Matt Sachs, TexAgs
Five Thoughts: Texas A&M 62, Gonzaga 61
In opening the eyes of a national television audience — and, perhaps, even their own — on Thanksgiving, the Aggies are on to the finals of the Battle 4 Atlantis. One thing that was clear on Thursday: this Texas A&M basketball team has arrived.
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Run the Numbers: Texas A&M vs. LSU
Let's stop the run. Let's check in with the Chavis Effect. Let's have fun with percentages, spend some money and WAIT THEY'RE REALLY THINKING ABOUT FIRING LES MILES? Oh. Huh. Weird. Ok, where were we? Oh yeah, let's Run the Numbers!
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Damn You, LSU: Aggies still seeking to overcome Tigers
Frustration against LSU is a three-year tradition since Texas A&M joined the SEC — but it goes further back than that. A victory in Baton Rouge would be the first of some much-needed 'letting off steam' against the Aggies' latest rival.
Matt Sachs, TexAgs
Aggies find a fit with addition of versatile Ikenna Okeke
Beyond the rankings, what made Texas A&M's head-to-head win over Notre Dame for the services of 2016 Smyrna (Tenn.) DB Ikenna Okeke significant was how John Chavis envisioned him in his defense. The hybrid ballhawk could be Donovan Wilson's heir apparent.
Kirby Clarke, TexAgs
Texas A&M 25, Vanderbilt 0: Defense in review, shutout edition
The numbers tell the entire story — including the most important one: zero. Heading into the season's final contest, John Chavis' Texas A&M defense showed in Nashville that it might have what it takes to contest LSU and Leonard Fournette.
A&M-Zags Thoughts
Run the Numbers
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Damn You, LSU
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Okeke Thoughts
Defense in Review
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