JJ Henry

Wide Receiver
5′10″ / 155 lbs
McKinney, TX
McKinney North
Class of 2021
Rating: n/a

National Avg
Rating: 83.0

School Preferences

Official Visit
Texas A&M
Florida State
Louisiana Lafayette
Ole Miss
Texas Southern
Texas State
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McKinney North 2021 WR JJ Henry taking his time to make right decision
JJ Henry junior year Highlights 2019


17 days ago by Jason Howell
McKinney North 2021 WR JJ Henry taking his time to make right decision
McKinney North 2021 WR JJ Henry saw his stock soar over the winter and summer months, and he has been one of the Aggies' top WR targets in the class. He spoke to TexAgs about his process, the Aggies and his plans to narrow his list.
19 days ago by Jason Howell
Notes and thoughts from the Elite Underclassman Camp
First things first, big time congrats to Texas A&M commit and Denton Guyer standout Deuce Harmon for earning Under Armour All-American honors. He was one of the few 2021s at the camp and he went with that in mind. It is no surprise he did so well. He has been nothing but impressive in every camp or training session i have seen and his work ethic is second to none. go ahead and get this out of the way, Cy Parks LB Harold Perkins is a freak. We have talked about him pushing for five-star status, and I feel 100-percent comfortable in that assessment after seeing him in person. He is full of twitch, moves well in space, explosive off the edge, and he has size and a frame to build on. I have been making the Marcel Brooks comparison and I really like it now after seeing him in person. for his recruiting process. He is taking his time right now and he did not name any leaders on Sunday. He wants to take actual visits before he starts talking leaders and things like that, so I would not expect a decision or anything in the near future. That said it is no secret the Texas A&M virtual tour made a big impression. What A&M can offer beyond the field caught his attention. He called LB coach Tyler Santucci "his guy", and he keeps in touch with coach Fisher "a lot". As a matter of fact he says he keeps in touch with the Aggies every other day. Baylor, Florida, LSU, and Texas are other schools he stays in regular contact with. My take is the Aggies have positioned themselves to be in his recruitment for the long haul. The school, the program, and the coaches have all made strong impressions and I look for them to make Texas A&M a real player in his process.Before I get too far into 2022, let's talk a little 2021. I have mentioned sleeper Fort Worth (TX) South Hills LB Ca'lub Holloway a few times before and he was one of the few 2021s on hand in Durant this weekend. He did not disappoint. He is right around 6-1, 6-2, and 215 and he has tape to go with it. This is a P5 guy IMO and I could at the very least see him emerging on the Aggies radar just in case they decide to take another LB. Think Buddy Johnson. His only offers are from Houston Baptist, Illinois State, Lamar, and New Mexico, but Oklahoma is keeping a very close eye on him and Baylor is as well. I know some would have loved to get him on campus, and that did not happen, it won't surprise me if some dominoes start to fall for him soon.A 2021 already on Texas A&M's radar is McKinney North WR JJ Henry. He has said throughout the process he is not in a hurry to decide and he has yet to name leaders in his process. Yesterday, he did tell me Texas A&M will be in his top five when he names that. Coach Craig continues to keep in touch and Henry likes the offense and the WRs coach Craig has developed. He does not have a timeline for an ultimate decision but he feels like he is getting close to releasing his top 5.Now back to 2022 and let's talk OL. All I have to say is all Kameron Dewberry does at these camps is dominate. He said he checked in at 6-4, 315 and he is a solid 315. He also has an incredible wingspan which allows him to play above his height. Anyway, TexAgs has him as a 5-star and I do not see that changing the guy is a stud and is going to be fun to watch in college. Now where does he actually end up playing college is another question, but Texas A&M and coach Henson continue to do a great job recruiting Dewberry. He had some glowing remarks about the Aggies and his relationship with coach Henson. The proximity to home, coach Fisher and the staff, and the SEC are a few reasons why A&M is high on his list. Coach Henson has also made strong impressions on Frisco OL Cole Hutson and his family. Checking in at 6-5, 300-pounds, Hutson has seen his stock rise considerably in the spring and the Aggies were on of the first to jump on board. He keeps in touch with coach Henson on a weekly basis. He's taking his time with the process right now, but in talking with him and those close to him it is clear to see the Aggies have already laid a great foundation in this recruitment. Now for Kelvin Banks. He had a great camp. Light on his feet, bends well, strong. All of that is not surprising. He wants to visit every school he can before he makes another decision. He did say Texas A&M will be in his top 10, but he's not planning to put out a top 10 until after his junior year right now. He is regular contact with coach Henson.At DB, Plano John Paul II 2022 CB Terrance Brooks impressed once again. He flips his hips with ease and he brings great size and speed to the table. He looks forward to taking some visits as soon as possible before he starts to really narrow things down. The Aggies are definitely in the mix but he is keeping his option open at this time. I caught up with Denton Ryan DB Austin Jordan for a bit too. Texas and Oklahoma stand out a little right now. He is keeping in touch with coach Rushing, and Deuce Harmon and Eli Stowers are also in his ear about heading to Aggieland. Ohio State is another school I've heard could be a factor. They were the first offer.2022 DT Keithian Alexander continues to mull over his options. He checked in at 6-3.5, 325. A&M DT coach Elijah Robinson keeps in close contact and the two have developed a strong bond over the years. He declined to name any leaders at this time and is taking in the process right now.This was my first time seeing Tavorus Jones and the 2022 RB from El Paso Burges passed the eyeball test. He has seen several