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Jaylen Jenkins

Running Back
5′7″ / 175 lbs
Allen, TX
Class of 2022
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Highlights: Hicks, Umeozulu and Jenkins lead Allen over Little Elm


Highlights: Hicks, Umeozulu and Jenkins lead Allen over Little Elm
3 days ago by Jason Howell
Highlights: Hicks, Umeozulu and Jenkins lead Allen over Little Elm
Allen beat Little Elm 71-29 on Friday. DLs David Hicks and Zina Umeozulu made their presence felt and RB Jaylen Jenkins helped lead the way for a powerful ground attack. TexAgs was there and brings you the highlights.
Jason Howell
6 days ago by Jason Howell
Some notes and thoughts on David Hicks, Neto Umeozulu, and others
A few thoughts from last night I caught up with Neto Umeozulu after the game about his visit to A&M last weekend. I will spare you a recap of the interview, but here is the link and.I do have a few thoughts. I would not call the Aggies a favorite or a leader but they are a real contender. It sounds like last week's visit helped the cause and it caught my attention how often he mentioned the passion of the fans. He does not have a decision timeline, but I definitely get the feeling he wants to do something as soon as he feels he has reached a solid decision. In 2023, Allen DL David Hicks is a top priority and Clemson was out there tonight watching him closely. The Aggies remain in close contact. He speaks to coach Elijah Robinson pretty much daily, and he has a great bond with the A&M staff. He does not have any visits on his schedule right now. His dad, who is Allen's DL coach, often has to work on Saturday which prevents them from scheduling too far in advance. He took his first gameday visit to Texas A&M a few weeks ago, and here's a link to that interview. Now for some on-field notes and thoughts. Neto was out with an elbow injury, but it looks like he is on the mend and should be back soon. David Hicks is a bad dude. Little Elm made sure he saw multiple blockers throughout the game but he did get some good pressure. One thing I will never question is his motor. If he's on the field he is working towards the ball. Great build and frame, and he is powerful and explosive whether playing inside or out. Allen did most of their damage on the ground and Jaylen Jenkins led the way. He put the first two scores on the board and had three of the first four Allen TDs. He is not the biggest guy but he is versatile and he is quick, fast, and strong in his lower half. He is putting together quite the season and last night he finished with four scores as Allen pulled away for the big win. Credit also goes to an experienced OL, they paved the way for a great night on the ground for Allen. Little Elm QB John Mateer is a really good sleeper QB. Central Arkansas got themselves a good one and he has a couple of other FCS offers I really respect when it comes to QBs in Incarnate Word and Houston Baptist. It was a tough night for Little Elm but in the first half especially he had them driving and he converted several big 3rd downs. 6-0, 6-1, 200, solid build. He made some good throws and he has the mobility to make a few guys miss. Little Elm CB and Ohio State commit Terrance Brooks had a few tackles but overall it was a pretty quiet night as Allen did most of their work on the ground.
