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3 yr ago by Billy Liucci
New offer on the way and a couple of high-profile visitors
Rapid-fire notes and I'll provide some follow-up and additional Monday snippets later tonight once I'm caught up on Game of Thrones:- Expect the Ags to move on 2017 DE/OLB Rahyme Johnson, a four-star prospect out of Los Angeles. The 6-4, 215-pound edge rusher attended the camp that Kevin Sumlin and a couple of other A&M assistants took part in yesterday at Long Beach Poly. The Bishop Mora Salesian defender competed in the camp and impressed, not resting on his laurels following a stellar showing at the Rivals Five-Star Challenge in Atlanta the day before. I wouldn't be surprised to see Johnson end up as the only '17 offer from the event. Nebraska currently leads big for a player who one source told me was a Randy Gregory clone on the field but the Ags are set to enter the race and, by all accounts, look like a team capable of contending.- Speaking of California prospects, the Ags currently have one very big visitor in town. San Clemente QB Jack Sears is on campus spending time with Noel Mazzone and getting his first look at Aggieland and Texas A&M. While I'd still consider Sears a bit of a longshot and could definitely see him ending up at UCLA or perhaps even somewhere like Duke or Stanford, the fact that he's on campus and made the long journey from the West Coast gives the Ags a puncher's chance. More following Sears' visit.- One more quick note on an expected visitor: As I said early last week, Waco La Vega TE Kedrick James was going to try and make his way to the 'YESSIR!' BBQ on Saturday after taking the ACT but, if not, would re-schedule and be on campus shortly thereafter. Well, James ended up sitting the event out following a long morning but now plans to visit College Station this weekend on Saturday. Stay tuned at the tight end position, because there are three prime-time candidates for the final spot in the class and Saturday visitor Camron Horry of Katy Taylor is fully aware of the fact that James will be making the short drive from Waco on Saturday.
3 yr ago by Billy Liucci
Recruiting Snapshot: Aggies' top targets at quarterback, running back
Heading into the summer months, Texas A&M is picking up a clear head of steam on the recruiting trail — and more seems to be in store. A look at which prospects the Aggies are trending with and prioritizing begins with the quarterback and running back positions.
4 yr ago by Billy Liucci
Liucci questions answered
Who do you like most out of our newest 2017 QB offers?Kellen Mond and Jack Sears are two I really like. Would love to see the Ags ink a Texas native but that's just me. I just feel like Mond (plus Jhamon Ausbon) could really help generate momentum that has clearly been lost with some of the higher-profile kids in Texas in the 2017 class.Who looks like the most likely to pick up for 2017 QB's?There's the connection with Mazzone and Sears from his time at UCLA but I'll actually say Mond first and Mac Jones second. Just call it a hunch.Are the Satellite camps going to be better for discovering under the radar prospects, or better for out of state programs to come raiding top talent?I think as far as A&M is concerned, they're going to be hurt by it helping the LSUs and Alabamas of the world because it is going to keep those type of programs from offering very early and then slow-playing them until they're able to see them on campus. Oftentimes, if Bama, LSU, Ohio State and a few others will offer but not push unless they can get them in person to evaluate as a staff. They'll now be able to do so quite easily this summer by bringing their brand to Texas. That hurts both the Aggies and Longhorns and also the clowns from TCU and Baylor for welcoming them into the state with open arms. On one hand, they're going to find their way into Texas anyway, so why not piggyback off of the Crimson Tide, Wolverine or Bayou Bengal name, right? On the other hand, this is an instance where it would be one hell of a story if the schools in the state actually worked together for once (like A&M and Houston are) to keep this from happening.As far as benefits to A&M, yes, they're going to be able to discover several under-the-radar guys in Dallas, East Texas and Louisiana. One thing that hasn't been talked about a lot is that it's really going to speed up the 2018 eval/offer cycle for the Aggies.What are your thoughts on the DM authored by Tate Martell and posted by Nick Starkel?Thought it was pretty telling, honestly. I don't hold it against him for having an opinion and being confident but I think he and Starkel were cool on at least some level so that was a pretty bad look. I also think that showed a lot of Aggies where Tate's mindset was in terms of how A&M was almost serving as an attractive 'placeholder' and maybe that he wasn't holding on to his Aggie commit for any reason outside of playing time. At the end of the day, I don't think Tate was going to play at Texas A&M once Spav left and all of this stuff was a (very) unnecessary song and dance by both sides. Should have parted ways in February or March and really shouldn't have done so via twitter. The backstory that no one reported was that Noel Mazzone was at Gorman the day before Tate's announcement, watched him workout for a couple of hours and then he took to twitter to announce the decommit the following night. Both sides are better off and I think the Ags and Tate are probably both feeling better today now that the cord has been cut.Does Johnny think that he will ever play in the NFL again?I really can't answer that right now. I know he probably realizes it isn't going to happen in 2016 and I also know he realizes he'll have to make some changes if he's going to return. What I don't know is whether or not he thinks he'll play again or not.6-6 to 8-4 are failed seasons unless it's a rebuilding year. Can Sumlin survive 4 straight "rebuilding" years at Texas A&M if we go 8-4 this year?I don't think 8-4 in the SEC West is a rebuilding year this early in the game but we're now to the point where, moving forward, that would probably qualify as a rebuild if you're where you want/need to be as a program (see LSU, UGA, Florida). 