Big goings on over at Rice [Nov. 2012]

Longtime Rice baseball assistant leaves program
Longtime Rice assistant coach Mike Taylor “has left our baseball program and we wish him the best in his future endeavors,” athletic director Rick Greenspan said Friday.

Taylor spent 12 seasons at Rice, including the past season as the top assistant on head coach Wayne Graham’s staff.

Former Astro, Owl Berkman joins Rice baseball program
Former Rice All-American Lance Berkman has joined the Owls baseball program as a volunteer assistant, coach Wayne Graham told the Houston Chronicle.

"Coaching is something I want to pursue after I am done playing," Berkman told the Chronicle. "There's no better place to pursue that than with coach Graham at Rice.

"Having flexibility if I want to play another year or two was important. If I decide to hang them up, I have something to step into immediately."

Berkman assisted on a temporary basis during fall ball earlier this month with the Owls shorthanded on the coaching staff following the departure of longtime assistant coach Mike Taylor.

Regardless of whether he plays this season, Graham said Berkman will serve as a student assistant in the fall. Berkman said he plans to begin taking online classes in the summer and needs a year to complete his degree.

When Berkman joins Rice, we must have them at Olsen at least every other year on a Tuesday, although I would prefer a three game series. There is so, so much I want to discuss with Lance!
So will it w ok to call him fat now that he is the first base coach?
Former Astro, Owl Berkman

when I first read I was like, who is owl berkman...
I wonder how many Rice fans are thinking...we've been getting rid of the wrong guys (Pierce, Taylor). It's the old one that needs to go.

And the problem with Lance, we know he has a lazy streak. And laziness doesn't work in recruiting. Gotta be hungry to keep pace on the recruiting trail and generally speaking retired multi-millionaires are not hungry
So what is Mike Taylor doing now?
When will wayne graham retire? Heard he's freaking crazy now
When will wayne graham retire? Heard he's freaking crazy now

Uncle Wayne has always been a strange cat, but he has had some incredible results over the years.
Coach Taylor is a great coach! Had the opportunity to take some BP off him. I always thought he would be the next head coach at Rice.
I wonder if he left because he was tired of waiting forever for graham to retire?

Also, now I have a reason to get a fat Elvis suit.

Uncle Wayne has always been a strange cat, but he has had some incredible results over the years.

Take it for what it's worth, but I know a couple current players and last time I talked to them they said he should retire. Of course that might be because they aren't all consistent starters, but one person started almost every game two years ago but rarely started last year
Wayne Graham is one of the best college baseball coaches in America. It is unbelievable what he has done at tiny Rice Institute.
W, am I understanding you correctly when you say that you think Lance will be a liability on the recruiting front? You are probably the only person in baseball that holds that view. This is the same Lance Berkman that had a strong case for World Series MVP in 2011 and has lifetime production numbers that are almost HOF worthy (OBP is definitely HOF worthy). He is baseball royalty in Houston. He will be a tremendous asset to Rice and their recruiting.

And Rice did not let David Pierce go -- he left voluntarily to become a head coach. Pierce is a great coach and perhaps a future head coach at Rice. Coach Graham can coach as long as he wants to -- he's a legend of the game. A&M tried their best to hire Graham when they dismissed Mark Johnson.
The Aggies would have hired Wayne Graham if they had contacted him prior to his winning the NC at Rice. It was too late - for Graham - at that point when Mark Johnson was fired.
dp -- sorry about that

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A&M tried their best to hire Graham when they dismissed Mark Johnson.

I'm not 100% certain this is true.

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. – Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)
I'm not 100% certain this is true.

At the time there was a lot of conjecture on this board that we would go after Wayne, but I don't think that there was ever anything from a credible source.

I remember going down to see us play at Rice for the first time in 1992. To call that park a little league park would have been an insult to many little league parks. Graham created that program from *nothing*.

On the other hand, I knew a kid who pitched for him and had control problems. This kid was from the Clear Lake area and recruited by a number of colleges in the region. Wayne basically ground him down to nothing. He left Rice after one season, pitched a year at a JC, and was done for good after that.
1 of 2 Rice fan-niks successfully brought out of hiding...
Delete --

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Texags Rookie thook13 posts on Dec 2 that Mike Taylor was forced to leave and then comes back two days later and deletes that post?!?

I would never have noticed it if Yell Practice hadn't bumped this thread.

We need information! If not, I will be forced to just start making sh** up about Rice.
Mike Taylor was forced to leave


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