Jason Howell
7 days ago by Jason Howell
Weekend High School Football Thread - Oct 8
I'm out at Allen/Little Elm tonight to check on in with a few key Texas A&M targets - Neto Umeozulu and David Hicks - and i'll get to see several more talented prospects like Jaylen Jenkins, Jordyn Tyson, Keyshon Mills, Terrance Brooks and underclassmen like Zina Umeozulu, Michael Hawkins. I'm thinking Allen pulls away for the win but i look for Little Elm to give them a nice push.Stay tuned for updates, observations, conversation, and as always chime in with what you're watching tonight
Jason Howell
1 mo ago by Jason Howell
Notes, Quotes, and Thoughts from my weekend
Top Targets I saw:Argyle DL Jadon Scarlett (2022) - Texas A&M commit Wylie East DE Anthony James (2023) - Texas A&M commit Allen OL Neto Umeozulu (2022) Allen DL David Hicks (2023)Denton Ryan LB Anthony Hill (2023)Longview WR Jalen Hale (2023) The final scores:-Wylie East 19 Mount Pleasant 14-Allen 56 Plano East 30-Denton Ryan 40 Longview 7 -Argyle 45 Nolan Catholic 29Some Recruiting notes -Scarlett and James are solidly committed and active on the recruiting front. Look for both to attend games in College Station this fall. James is planning to visit for Bama.-Allen 2023 DL David Hicks continues to keep in close contact with coach Elijah Robinson, and when I say close contact, I mean they talk daily. He continues to have a high interest in the Aggies.-Allen 2022 OL Neto Umeozulu has been pretty quiet but he cleared up some of the mystery when we talked to him a few weeks ago. I continue to hear a he would like to make a decision soon, but he has wants to take some visits. Whether it's an official or unofficial I expect him to get back to Texas A&M at some point this fall. Others in contention include USC, Alabama, LSU, and Texas.-Denton Ryan 2023 LB Anthony Hill continues to take in the recruiting process. He has a great relationship with the coaching staff with coach Tyler Santucci leading the charge. Everyone is in hot pursuit, but I look for the Aggies to very much be a factor when he starts narrowing his focus.-Longview 2023 WR Jalen Hale, I did not get a chance to catch up with him. Oklahoma has been talked about quite a bit with him, and I look for them to be a factor, but I also think Texas A&M, Texas, LSU, and others will factor into things before it's all said and done.Some thoughts on the game action-Anthony Hill and David Hicks are for real - They are my top two defenders in the 2023 class for a reason and are two of the best regardless of year. The hype is real guys. These guys are violent and relentless. They play with speed, they play with an edge, and they pursue, pursue, pursue. I'm sure they both piled up the stats, but I also don't need stats to tell me they had great games. My eyes saw it. These are two special talents and I highly recommend anyone able bodied football fan to get out to see these guys. Two of the state’s best, Ryan’s Anthony Hill (@thegoatanthony1) gets out to bring down Longview’s Jalen Hale (@JalenHale8) as he makes his move after the catch pic.twitter.com/1i4HvcRWFd— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) August 28, 2021 Talk about a hustle play, 2023 DL David Hicks (@DJ2g23) comes from his DE spot across the field to get in on the downfield tackle. That’s 6-4, 268 on the move@alleneaglesfb pic.twitter.com/JbPQORJdmu— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) August 28, 2021 -Anthony James flashed his potential throughout Wylie East's win over Mount Pleasant. At 6-5, 240 he has some special athleticism and moves in ways a big guy should not be able to do. He saw multiple blockers throughout the night and made his presence felt as the Raiders secured their first win of the season. Overall, I thought he had a solid performance and I look forward to seeing his progress throughout the year. Wylie East standout 2023 DE and Texas A&M commit Anthony James (@AntJamesII) applies the pressure and East grabs the INT #DUBEAST #GigEm pic.twitter.com/e7qRQB3KfC— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) August 27, 2021 -Jadon Scarlett has been slowed by an ankle sprain this preseason and entered the game knowing his action was going to be limited. In only a half of play, his quick first step showed and he was able to get into the backfield and make his presence felt. The injury is not anything serious, Argyle is just being cautious right now which they can do because they have some real talent up frontTexas A&M commit @jadon_scarlett in the backfield for the TFL #GigEm pic.twitter.com/cAY6SZ48Mp— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) August 29, 2021 -Neto Umeozulu continues to be one of my favorites. He plays with a nasty edge as you will see in his game clips. He showed some nifty footwork, picked up blocks downfield, and played with power and strength throughout the night. -Jalen Hale and the Longview offense was pretty