8-4 this year is really interesting because it would mark the fourth time in five years under Sumlin (and fourth straight) where the Ags lost four games or more and didn't win double-digit games. It might also mean a .500 record in SEC play five years in. I think we know the heat will REALLY be on at 7-5 and that 9-3 on this schedule would be a legitimate step forward for Sumlin and the Ags. It's that 8-4 that would make the end-of-season evaluation pretty difficult and very interesting.What do you think will ultimately come out of the Tunsil text revelations?I think Ole Miss will ultimately suffer some scholarship losses and maybe even a one-year post-season ban. We'll see. It won't cripple them but it sure might make them think twice about acting so recklessly moving forward.How many first round draft picks do you predict A&M will have in 2017?Myles Garrett and perhaps Armani Watts. Guys like Justin Evans, Daeshon Hall, Josh Reynolds and even Avery Gennesy could all go pretty high but I don't know if they'll climb into Round 1. But damn, I think Justin Evans can REALLY, REALLY play. Ags could have a handful go in Round 2.Texas A&m - only SEC school in Texas.. New Kyle Field. Seems like that was a HUGE selling point when we first got into the SEC.. I don't hear that messaging anymore - why not??They're still trying to sell it but the negative headlines are currently overpowering the positives right now when it comes to the message out there in the media and what recruits are feeling.What becomes of Ole Miss? Think Greg Little got caught up in that mess? Sure wish we had him...I sure as hell hope for his sake that the only way Little compares to Laremy Tunsil is how they play but there have been whispers in college coaching circles for some time about the Rebels and their recruiting in Texas.(1) Handicap the UCLA game. A&M -3 sound about right?I'd agree with that. Maybe even a little more. I think the Ags will actually score a lot of points in that game and, as good as Rosen is, I think UCLA will have a pretty hard time blocking A&M, much like ASU did last year. 38-28 Ags?(2) What is an element of the Mazzone-style offense that will be new this year and that should be apparent to A&M fans from the first couple of series?I'd say getting the ball to the tailbacks in the passing game, quick passes from Knight to the A&M receivers and a much more committed approach to running the football (by the RBs and Knight).If you could change A&M's mascot to anything you want, what would you choose?Such an odd question. First off, I wouldn't want to change it. If we were to open things up, however, I'd go with some type of large, intimidating mammal but I think most are already taken. I just want some badass, caged beast on the sidelines. But don't listen to me - the one time I was part of a class that had the chance to choose a mascot was fifth grade. We ended up being called the 'Sugar Mill Sparklers.' I mean, my 5th grade class (RIP Miss Reavis, my favorite teacher ever, whose funeral is today in Houston) literally chose a sparkler - like the Fourth of July sparklers - as our mascot. Again, don't ask me.I see a lot of recruiting news but no news on making an impact on recruits. I apologize if I missed something. Are we making a huge impact on recruits and which ones?Good question. The answer is that there are a few guys who are really feeling A&M right now. I wouldn't have said Derrick Tucker two days ago, but look how that turned out. There will be others like that over the course of the next month. Corey Bethley, Montrell Estell, Creed Humphrey and Toneil Carter come to mind. However, there's no denying the fact that the Ags need to pick up some momentum with a lot of their top targets and we won't know whether or not they're able to do that until a stretch that begins in early June with the picnic and ends with the camps in Louisiana. By then, I think a fair expectation would be a handful of commitments plus momentum trending in A&M's favor with several state top-40 types.Also I asked hop on the impact of the longhorn network and TU influence with ESPN. Does TU influence ESPN on reporting negatively towards A&M?I don't think that's the case at all. We seem to forget that A&M had ALL SORTS of positive run in 2012 and 2013 when they were WINNING and the likes of Finebaum, ESPN, etc. jumped all over the bandwagon each of the past two years when the Ags got off to hot starts. Is there still Burnt Orange bias to be found? Yep. Always will be. But I think this is simply a case of a media feeding frenzy when the sharks smell blood in the water. Beat UCLA and Auburn and the narrative completely changes...especially if Texas gets choked out by Notre Dame in Austin.Did you see Captain America: Civil War?Not yet. Was it good? I've seen Jungle Book and The Boss lately so I'm in need to a really good flick coming out.How big an impact on the recruiting front did the Martell decommit truly have? Seemed like he wasn't the ace recruiter he billed himself asI don't think he would have been able to convince many of the out-of-staters to play in Aggieland. I mean, the Ags weren't even going to land his two teammates from Gorman and neither ever came with him on any of his visits to College Station. He was a net positive for A&M on the recruiting front and he was passionate about it but it's been well-documented there were more than a few Texans who he rubbed the wrong way.Chances of landing Hines and Marvin Wilson?I'd say the Ags have better shot at Anthony Hines than