offers over the course of the spring. He talks to coach Robinson on a regular basis and right now he is keeping an open mind. Florida and Texas have also been in close contact. He seemed like he was learning some of the testing so he was not as comfortable but you can see he has some real tools to work with.In 2023 El Campo RB Reuben Owens was right up there at the top of my RB performers which should come as no surprise considering he seems to do that everywhere he goes. Right now he says he favors Oklahoma, but this is still very early and I could see things changing over time. Coach Riley and coach DeMarco Murray have made a strong impression and he really enjoyed his visit. LSU, Baylor, Houston, Texas, and Texas A&M are all in strong pursuit. Look for him to take visits to several schools once everything opens back up. Ryan LB Anthony Hill lived up to his lofty billing. He looks like more of an edge/OLB but he moved very well throughout drills. He knows Buddy Johnson through True Buzz and has worked out with him. Watching Buddy he has learned about the Aggies and he continues to keep in touch with the staff. was impressed with what I saw from Plano Prestonwood 2023 CB Carter Stoutmire and Cy Ranch 2023 LB Christian Brathwaite. Stoutmire is the son of former Dallas Cowboy Omar Stoutmire and Braithwaite is 6-2, 212 and moved really well in drills. Both were quick to catch the eye. This was my first time to watch either one but you can bet I will be watching both in the future.
28 days ago by Jason Howell
Some Saturday Recruiting Scoop,..and some notes
Let's start off with a little bit on Shemar Turner. I spoke to a few sources today and the Aggies continue to position themselves well in this one. It is far from over but the Aggies are squarely in the mix. Coach Price and coach Fisher continue to make favorable impressions on both Turner and his inner circle. They are also well aware of how Price has developed DLs over the years and Fisher's championship track record. Like I said there is still a long way to go in this one but the positive momentum continues. I look for Texas A&M to be a big player in this recruitment all the way to the end. I was also able to catch up with recent 2021 OL offer Devon Manuel of Arnaudville (LA) Beau Chene, and we will have a story on him soon. Right now, the 6-8, 300-pound standout is committed to Arkansas but the offer caught his attention and his mother's. She likes the fact it is closer to home. Devon also likes the thought of playing in the SEC. He plans to take a virtual visit to A&M in the very near future and when he is able to take an official visit he knows Texas A&M is a place he wants to visit along with Arkansas. He also continues to hear from LSU, Penn State, Missouri, Ole Miss, and Auburn. I was at an OL/DL camp today and I got to see Nolan Catholic 2022 DE Curlee Thomas in action. He is one guy I really wanted to see and he showed some really strong flashes. He has the length and the explosiveness you look for on the edge. He has the frame to build on and while he ha some tools he is just tapping into his abilities. Today he won some and he lost some and even he would tell you it was not his best effort but it is easy to see the future is bright for the 6-4, 220-pound defender. His last two reps were his best. He worked his hands and he countered well as he worked his way to the QB. Staying with the DL, DeSoto 2024 Caleb Mitchell had himself a day. He does not shy away from older competition and was probably the most impressive prospect out there today on either side of the ball. Look for him to see a lot of varsity action in 2020 for the Eagles. He comes off the ball low and quick and he dips that shoulder and turns the corner in a hurry. The OL who caught my attention the most from a pure prospect standpoint was Haslet Eaton 2022 OL Hunter Erb. At 6-5, 295 he bends well, is light on his feet, he is quick with his hands, and packs a powerful punch. He also passes the eyeball test and does not have much bad weight on his frame. He has yet to pick up his first offer, but I look for him to have plenty of options in the future. This morning I went to a DB/WR showcase as well and Texas A&M commit Deuce Harmon was on hand handing out Ls. He just gets more and more impressive every time I see him. He is so fluid and quick and then there is his work ethic. It is non-stop. He is always working and refining and doing any bit of extra he can to get better. It is truly amazing to watch. John Paul 2022 CB Terrance Brooks was also there. This was my first time to see the Texas A&M offer and legacy and I was impressed. I already knew he had some nice size, but his footwork and his burst out of the break were two things that jumped out to me today. the offensive side I caught up with recent offer 2022 WR offer Talyn Shettron out of Edmond (OK) Sante Fe. He definitely passes the eyeball test at 6-3, 185. He has been keeping in touch with the staff and he feels like they are building a strong relationship. I did not stay for one-on-ones, but he showed why his stock has been red hot during drills as you can see below. Texas A&M target JJ Henry was also on hand, and his speed, quickness, and precise routes were quick to catch the eye. There were a couple of times on deep balls he outran the QBs arm and had to slow up to make the catch. He is taking his time with the recruiting process right now. of speed and quickness 2022 Texas A&M offer Evan Stewart of Frisco Liberty was also there. Just like Henry he did not disappoint.
1 mo ago by Jason Howell
Three Things: Thoughts on A&M's sanctions, predictions and more
Jason Howell was back with his weekly recruiting thoughts, this week sharing his thoughts regarding Texas A&M's recruiting sanctions handed down by the NCAA this week as well as a handful of predictions on current A&M targets.
1 mo ago by Billy Liucci
Ask Liucci, Part 2: Jimbo building for the long-haul, 2020 offensive weapons & more
After tackling subscriber questions over video with Gabe Bock last week, Billy Liucci handles a second round of questions in writing including possible recruiting surprises due to COVID-19, thoughts on what to expect from the 2020 CFB season and more.
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TexAgs National Average Rating