much contained by a stout Denton Ryan defense. Hale had a few nice receptions and there is no denying his talent. His size, catch radius, body control, and athleticism are special. More standouts-QB/ATH TJ Washington, Wylie East (2023) - he made a variety of plays and lined up at QB, RB, and WR. Shifty and quick, he finished with 18 carries for 157 yards and a TD. TJ Washington (@LilRex2023) works his magic as he escapes defenders on the way for the scoreWylie East 13Mount Pleasant 710:56 2nd Q#txhsfb pic.twitter.com/A8V3EK3SWp— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) August 27, 2021 -RB Jaylen Jenkins, Allen (2022) - he started the game with a 94-yard KO return and also had a 90-yard TD run. He is not the biggest but he has a compact build and he is shifty with plenty of speed. He finished with 204 yards and 3 TDs on 9 carries and the KO return gave him 4 total TDs on the night.Jaylen Jenkins (@D1_Jay) made several big plays and here’s one of them. A little catch and run to move the chains pic.twitter.com/k1sGNT9uDm— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) August 28, 2021 -RB Kalib Hicks, Denton Ryan (2022) - An every down back, Hicks brings the size, speed, balance, and vision to the table. He rushed for 139 yards and 3 TDs on 9 carries as he helped push the Raiders past LongviewQB Drew Devillier, Plano East (2024) - 19 of 30 for 244 yards and 2 TDs against a stout Allen defense. At 6-4, 195 he was cool under pressure and fit the ball in some tight windows. He committed to TCU baseball over the weekend but keep an eye on this guy.6-4, 195-pound Plano East 2024 QB Drew DeVillier (@DevillierDrew) played some ball tonight. Put the ball in some tight spots and on the money. Here’s TD No.1 to tie it at 7s early in the first pic.twitter.com/57JFyOYHSs— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) August 28, 2021 -DL Riley Van Poppel, Argyle (2023) 6-4, 260 and played both TE and DL on Friday night. He was a disruptive presence throughout and was named defensive MVP for his efforts-DE Michael Madrie, Argyle (2023) 6-5, 245 he has length, athleticism, a strong motor, and a work ethic to go with it. He plays a smart brand of ball and is turning heads of college coachesQuotes"It feels great. We've been working hard for all these months and we finally have it. It all paid off, all the work. The grind we had all summer, all the conditioning, lifting, it all came together. We came with change and we ended with a win." - Anthony James, on Wylie East's win"We performed well. We had a record of giving up in the second half and we pulled through." - Anthony James on Wylie East's performance"I'm not going to lie in the first half I was really nervous. I've never played in front of a big crowd like this. Then the second half I really woke up and started doing what I do best and playing some football." - David Hicks on his first game as an Allen Eagle"I've been waiting on this day. I've been waiting to put some film out for these coaches." - Jaylen Jenkins on his performance"I couldn't do it without my blockers. They're the GOAT. They bring it every week. They go through tough work every day. They go through adversity and fight through and never complain." - Jaylen Jenkins on his offensive line"I'm feeling good. It's just a small little ankle sprain and I'll be back in no time." - Jadon Scarlett on his injury"This D-line is an amazing, phenomenal group of guys, and I can't wait to be able to contribute with them" - Jadon Scarlett on the Argyle D-line
Jason Howell
7 mo ago by Jason Howell
Thursday Recruiting Notes
It has been a busy few days and here are a few notesLet's start with some recruiting.I stopped by Allen earlier this week and the Eagles once again are loaded with talent with standout OL Neto Umeozulu leading the way. He is a top target for Texas A&M and he is developing strong bonds with coach Henson and commitments like Hunter Erb, PJ Williams, and Donovan Green. The Aggies have done a good job recruiting and seem to be in a good spot at this time. He is currently keeping an open mind to his options and he did not name any leaders, but when it comes time to narrow his focus, I like the Aggies' chances. I think the SEC, coach Henson's track record developing OLs, and the trajectory of Texas A&M's program will help the Aggies out and it will be worth watching to see how the relationships with players and commits develop. Here's a link to the interview we posted earlier today.https://texags.com/s/38909/recruit-qa-2022-allen-ol-neto-umeozulu-focused-on-finding-right-fit/25Last week I posted about Texas coming on strong for Pilot Point ATH Ish Harris but it should also be pointed out Texas A&M remains high on his list. In talking to a few different sources, it sounds like A&M, Texas, and Oklahoma are all pretty involved right now. I still like Texas A&M's chances to win this battle though if I'm making a prediction. Coach