some ground to make up on a couple of schools, and I believe they put their best foot forward. Lindberg met with Josh Henson, Lee Grimes, Darrell Dickey, and Jimbo Fisher throughout the day. He made the trip with his mom. From what I understand, Lindberg wants to do as much homework on every aspect of his college experience as he possibly can. He wants to know who he's going to playing alongside. He's being very detailed as he should with such a decision. He's an extremely cerebral kid with huge academic capabilities. I'm hoping to talk directly with Chad tonight. - I was able to catch up with the two 2022 OL that made their way to campus in Kameron Dewberry and Kelvin Banks. Here's what they had to say about their day in College Station.Dewberry: "My favorite part was the photo shoot with the uniforms. I felt the swagger of an Aggie football player. I was able to talk with Coach Fisher. My conversation with Jimbo was about how much he likes me and my talents. We also talked about National Championship and what it takes to get one." "What stood out to me was how the whole OL was moving as a unit, and they all had trust in each other to do their jobs."Banks: "My favorite part of the day was getting to experience what the college o-line meetings were like. I didn't talk the coaches much about my game in particular, but I did learn that it's not just over once you get your scholarship and commit. It takes hard work and academics."- I believe you'll see some more movement in the 2020 class in the next couple of weeks, and I'm talking about positive movements. I've been saying that once spring ball starts to wrap up and the focus shifts to recruiting again, I think A&M will start gaining some momentum. - A source I spoke with today told me Arizona based DE Jason Harris hasn't completely shut out the idea of playing basketball in college. He was in town today. - A&M Consolidated WR Devin Price watched practice again today then took pictures after. Aggies have the late momentum here, but I wouldn't say it's just a foregone conclusion that Devin ends up playing his college ball down the road from his house just yet. He's certainly still growing physically, as well. 2021 Katy Tompkins DE Tunmise Adeleye didn't make it in today, but I did speak with him tonight, and he told me he'd be in town for the Spring Game next week.
1 mo ago by Ryan Brauninger
A few Friday recruiting notes
-- New name to watch in east Texas is Kitan Crawford out of Tyler John Tyler. The 5-11, 180 pound corner prospect has had a nice 2019 in terms of offers. I was told he's been speaking with Mo Linguist quite a bit lately. He's got offers from Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Baylor, Kansas St, and a host of other smaller schools. -- Be on the lookout for top WR target Troy Omeire to make his way to campus in early April. -- I caught up with A&M Consolidated WR Devin Price yesterday for a bit. He watched A&M practice on Wednesday and recently returned from a trip to Arizona. He said Tuscon was cool and laid back, but he didn't know if he'd be making a return trip. He was also unsure of what other visits he would take this spring. TCU has been in and out of Consol quite a bit as has Oklahoma. Devin said he was really impressed with the A&M quarterbacks on Wednesday and even mentioned Zach Calzada standing out in the action he watched. He wants to make a commitment this summer. He talks to Dameyune Craig often throughout the week. -- Staying at Consol, there's another underclass prospect emerging for Coach Fedora. 2021 LB Vince Sheffield was also in attendance on Wednesday to watch the Aggies practice. Sheffield plays DE in high school, but his measurables are going to project really well at linebacker. This week, he told me he measured in at 6-1, 230 pounds and ran 4.7 in the forty. He'll camp across town at A&M this summer. -- 2021 Katy Taylor OL Hayden Conner did make it in to town and is out at Kyle Field watching the Aggies practice. A&M DL Max Wright (a Katy Taylor alum) has been working on Conner this week. I'll have some quotes from Hayden once he finishes up his day. -- Despite Clear Creek OL Chad Lindberg rescheduling his visit, I've actually heard fairly good reports about he and his family's relationship with Josh Henson. I expect to see Chad on campus at some point this spring. -- Something to note with this weekend's visitors: St John Bosco (CA) S/LB Kourt Williams II coming in to visit makes it back to back weeks with a high profile out of state backer on campus for Bradley Dale Peveto. I think we'll see that trend continue throughout the spring and summer. Peveto is casting a wide net, and he's been able to get some big time players to campus already.
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