John Lopez
Broadcasting from Northgate on Friday morning ... come on by!
4 yr ago by John Lopez
The case for Johnny Manziel is overwhelming.
4 yr ago by John Lopez
He saves kittens, kisses babies and is on my Heisman ballot as of today
John Lopez breaks down conference change, 2012 Olympics
Friend of TexAgs and Houston sports radio host John Lopez called in to Monday's show to talk A&M's move to the SEC, his time as a writer for The Batallion while at A&M, the 2012 London Olympics and more.
Thanks ... and a Christmas gift idea?
5 yr ago by John Lopez
The Veil of Arrogance: Who is DeLoss Dodds really fooling?
With time, facts tend to present themselves. As John Lopez writes, in the postponement of the Lone Star Showdown the facts are crystal clear, and they point to a sole perpetrator — DeLoss Dodds and his pride.
Blinded by Clarity: Mike Sherman sees ... but does he watch?
The A&M head football coach's mind for the game ranks with the best, and it has led the program upward. Sadly, as John Lopez writes, the world doesn't always follow the 'script.' It's time for Sherman to scrap it.
Lopez: Excerpt of my new book with Dan Pastorini
5 yr ago by John Lopez
John Lopez wrote a new book on the life and extremely 'fast' times of former Houston Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini. The book is entitled 'Taking Flak' and is co-authored by Pastorini. Get an excerpt here.
Manifest Destiny: Why a season in Reliant needs to happen
Texas A&M has spent years keeping up with the 'Joneses,' but things are finally falling into place for the Ags to assume the throne. John Lopez writes that to seize this new era, Kyle Field must first be brought into it.
Has A&M been building on the SEC blueprint all along?
Looking back on Bowen Loftin's ascension to office and the hire of Mike Sherman as football coach, John Lopez points out that the Aggies are more SEC-ready than ever ... because they have been for a few years.
Greener Grass in Sight: Embrace the hate, Aggies
6 yr ago by John Lopez
A&M's impending migration to the southeast's calmer waters has brought the worst out of its regional rivals. John Lopez poses a simple question: If the SEC will marginalize the Aggies ... why is everyone so upset?
Mike Sherman is no fool ... and maybe that's the problem
The former NFL head coach, with a thinking man's touch, has built a program the right way at A&M. But as John Lopez writes, sometimes what it takes to make the 'jump' can be found in a much simpler answer.
Introducing the SEC's long-lost brother
6 yr ago by John Lopez
Was there a more natural fit than A&M and the SEC? Put simply, no. John Lopez writes that the parallels between SEC culture and Aggie tradition run deep and gives a rundown on A&M lore for its new guests.
Help me w/ this weeks column: Ten things SEC fans must experience Game Weekend
6 yr ago by John Lopez
A&M-OSU: The most profound billboard of all
Lies here, accusations there; so goes conference alignment in '11. John Lopez writes that what gets lost in the endless storm are the moments that games like Saturday's provide, and how many more are in store.
Ripples of 9/11: Aggieland's true 'class' of 2001
6 yr ago by John Lopez
Ten years ago to the day, the actions of evil men provoked a nation's resolve and the world was forever changed. John Lopez remembers Aggies who felt the call and gave all, and the legacies they left behind.
TexAgs Radio: John Lopez calls in to rip BU & talk SEC
TexAgs contributor John Lopez called TexAgs Radio on Friday morning and joined Gabe Bock, Billy Liucci and Seth McKinney to discuss the very latest on A&M-to-the-SEC, Baylor's antics backfiring and more.
In Praise of Failure: Baylor's tantrum seals its own fate
6 yr ago by John Lopez
What has Baylor done? The answer isn't one that the Bears are ready for. John P. Lopez writes that there's a lesson to be learned in this sad debacle, one borne from unrealistic expectations and overinflated egos.
Lopez: A&M's imminent move to SEC changes everything
6 yr ago by John Lopez
The union between the Aggies and the SEC is almost complete. But as John Lopez writes, the winds of change sweep swiftly across the fraying landscape of college football ... and Texas A&M holds the key.
Lopez: The bizarre world of Dan Beebe
The walls are coming down around the Big 12 commissioner as flaws and fallacies in his recent tenure come to light. John Lopez notes that while the spin continues, the only person he's deluding, sadly, is himself.
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