Blue Bell picture

I took a few panoramas the first time I visited Blue Bell in the spring, but it was a night game so they didn't turn out as well as I hoped. The day after the Florida game I went and took another panorama of the exterior and it turned out fairly nice. Just got around to getting it framed and just hung it up in my office today.

Nicely done!
Very nice --
Really nice!
Very nice. I have the exact same view as my wall paper.
Lookin good
Blue bell magic! Love it!
Very impressive
Wow, I would love to have a picture like that in my office.
You could always put a link to that pic so we could go do the same *wink*

I might could figure out a way to print these and send them to you for a small fee. I'd prefer to do it in one large order to cut down on shipping when I order the prints. My picture is about 8"x19" and I think it's a good size.

I was thinking if I did a group order the prices would be as follows and would include the shipping for me to ship to you.

6"x14.5" - $22
8"x19" - $25
10"x24" - $30
12"x29" - $35

Just going off my print, I'd say the 6" may be a little small and the 12" may be a little big, but it's tough to say without seeing them.

If you are interested in one, post on here which size you would like and then I will see if it is feasible for me to do it.
Are those pre-framed?
Are those pre-framed?

Until I can figure out how to get the frame rolled up into the tube, yes.
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