Marvin Wilson but they're in contention for both. If you asked me today, I wouldn't pick the Ags to land either but they're in the mix for both and a lot can change. For example, Hines has an outstanding relationship with both John Chavis and Terry Price and is also familiar with David Turner dating back to his very early Mississippi State pledge. He's also unlikely to find a clearer path to immediate playing time than he would as a five-star linebacker on the Aggie defense. As for Wilson, he's pretty close with former teammate Jhamon Ausbon and has hit it off with would-be position coach David Turner. LSU is the clear-cut leader for the state's No. 2 overall prospect and I think that's where he ends up but if he doesn't leave the state, he's probably an Aggie. Perhaps A&M landing Ausbon could lead to a slight (and much-needed) momentum shift here.Please give your thoughts on :Baylor culture- include Ken Starr, Art Briles, Waco PD, and Waco Media.. seems like most fans truly didn't know this was so pervasive..The entire thing is equal parts disgusting and disturbing. And I get the feeling punishment will be minimal, complete with a couple of folks down the chain of command taking the fall. In keeping with the 'D' theme, I cannot say how disappointing it is to see the lack of coverage this is getting in the national media. It's honestly been a blip on the radar when compared to, oh I don't know, the attention that various national outlets and radio shows gave to Aaron Moorehead's tweets last week.Mizzou- the protester situation really hurt them - even Loftin resigned over that mess...Yeah, that got MUCH more attention than what's gone on in Waco. Speaking of Mizzou, with Pinkel retiring and Tennessee and Florida rounding back into form, I don't think we'll be hearing much from the Tigers on the gridiron in the foreseeable future.Any juco QB's we may be interested in since we have a shortage at the positionNot at this point in time but I suppose that would change if Hubenak didn't progress as hoped or got his shot to play this fall and failed to perform. I don't expect that to happen, however, which means that Noel Mazzone and the Ags will be fine with signing a high-profile high school passer plus a second QB from the high school ranks.How do our Ags turn around our offseason loss of recruiting momentum with no games to play? Getting Derrick Tucker committed is a good start. From there, the Ags need a strong month of June during which they add more supplemental, state top-40 or 50 pieces to the class to build the foundation while also establishing solid footing with the state top-20 kids who plan to wait before making their college choices. Landing a quarterback would be a huge help, too, particularly if that guy were a Texan like Kellen Mond (or two Texans, for that matter). From there, it really will come down to winning football games on the field this fall.What's our OL going to look like against UCLA? How long will it take Turner to turn our very thin unit around?I think the unit will look pretty good against the Bruins. There's plenty of talent in Gennesy, McCoy, London, Martin, Sutherland, Lanfear and even Prater for Jim Turner to work with and the guys are really going to be coached up well. I think the Ags will be the superior unit in the trenches against the Bruins but the real test will come against Auburn a couple of weeks later. I think they'll be ready to go to open the season but the real test will come against the likes of Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU. In other words, Turner's crew will have to stay healthy (you mentioned the lack of depth) and be playing VERY good football during the second half of the season if the Ags are to emerge as one of the SEC's surprise teams in 2016. A&M just signed a Top 10 recruiting class in 2017... how did they do it? (what would have to happen for them to do that?)It starts with winning some big games, particularly at home. From there, they need a QB commit (this summer, IMO) to erase the negative stigma that other schools are currently pushing to prospects. Another key piece of the puzzle will be adding a couple of highly-rated JUCOs, IMO. Finally, the Ags are going to have to crack through and land at least one member of the 'Fantastic Four' made up of Marvin Wilson, Jeffrey Okudah, Anthony Hines and Baron Browning. I'd say grabbing one state top-12 player out of Louisiana plus a top-25 signee from 'The Boot,' one of the four and five of the top-20 in the Lone Star State would be the formula. As of right now, the Ags have two definite top-30 guys in Grayson Reed and Derrick Tucker so there is plenty of work to be done.If our pass defense can stay ranked in the top 10, where should our rush defense ranking be if we want to challenge for the SEC West title in 2016.Middle of the pack. If the Ags can simply be solid against the run, they'll set up enough second- and third-and-longs against a schedule that doesn't feature too many teams that will light you up through the air and one that doesn't look too strong at QB behind Rosen, Kelly and perhaps Dobbs (though he's not a great passer) that Myles Garrett and DaeDae Hall will have a field day and the safeties will make plenty of big plays on poorly thrown or timed passes on the back end. Just cannot routinely get gashed like they did last year...that much goes without saying.How much can our top 5 pass defensive ranking be attributed to our terrible rush defense? Is there any correlation there?Yeah, there is some of that going on but more of it had to do with the A&M secondary being pretty damned good last year (a third-round pick, an NFL free agent and three safeties who will be drafted) and the fact that the Ags didn't face many teams that were really that good at throwing the ball. Of the 13 opponents, I'd say only Ole Miss and Louisville really scared you at all. Hell, Arkansas