The TexAgs National Average Rating is a proprietary formula that calculates an industry-wide aggregate rating for each recruiting prospect. The formula includes publicly listed grades, scores, ratings and rankings by national recruiting services, along with a TexAgs rating. Combining the data provides a rating for each prospect, which is then normalized to fit the TexAgs Rating 100-point scale.

The intent of this rating is to provide TexAgs readers with a comprehensive snapshot of how individual prospects rank nationally.

TexAgs Rating

The TexAgs Recruiting team of Billy Liucci, David Sandhop, Jason Howell, Ryan Brauninger and a host of recruiting interns attends more than 75 games each fall and observes and evaluates every major Texas A&M target, as well as most of the top 150 prospects in the State of Texas. From this evaluation the team draws a rating for each prospect on a scale between 70 and 100.

99-100: Elite national prospect (Five-star)

Considered one of the best prospects in the nation and a likely difference-maker at the collegiate level. Displays all of the physical skills to be a future All-American with potential to be an early-round NFL draft pick.

90-98: Elite state prospect (Four-star)

Considered one of the best 30-40 prospects in the state and a top 250 national prospect. Displays the physical skills to be a major early contributor at the collegiate level with high professional potential.

80-89: Quality prospect (Three-star)

Considered one of the best 100 prospects in the state and a top 500 national prospect. Displays the physical skills to develop into a contributor over the course of his college career. Has the ability to become a professional prospect over time with development.

70-79: Solid prospect (Two-star)

Considered one of the top 250 prospects in the state. Has the physical skills to be a potential contributor at a D-1 program over the course of his collegiate career with significant development. Professional potential is low.

Staff Predictions

The predictions represent which school each staff member believes will ultimately sign the recruit, and the confidence meter represents his level of certainty in that outcome.

Example #1

If the predicted school is Texas A&M and confidence is set to “High”, then the staff member is saying “I believe that this recruit will ultimately sign with Texas A&M and I feel very certain about that.”

Example #2

If the predicted school is “Alabama” and confidence is set to “Low,” then the staff member is saying “I believe that this recruit will ultimately sign with Alabama, but I’m not very certain about that.”
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