Josh Eaton

6′2″ / 180 lbs
Aldine, TX
Class of 2020
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Texas A&M
Ole Miss
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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White
2020 CB Josh Eaton discusses potential college destinations, updates recruitment


18 days ago by Jason Howell
Around Texas: A round-up of recruiting news in the Lone Star State
Around the state of Texas, decisions are being made, visits are being taken, and offers are being extended as the regular season has now kicked off. It is time to take a look at the latest happenings on the Lone Star state recruiting front.
1 mo ago by Jason Howell
Around Texas: A round-up of recruiting news in the Lone Star State
Around the state of Texas decisions are being made, visits are being taken, and offers are being extended as we move closer to summer. It is time to take a look at the latest happenings on the Lone Star state recruiting front.
1 mo ago by Ryan Brauninger
A few Monday afternoon recruiting updates
- The most immediate impact to the 2020 class in terms of announcements looks like it's going to come from Shadow Creek S Xavion Alford. After speaking to a few sources today, I expect a decision to come out in the next 7-10 days with Friday as probably the earliest day news could break. Texas is doing what they can to make a furious push as it looks like they're on the verge of landing Alford's Fast Houston teammate Josh Eaton. A&M has been in touch with Xavion and his inner circle as recently as this morning. I continue to give the Aggies the edge here, but there's still recruiting being done by A&M and Texas. - I continue to hear good things on the Aggies' standing with 2021 Texarkana Pleasant Grove DR Landon Jackson. I had a source in Pleasant Grove yesterday tell me that, as you could probably guess, A&M landing Jackson would absolutely help them with teammate Marcus Burris. Landon is one of the 2021 guys we are watching for a decision this fall. - Got a pair of positive reports today on the Aggies' continued pursuit of CB Dontae Manning out of Kansas City (MO). He's said on record that he'd like to wait to make an announcement until after the season. We'll see if that timetable holds true because there are folks with knowledge of the situation that think a decision comes before that. - I asked a central Texas source about A&M's standing with Manor DE Princely Umanmielen. They told me the Aggies "are trending the right direction. Much more encouraging than it was before the summer."- I mentioned Nate Floyd's name the other day as a potential target at corner, but I heard again today that he's going to be a kid that'll be drawing eyes early on in the season from some of the heavy hitters in the region. I went out to watch Consol's opening practice, and Floyd looked fantastic. Early in his HS career he devoted a lot of time to basketball, but he's begun to focus on filling out his frame and becoming the best corner he can. Missouri is the odds on favorite right now, and the Tigers have done a great job of coming into Texas and taking players that can really play - see Kam Scott from Manvel and Chad Bailey from Ridge Point. I'm not saying A&M will move on an offer for Floyd, but I do think he'll have some people watching this fall.
1 mo ago by Ryan Brauninger
Notes from Members Only-Fast Houston workout
Last night, I traveled down to Houston to watch a group of about 20-30 top prospects from the area work out with Ro Simon one last time before high school football season begins. Here are some of my notes from the event...1. Let's start with the most prevalent news at the moment for Texas A&M fans which involves top safety target Xavion Alford from Shadow Creek. Alford did not participate in the workout last night but did show up to shoot some more pieces for his commitment video. I made a note a couple of days ago that Xavion personally said he was going to push back his commitment date to into the season. However, it now sounds like he just meant he was going to push it back a little bit further into August. When I had spoken to him after the pool party/BBQ, Alford gave the indication off the record that an announcement would likely come sooner rather than later. He told me last night that he still wants to get this done before the season to remove any stress and distractions from his senior season at Shadow Creek. He spoke with Jimbo Fisher on Friday night for quite a while. He and his inner circle also continue to speak with Mike Elko on a consistent basis. Alford told all the media members there that this had come down to a battle between A&M and Texas with Alabama now on the outside looking in. The Longhorns have made a late push, but I'm still sticking with my gut here that the Aggies hold a lead. Now, the main question remains - when does a public decision happen? I'm leaning toward the 7-10 day range as it stands now. If a final decision hasn't been reached yet, it'll likely happen soon. One thing I want to make clear: Alford is an outstanding kid who wants to do as much homework as possible before making a decision. He's looking at a lot of factors here from top to bottom. He's being as thorough as I've seen a kid be leading into a decision. 