of all teams probably ranked in the top third of the A&M schedule last year when it came to execution and effectiveness in the passing game. Fortunately for the Ags, things don't look like they'll be all the different from an opponent standpoint this time around, either.Seems like Ags will lose a lot of talent after this year opening up a lot of starting position battles in 2017 - several seniors and draft eligible jr.s.. Last year, we could not offer guys like Brandon Jones early playing time - but this year, we can - does that help us this time around?Yes, that certainly helps. If you look up and down the roster, there are opportunities for immediate PT at LB, WR (depending on who leaves), QB, DE and S. Kind of scary when you look at it that way, isn't it???can you give a quick summary of senior contributors (starters and reserves that we will miss after this year) as well as potential Junior attrition if they have a great season?Quick summary: Myles Garrett, Daeshon Hall, Shaan Washington, Justin Evans, Josh Reynolds, Trevor Knight, Jermaine Eluemunor and Avery Gennesy. Ricky Seals-Jones is likely to go after four years in Aggieland and Armani Watts could very well leave if he projects as a first-rounder following this season. Speedy Noil is a guy I'd file away into the could go either way category.Thoughts on changing #WRTS to #HAMD (He's ass, my dude)It's only been a week and I'm sooooo ready for that phrase to go away. Record time for TexAgs beating something into the ground, I think. That said, I'm just as happy that #WRTS is no longer being used. I think substance over slogans and social media braggadocio is what the Aggies need right now and I think that's why we'll see more of with this new coaching staff and with guys like Garrett, Kirk, Knight and Watts leading the way.Other than Myles and RSJ, who else will likely leave after this season with eligibility left on the table?See above. I don't think I'd call Armani 'likely' but he certainly has the potential to put together that kind of season. Leaving early is much easier said than done at this time of year, of course. Last fall, for example, Gabe seemed to be convinced by someone he was talking to that both Daeshon Hall and Josh Reynolds were gone at season's end. Hopefully, he's retired that source.When will we know who the new assistant basketball coach is?Today, I suppose. See Logan's thread. Strong hire that wasn't easy to come by for BK. There were more than a few candidates whisked through the A&M basketball facilities over the past few weeks but these two should really pay big-time dividends as recruiters.% chance:Myles Garrett gets 15+ sacks, 1st Team ALL SEC, and decides to return to A&M for his Sr. Year.Virtually nil. The only thing I will say is that Myles is as unique a kid as I've ever seen come through A&M so if anyone could buck convention, it's him. That said, I think he does top 15 sacks and earns All-American honors while also winning a national award and leaves as a top-3 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.RSJ catches 55 passes and 10 TD's and decides to return to A&M for his Sr. YearRicky is an interesting one because I think it would take a monster season for him to emerge as a first-round candidate or perhaps even a Round 1-2 guy. He is, however, big and strong and productive and a 10 TD season would probably mean he's going to feel his stock is as high as it's going to get after four years in college. If I were betting today, I'd say anything close to those numbers and we'll see him go.What kind of deodorant do you use?I'm already tucked away in bed so don't want to get up to check for fear of waking the dog and then having to let him out but I know it's some form of Right Guard. It's not some kind weird organic stuff that is made with no GMOs or chemicals (I'd be afraid that crap wouldn't work and I'd stink) and it's damned sure not the Brauny-supported nonsense that smells like old leather or tobacco.What's your opinion on what Aaron Moorehead tweeted out? I agree with everything he tweeted, and it needed to be said, I just think that he shouldn't have sent those tweets out because he's a coach.Not to be a smart-alec but I already addressed this one in depth when the story evolved last week. I agree with what he tweeted but, as a position coach and someone who has to recruit at a very high level at a school like A&M and in the ultra-competitive Texas market, he simply can't afford to let emotions and frustration get the best of him. I feel certain in saying it won't happen again and I also don't think it did long-term damage to his ability to recruit. It was just a distraction and negative news story that the Aggies didn't need at that particular point in time from a momentum standpoint.Are we offering too late in the game? What is Strong's "pitch."Strong's pitch are his man sandals and five core values. Jokes aside, his pitch is as much anti-A&M at this point as it is pro-Texas. He's done a nice job of preying on the issues and drama in Aggieland, perceived or otherwise. They've also really rallied over there to convince kids that all is well and that the Horns are set to turn the corner and he's getting tremendous 'buy in' from the current players on the roster. They're doing their part as recruiters and it's an area that the Aggies really need to improve at. It starts with a good vibe in the program, which I think has finally started to resurface in College Station after about a two-year absence. As for offering too late, I'd say, with a couple of notable exceptions, the Ags have been fine in terms of their offer timetable. Would like to see them move on a few 'second-tier' linebackers, however, because the bottom line truth is that they'll have to end up going after a couple of those guys if they plan to sign three or four this year.A while back you said you'd get back to this