What are the symbols next to the usernames?

The symbols located next to usernames in our forums, which we call "badges" each have a different meaning. Here's a breakdown of each type of badge.

Posting Status Badge

A user's posting status badge is related to the number of posts he or she has made on TexAgs. There is a minimum number of posts required to reach each level, as detailed below:

 Rookie (Minimum Posts: 0)
 Pro (Minimum Posts: 31)
 Veteran (Minimum Posts: 100)
 All Star (Minimum Posts: 500)
 Hall of Famer (Minimum Posts: 2,000)
 Legend (Minimum Posts: 5,000)

Also, the “Staff” and "Intern" badges are reserved for members of the TexAgs staff.

Subscription Level Badge

These badges signify at which level a poster has subscribed to the site.

 = Basic Subscriber
 = Premium Subscriber
 = Varsity Subscriber

To see details about each subscription level, see our subscription benefits page.

Ag Tag

An Ag Tag  is a designation which we apply to a poster’s profile if they are a Former Student or current student at Texas A&M. The Ag Tag badge shows up next to a user’s name in any post which they may make on the forums. Ag Tags are verified through The Association of Former Students and can be added to your account via our Ag Tag Verification page

Aggie Spirit Tag

Our Aggie Spirit Tag  is reserved for those who have close ties to Texas A&M (parents of students, wives/husbands, etc.) and who are Aggies in every way except for their actual attendance at A&M. It is considered an honor to obtain one and is reserved for those that are more than just fans of A&M. It is not awarded easily.

If you would like to be considered for an Aggie Spirit Tag, please send an email to dolores@texags.com with some information about yourself and your family which you consider is an indication of the Aggie Spirit you possess. Your email should be detailed as possible. Please also include your full name, address and phone number, which university (if any) you attended and your username. 

Donor Badges

We have partnered with both the Association of Former Students and 12th Man Foundation to provide badges for users who are donors to each.

 = Association of Former Students Donor
 = 12th Man Foundation Donor

To learn more about our forums, please see our Guide to the TexAgs Forums.

Texas Aggies United Badge

This  badge signifies a Texas Aggies United subscription where a portion of the subscription proceeds go participating student athletes for their name, image, and likeness.

For information about the Texas Aggies United subscription, you can go here.

subscribe Verify your student status
See Subscription Benefits
Trial only available to users who have never subscribed or participated in a previous trial.