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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

August 18, 2021

Key notes from Recruiting Country

  • Theodor Melin Öhrström‍ is a 6-6, 240-pound kid in the class of 2023. He came to the States on a camp tour with a group called PPI, which brings kids with the physical attributes to play college football over there to hit the camp circuit extremely hard. Theo was a kid that was getting an offer after every camp performance. His top three were A&M, LSU and Ohio State.
  • He has the combination of power and speed and is a rare blend of size and athleticism. If you had watched his tape and didn't know he was from Sweden, you would've never known he was an international player. He's a very natural player. This is a huge pickup. If he were a high school player in the States, he'd probably be a top-50 player in the class of 2023.
  • When he did the CBS Sports broadcast to announce his commitment Wednesday morning, Melin was asked why he got into football. He said Dude Perfect. I wonder if them being Aggies had any role to play in his decision. It's pretty incredible what they've built what started in their College Station backyard into an international empire. They're icons, and everybody knows Dude Perfect now.
  • Melin got to come to Texas A&M twice in June, and that helped his comfortability. James Coley did a fantastic job, and people forget he has a reputation as an ace recruiter. Because everybody on this coaching staff brings something elite to the table, some of them get lost in the shuffle. Coley is as elite of a recruiter as they come. With Donovan Green‍ and Melin coming in off the heels of Wydermyer leaving, that's pretty impressive. Those are two of the best in the world.
  • This decision is something Conner Weigman‍ has been talking about behind the scenes for a little bit, and he trusted me with it until he spoke to all of the necessary people at Bridgeland. He wanted to tell the folks he came up in travel baseball and wanted to make sure Jim Schlossnagle knew.
  • How Weigman integrates himself into the Texas A&M baseball roster this spring will be interesting because if he doesn't, he can still be drafted. If he's rostered and has practiced once, he cannot be drafted. He is gifted enough. Whoever the starting quarterback is this year, they'll be back in the spring. There will need to be conversations between Jimbo and Schloss on how they work this thing out this spring. It's still huge news because it avoids the MLB Draft and gets Weigman enrolled early and around Jimbo, learning the offense. Getting him on the schedule of understanding college athletics as early as you can is huge.
  • Weigman would be a five-star baseball prospect as well. He plays third base and has played shortstop a lot. He runs well enough to put him in the outfield if you need the bat, which is elite. He's one of the best prep hitters in the country. We had a situation last summer where he was playing third base, and a hit-and-run was put on. He fielded the ground ball, pumped to first, and the guy rounding second never stopped. Conner tagged him. He has that incredible feel and awareness, and you see it in both sports.
  • The most challenging thing Weigman will have to deal with is having to juggle his school schedule and both sports at an SEC level.
  • Weigman would have four years of college football eligibility even if he played baseball this spring. You have five years to play four, so he'd still play four years of football if his clock starts this spring. You don't have to worry about this because he's too talented.
  • A&M is in a good spot for Jacoby Mathews‍. The plan has been to always take five defensive backs in this class, and since taking Deyon Bouie‍, they've zeroed in on Mathews. A&M has done a great job there, and many of the commits in the class have done a great job of recruiting him. I think he's going to have a preseason decision, and I like where A&M sits. LSU is going to try and claw back into it.
  • Bouie was an incredible addition and a huge recruiting win that doesn't happen if Jimbo Fisher isn't your head coach. He's off-the-charts athletic. If you're looking for elite cover corners, he’s one. He's a borderline five-star talent from south Georgia, and A&M went and got him from the in-state Bulldogs. This is what Jimbo has done his entire career, and this is what he will continue to do. Jimbo's track record says he will sign top-five, six or seven classes. If things continue, this will be the best class Jimbo Fisher ever signs as well.
  • In the secondary, A&M has gone after guys with elite ball skills, and you see that in all four guys committed. Bobby Taylor‍ is an elite punt returner, and these guys all know what to do with the ball in their hands. Bryce Anderson‍ has played quarterback 95 percent of the time at West Brook and has been very good. Everybody knows Jarred Kerr‍ is getting the ball all the time, and he still produces.
  • There is some real juice behind the scenes with some of these guys. There are some real mummers with some 2023s that might make headlines. That's for our premium side, though. Read the boards. I think A&M will definitely add before the season starts in the next two weeks. At least one addition.
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Recruiting Country: The latest recruiting news surrounding the Maroon & White

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"everybody knows Dude Perfect now"
Old MF here, who or what is Dude Perfect?
And don't say Google is your friend!
Thanks for the report fellas.
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Trick shot artist. Like throwing a football off the top of Kyle field into a hoop. Johnny football definitely helped put them on the map as well.
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gotta get deyon bouie on campus....dude flashes some serious deion sanders prime time vibes....
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Group of Ags who do crazy trick shots videos that started around 10 years ago. They have over 50 million subscribers on YouTube and 13 billion views of their videos. I think they may even tour.
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Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
Now that you have enlightened me, I do remember seeing Johnny throw a football as I recall through some kind of basketball net or goal from the the top of Kyle.
I thought it had been photo shopped, but you say it was real.
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