question: "Celebrity over 70 you'd want to bone?"If you're interested enough to ask that question a third time, I'll answer it. Still haven't done my research and, for obvious reasons, have been putting it off. One of my good friends turns 40 this year and I've come close to getting my ass kicked for calling HER a cougar. Trust me, I haven't been trolling the 70-year old celebrity circuit of late!I'm looking at the SEC West this year and thinking the following: 1. Alabama (can't pick against them until someone knocks them off, regardless of what they lose)2. LSU (some things I don't trust about them, like Cam Cameron, but plenty of talent)3. A&M (I really like this team a lot)4. Ole Miss (turmoil aside, I just feel like this is a year they maybe take a small step back in the middle of an impressive run)5. Arkansas (Brett has to have 4 year type guys starting all over the place to make his thing work, but always dangerous)6. Auburn (Spring game was VERY meh and I think this is Gus' last year, not a Kevin Steele fan)7. MSU (don't have Dak or the recruiting horses to reload like some other teams)Am I on crack? Or am I on track?I actually think you're on track. The potential flip-flops could be A&M/Ole Miss (hopefully not and it will probably come down to their game at Kyle Field) and Arkansas/Auburn but I like your picks.Just want to say THANKS for what you all do for us...really appreciate everything y'all put out!You're very welcome and thanks a lot for the heartfelt compliment. We continue to try and improve the product each and every day for you guys.How much s**t is Ole Miss in? Do they get away with it?I don't think they get crushed but I do think the Rebels and Hugh Freeze get slapped with some scholarship cuts. The extreme version would include a post-season ban but I'm not expecting that. Either way, I think it's going to be strong enough that they're going to have slow their roll in Oxford a bit moving forward.It doesn't seem unreasonable that people/recruits could see the A&M football program as being chaotic or unorganized at best. The Manziel saga, two 5* QBs transferring, Martel opening things up, Moorehead going on a Twitter rant etc... it all just looks bad. If you're Sumlin, what are you showing recruits/parents that you have the reigns and its all under control. If you're Sumlin, do you show donors and a supportive fanbase it's under control?I don't think Sumlin 'showing' the fan base or donors anything does any good right now, as it comes off as defensive. He needs to focus on the task at hand. He's got the right staff in place. I'm convinced of that. He needs to focus on recruiting and getting this year's team on the same page and focused enough to play well throughout an entire season. If he can do that, I think things work out for both Sumlin and the program moving forward. As far as what you tell recruits/parents, I'd say you tell them the truth about the guys who left - for better or worse. If the kids were problematic, then say that. He also knows the talking points of rival coaches and what they're spewing to these kids, so negate that. Get guys like Christian Kirk, Myles Garrett and Trevor Knight to meet with the recruits and their families, let John Chavis tell you what he thinks of this place as compared to LSU and, most of all, make it a personal challenge to prove the negative recruiters wrong with your actions (by establishing and maintaining strong, personal relationships) that this emotionally disconnected head coach garbage they're spewing is just that. Anything short of that and you're feeding into the propaganda.I'm a bit worried about some of our incoming recruits after reading an individual's scouting report. Namely an incoming QB. I don't want to influence your answer, so I won't name any names, but are there any incoming recruits that you would qualify as "ass, my dude"?Nope.Have you hearing anything not reported in press regarding Baylor situation. Chances of Briles or Star disciplinary action?I'm hearing those two are essentially going to get off without so much as a scratch. Maybe Starr gets knicked a little but that's the extent of it. Sad, but that's what I'm hearing.Is there anything Sumlin can do at this point other than win 10 games to change the recruiting perception? What is the recruiting pitch right now about A&M?I don't think that the pitch has changed much. He's just going to have to win some meaningful games this fall to reclaim tangible momentum in the state and region. I also think the narrative has gotten a bit ridiculous from the standpoint that, if you believe everything you're hearing, you'd think the Ags were struggling to put together a top-30 class. Last year's group ranked what? 17? Do they need to be better? Yes, no doubt about it but this thing could just as easily tick slightly upward and we're talking about a top-12 type of class in '17. It's something worth keeping a very close eye on, but at this point it's much more about Ws and Ls than anything else.What are your feelings on Ty Brock? Hard working kid out of College Station High, how big could he have been if not for his injury that cost him his whole junior year?He's a very good prospect and one who will land a nice scholarship somewhere in a Power 5 conference, IMO. Like A&M, most major programs are taking a wait-and-see approach because they'd love to see him on the field after he was forced to miss his junior year. However, I have a feeling that Ty is going to force the hand of a lot of college QB coaches by lighting it up on the summer camp/7-on-7 circuit.How do our Ags turn around our offseason loss of recruiting momentum with no games to play?Feel like we've hit this one or something close to it a couple of times. I think Derrick Tucker was a great start, a handful of June commits will help and I think landing a QB like Kellen Mond, Mac Jones or Jack Sears would really set