2. Another often talked about prospect that was out there last night was Aldine MacArthur CB Josh Eaton. Eaton is also closing in on a decision, and it looks like this one is leaning toward the state capitol. The Aggies have continued to stay after other corners, too - scheduling an OV with Jacobe Covington out of Scottsdale (AZ) and making the final list for junior college standout Brian George. I personally think Eaton lands at Texas before the season starts. While I think landing Eaton would help Herman and Co with Alford, I do not think it's a backbreaker for the Aggies by any stretch. I think both kids will make decisions independent from one another. 3. I may have found the next version of Demond Demas last night - at least a young starter kit version of him. 2022 Shadow Creek WR Randy Masters (more affectionately known as Bobo) is an absolute monster. He's already got offers from Vanderbilt and South Carolina. There's no doubt he is about to explode. Freak show of an athlete with a fantastic frame and Demond-like explosiveness. No brainer offer for me. He'll be one of the best players in Texas in that class. Bobo stole the show last night. 4. Another offer worthy 2022 is Port Arthur Memorial CB Jaylon Guilbeau. I've already interviewed/written about Guilbeau before, but he showed he belonged among the best prospects in greater Houston already without any sophomore tape. He and his father spoke extremely highly of Texas A&M and their experience so far with the coaching staff - specifically Terry Price and Bradley Dale Peveto. Guilbeau is really tight with 2021 monster DE Jordon Thomas. Thomas was also out there last night and was the only non-skill prospect at the event. If Thomas tape matches what he's flashed at camps and work outs this summer, he's a top 10 player in Texas without any argument. The kid is a freakshow, and he just now started driving. A&M, Texas, and LSU are the three standing out right now for the pass rusher out of the Golden Triangle. 5. I'll round out the post with some quick hitting observations...- Texas Tech is getting a steal with Lufkin WR Ja'Lynn Polk. He's super smooth. - Klein Oak DB Dwight McGlothern is taking all of his officials out of state and to every corner of the US. - Ft Bend Travis QB Eric Rodriguez is the most underrated QB in Houston. If he goes FCS, he's going to throw for a bajillion yards there. - More 2022 DB names to know include Eric Hemphill III from Brenham, Jaidan Scott from Shadow Creek, and Alejandro Colbert and Jacobe Chester from Ft Bend Ridge Point.- Texas A&M is keeping a close eye on 2021 Katy CB Hunter Washington. I've had multiple Katy sources indicate the Aggies plan on scouting his first few weeks of tape as a junior. He's definitely an offer candidate.
1 mo ago by Ryan Brauninger
A few late night/early morning recruiting notes
- I was just made privy to some intel late, late tonight on Shadow Creek S Xavion Alford. I know what the national pundits have said, but I believe Alford will now hold off on a commitment until sometime during the season. Alford is a mature kid and has been one of the more personable, thorough prospects I've covered this cycle. He's doing his homework - all of his homework. He's looking at depth charts, defensive schemes, personnel groupings, academics, job opportunities...the whole nine.That being said, I personally believe Texas A&M has taken the reigns on this recruitment. That hasn't come from Xavion or any of my sources. That's my reading of the situation. Ultimately, I believe his relationship with Leon O'Neal and Mike Elko win out for the Aggies. - Staying in the defensive backfield, I was told tonight by a source that Aldine MacArthur CB Josh Eaton is looking to arrive at a decision in "the next 7 days or so". I believe Eaton plans to record a commitment video to make his announcement. Texas and Oklahoma are still hovering here as are the Aggies. A source in the know I spoke with though thought Texas had their eyes elsewhere, but it sounded like their DB situation is just as fluid as A&M's in the 2020 class. They just received a commit out of Florida and continue to push for Jahari Rogers. What I don't know is how hard OU is after Josh. I should also point out that my source said Eaton was planning to arrive at a decision - mum was the word on making a public announcement.I should see/speak to both Alford and Eaton this weekend. - Last thing: a pair of 2022 names to watch in terms of offers in the near future - Dickinson TE Donovan Green and Port Arthur Memorial CB Jaylon Guilbeau. Green has already started blowing up with offers from around the region, and the folks I spoke to last week in PA said Guilbeau will be every bit the prospect Kary Vincent and Danny Gorrer were. Guilbeau told me he and standout 2021 DE Jordon Thomas would love to play together at the next level.
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