Price has done a great job laying the ground work, and I also look for the SEC, Texas A&M's defense, and Texas A&M's reputation in Agriculture to play a factor. I spoke to a source last night on Duncanville 2022 DE Omari Abor, and while I would not call Texas A&M the leader I do consider them a legitimate player in his process. I was told Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Texas A&M were three schools to watch closely. I still believe Oklahoma is the team to beat, but it sounds like Texas A&M is trending in a positive direction. I was also told Duncanville 2022 OL Jaylen Early continues to speak highly of the Aggies. Fayetteville (AR) WR Isaiah Sategna just tweeted about announcing some favorites. As we have said for weeks now, the Aggies have positioned themselves well there. I also saw Garland S Chace Biddle's tweet got some people chatting last night. After chatting with some sources, I feel pretty certain he was not talking about his commitment just yet.Now for some 2023sTexas A&M hosted recent 2023 offer Daniel Demery for a virtual tour and Zoom call. The Dallas Parish Episcopal S said it went very well. Coach Price is leading A&M's efforts and Demery said his biggest takeaway from the call was how A&M takes pride in every aspect of every player from their overall well-being to their academics and athletics. It is early in the process but the Aggies have positioned themselves well. Academics will play a big role for him.A new prospect to add to your radar is Ardmore (OK) Plainview WR Morgan Pearson. He currently checks in at 6-2, 220 and he runs in the 4.5s and he has great ball skills and hand-eye coordination. He is also a standout baseball player. He holds football offers from Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Illinois State. Now, what is intriguing about him is he is originally from Texas, his dad graduated from A&M, and his grandfather was the first African-American Mayor of Hearne. His grandmother still lives in Hearne, and the family is well known and thought of in the community. So, he has a lot of ties to the state of Texas and Texas A&M. If you are looking for some early 2024s to watch, I have a couple of young DLs I could see emerging on Texas A&M's radar. One is Allen DE Zina Umeozulu. He is Neto's younger brother and he currently checks in at 6-4, 200. His length and frame definitely catch the eye. As soon as I walked up I asked who he was and when I learned he was a freshman I started writing. It should be fun to watch him continue to grow and develop. Another is Denison DE Xadavien Sims. At 6-4, 230, Sims already has varsity film. He has little bad weight on his frame and plenty of room for growth over the next few years. He is explosive and he is quick off the ball. This is a guy I could easily see becoming a national prospect. I have a few more notes some of you guys may find interestingYou will not find a much more solid, well-coached, and strong group of guys than that Allen OL. Including Neto, there are four Allen OLs who could easily end up at the FCS/FBS level with OG/C Jackson Newville (6-2, 295), OT Austin Lopez (6-3, 265), and OC Nick Blessing (6-2, 255) all attracting attention. Newville is the one I am most familiar with out of those three since I have seen him at several camps. His height is going to keep him inside, but he is mean and nasty. He is the very definition of a mauler in the middle. He describes his style of play as ambitious because he will not stop. He holds offers from the Ivy Leagues (Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale) and all three service academies. Austin Lopez has the most upside of that next group. He is light right now, but he is an athlete on the o-line with room to grow. He is the guy who finishes sprints first and quickest changing directions. He is the guy chasing the school record in the discus, right now he is throwing in the 160s but he has an eye at hitting 180 before the end of track season. He has yet to receive an offer but Wyoming, Brown, Dartmouth, and Abilene Christian. Then there is Nick Blessing who is an athletic center in the middle of the Allen OL. He makes it look easy firing off the ball and getting down field to pick up blocks, and he has some solid size to go with it. Those guys open holes for 2022 speedster Jaylen Jenkins who is shifty, quick, fast, versatile, and a number of other crazy adjectives. He is already attracting plenty of college attention with UTSA, Tulsa, and Utah State on the board with offers. We have already talked 2024 QBs quite a bit here and I need to put another one on the list. Allen QB Michael Hawkins is another one to watch. He is a 6-1, 175-pound standout with a big arm, a strong football IQ, and coaches also praised his athleticism. His father Michael Hawkins Sr. played went to Carrollton Turner and Oklahoma before playing in the NFL.
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