things off. Part of me feels like landing Mond/Ausbon could really provide a spark that the Ags ride some momentum off of but there are no guarantees that the Aggies will land the IMG duo and, even if they do, it probably won't happen prior to the fall.What about Toneil Carter?Brauny met with him today and he had some pretty interesting (and glowing) things to say about A&M and his relationship with Clarence McKinney. Georgia is still a player and I would never count out LSU but I think he's going to be an Aggie when he makes his choice in early October.Looch I know the company line has been that we will only take 1 RB in this upcoming class, yet we seem to be in decent shape for a number of talented backs. Could you see us taking more than just one if the right ones remain interested?I could see it happening but I think the odds of that have decreased, for good reason. That's because all signs point to Stratford's Rakeem Boyd making it into school and enrolling at A&M this summer with the rest of the 2016 signees. That means the Ags will have Ford (SR), White (SR), Bussey (SO), Williams (SO) and Boyd (FR or SO) plus the 2017 signee(s) on campus in 2017 and Bussey (JR), Williams (JR), Boyd (SO or JR) and let's just say Carter (SO) in 2018 plus whoever they sign from the '18 class. Taking a second really isn't a must at this point. It's really not.I feel as if this has a serious under the radar possible 10 - 11 win season. Would you agree that's more likely than what we've seen going into the last 3 seasons?The only reason I'd say yes is defense. The Aggies should be very good on that side of the ball and that's not been the case under Sumlin or in the SEC and it's been proven that it's defense that always wins in this league. On top of that, I think they have a more mature, seasoned QB than they've had the luxury of putting on the field the past two years. The problem is this: The schedule looks a heck of a lot tougher than it did last year or the year before.Asked in the Wednesday night notes- more than two questions but just see the boldThe bold statement was "interested in your thoughts on the camps in general." Go check out my recruiting post yesterday and I shared some extensive thoughts on the camps.Is "success" this football season measured purely by win/loss total, or by some other metric? I think it's ultimately going to have everything to do with wins and losses but other metrics will be how well the Aggies finish the season (as in how well are they playing during November) and how the Ags perform at Kyle Field.If win/loss total, what is successful? I'd say 9-3.If other metric, define the metric (home record, close games, SEC championship hunt, etc.) and what would qualify as successful for it?Guess I already answered this and I think another success metric would be whether or not the Aggies are in contention in November. They really haven't been since 2012.How much of a factor do you think UCLA's familiarity with Mazzone will play into that game? Not any more of a factor than Mazzone's familiarity with the UCLA defense and Bruins personnel in general. I really think it's a wash.Will the NCAA ever do anything about Baylor?Probably not. Sad but true.Do you think Sumlin should come clean and explain the fiasco on offense last year? including loosing two QB's.At this point, no. Rehashing it won't do any good. I think he should have explained or addressed it prior to the bowl game last fall or met with the media following the season. That didn't happen and I think it's time for the head coach, the team and the fans to move on. The key for Sumlin at this point is that he's learned from the experience and becomes a better head coach and leader because of it.Why has no one asked him in his press conferences what the hell happened.First of all, there was literally no access until spring ball. He made himself off limits until then. At that point, I suppose someone could have brought up something that happened three months prior but it's also awkward for some of the local beat folks to work in when the coach is there talking about the current team. I think that's more of a question for a sit-down session, which he's not doing much of these days. Is Athletic department indicating that is off limits?If they were to indicate something like that or try to control the media in such a way, I think it would backfire on the department or Coach Sumlin in a big way. Believe it or not, that's not the way they typically operate.Probably the most shocking revelation from your last Q&A was that you use T/Gel shampoo exclusively. I admit that T/Gel is great for treating dandruff and itchy scalp and all that, but doesn't the smell bother you?Yeah, I guess it does. That's why I mix in something else more conventional a couple of times a week.Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman or Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow?I've always been a Catwoman fan but give me Johansson over Hathaway any day of the week. Love me some ScarJo.1) Maybe this is something that we pay attention to more since it hits close to home, but why does it seem like every time we have something negative happen, (QBs leaving, Johnnys antics, a recruit decommits) that we get absolutely roasted by the national sports media? Other programs which experience similar magnitude events don't seem to receive nearly as much criticism as we do. I know that there isn't some vast sip conspiracy out there to try and knock us down a peg, but it sure seems like we receive unfair/undue criticism much more than others. Just curious as to your thoughts on that.2) Last year the hot offseason topic was player stipends. This year it is satellite camps. What do you think next year's big offseason topic will be? Something else that isn't as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be yet people talk it to pieces because everyone is bored and it's 'what you're supposed to talk about' during that particular week or two during the long off-season.You have reached Snake River. Do you want to ford the river or caulk the wagon and float across?I'm going to float across in the wagon.Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Sarah Palin. You gotta **** one, Marry one and Kill one. Go!I'd probably just jump off of the top of Kyle Field head first.O/U on A&M regular season wins in 2016:a) 7.5b) 8.5c) 9.5I'd set it at 7.5 and pick the over. Right now, I'm leaning towards picking 8-4 but really want to study the A&M opponents more as the season draws closer, particularly UCLA, Auburn and Ole Miss.Your thoughts as the Aggie baseball season is coming to a close, how do you feel the AGS finish and do you see us getting a national seed when it's all over.I've been thinking 20-10 in the SEC for about a month now and those who talk to me regularly can vouch for that. That would mean 3-2 the rest of the way, which I think is very doable. Split with South Carolina and win two of three at home against Ole Miss. If they do that, you're talking 41-12 for the regular-season, which might win you an SEC title and will lock up a national seed regardless of what you do in the SEC Tourney. It probably also locks in a top-4 seed barring an 0-2 showing in the conference tourney.What do you think of the team up with UH for satellite camps, and who/where else would you like to see A&M host a camp with?I'm good with how they did it. I'd say Houston or TCU would be the two schools in-state I'd like to see them pair with and I wouldn't want to see them pair with anyone from out of state for a camp in Texas. As I said several times this week, more college coaches should have done what Sumlin and Tom Herman did and not sell out to a big-name OOS draw and allow a power program to come into the Lone Star State.Do you think we will have better performance out our PK or Punter this year?I'm going to say kicker. I think both will enjoy solid first seasons but LaCamera has the tools to be a very good one and was rock solid throughout most of the spring. He was a pleasant surprise.1) Is Dimitri Moore on the staff's radar as an in-state LB target?Yes, he's on the radar but no offer yet. I think guys like Amaud Willis-Dalton, Kenneth Murray and Moore are the type of players that the Ags should give serious consideration to offering sometime in the next month of so.2) Name 3 WR targets that we sign come February.Roshauud Paul, Tyrell Shavers and either CeeDee Lamb or Omar Manning.For SEC Media days in the next couple of months who will be this year's sight unseen Jeremy Johnson Heisman Candidate?Interesting question.. Probably Alabama tailback Bo Scarbrough, who will no doubt perform better than Jeremy Johnson did.The 2017 A&M recruiting class will be ranked #___-ish on NSD.I'll go with 12-15ish.Kenny Hill at TCU - will he thrive in their offense about or almost as good as Boykin?I don't think he'll be Boykin because first of all he won't have Doctson and second he's not a runner like Trevone. I think Kenny will throw for a lot of yards...if he manages to win the job. He's in a real dogfight right now with Foster Sawyer.Dave Christensen or Spav - who was more of the problem last year?Are we still doing this?As many Ags are worried about the slow recruiting, what are you hearing on the road from HS coaches and players? Are you noticing any trends in their attitude towards A&M that might explain an apparent reluctance to commit?I do think there has been more of a negative perception out there than at any point since the Ags joined the SEC but I'm also already hearing things trend back in A&M's favor with the additions of David and Jim Turner, Noel Mazzone and John Chavis last year. I think the table is set for A&M to turn momentum back but I don't think they're doing so as long as folks can say Sumlin is on the hotseat and it be believable for high school recruits and their parents. The Ags must win enough this year to silence the critics, which will make the negative recruiting sound hollow to the players and their families.Kellen Mond? ReallyYes, really. I think he'll end up being the guy out of the group of current offers. I also think he's an excellent prospect. This isn't a sure thing, as Auburn will be very tough here, as well, but I think they ultimately make it happen.Who do you think gets the axe next on Game of Thrones?Good question. Maybe the girl who keeps beating up the little Stark kid with the stick. Hopefully that damned priest who keeps talking about the 'will of the gods.' He's ass, my dude.What do you think about Mastro coming back?I think he'll provide some much-needed depth in the form of a 240-pound linebacker who has played some SEC football. He's replacing AJ Hilliard on the roster this year, IMO, after Hilliard had to hang up the cleats because of injuries.
4 yr ago by Ryan Brauninger
Tate Martell opens up his recruitment
Just announced on Twitter. I can't honestly say things haven't seemingly been trending this direction in the recent months.'ll be interesting to see what kind of communication the Aggies continue to have with Tate. Regardless, I expect the following names to be some of the focal points going forward...IMG QB Kellen Mond San Clemente (CA) QB Jack Sears Colleyville Heritage QB Cam Roane Pearland QB Connor Blumrick College Station QB Ty Brock Chandler (AZ) QB Ryan Kelley Jacksonville (FL) QB Mac Jones
4 yr ago by Billy Liucci
Setting the Table: Texas A&M coaches hit the recruiting trail
Evaluation season is now in full swing, enticing the Texas A&M football coaching staff to spread out and canvass the state and nation. Expected offers, trends in intently followed recruitments, positional numbers and more are coming into focus.
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TexAgs National Average Rating

The TexAgs National Average Rating is a proprietary formula that calculates an industry-wide aggregate rating for each recruiting prospect. The formula includes publicly listed grades, scores, ratings and rankings by national recruiting services, along with a TexAgs rating. Combining the data provides a rating for each prospect, which is then normalized to fit the TexAgs Rating 100-point scale.

The intent of this rating is to provide TexAgs readers with a comprehensive snapshot of how individual prospects rank nationally.

TexAgs Rating

The TexAgs Recruiting team of Billy Liucci, David Sandhop, Jason Howell, Ryan Brauninger and a host of recruiting interns attends more than 75 games each fall and observes and evaluates every major Texas A&M target, as well as most of the top 150 prospects in the State of Texas. From this evaluation the team draws a rating for each prospect on a scale between 70 and 100.

99-100: Elite national prospect (Five-star)

Considered one of the best prospects in the nation and a likely difference-maker at the collegiate level. Displays all of the physical skills to be a future All-American with potential to be an early-round NFL draft pick.

90-98: Elite state prospect (Four-star)

Considered one of the best 30-40 prospects in the state and a top 250 national prospect. Displays the physical skills to be a major early contributor at the collegiate level with high professional potential.

80-89: Quality prospect (Three-star)

Considered one of the best 100 prospects in the state and a top 500 national prospect. Displays the physical skills to develop into a contributor over the course of his college career. Has the ability to become a professional prospect over time with development.

70-79: Solid prospect (Two-star)

Considered one of the top 250 prospects in the state. Has the physical skills to be a potential contributor at a D-1 program over the course of his collegiate career with significant development. Professional potential is low.

Staff Predictions

The predictions represent which school each staff member believes will ultimately sign the recruit, and the confidence meter represents his level of certainty in that outcome.

Example #1

If the predicted school is Texas A&M and confidence is set to “High”, then the staff member is saying “I believe that this recruit will ultimately sign with Texas A&M and I feel very certain about that.”

Example #2

If the predicted school is “Alabama” and confidence is set to “Low,” then the staff member is saying “I believe that this recruit will ultimately sign with Alabama, but I’m not very certain about that.”
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