Dugout Club for 2013?

We usually get our renewals at the end of October but I haven't seen anything yet. Anyone heard if we'll have one this year?
Whoops I messed up. Thought you meant ticket renewals. :/

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Thanks - guess it just hasn't made it to Keller yet.
Jason Hutchins said they should be out next week.
Been working with Hutch and Toni @ 12th Man Foundation on this years Dugout Club. Have arranged for using credit cards to pay and being receipted by 12th Man so you will get priority points for donation. Also probably 4 gatherings this season instead of the usual one. Applications should be ready to go out as soon as signing period ends. Get your friends and fellow Aggie baseball fans to join and support Aggie baseball as we go into the SEC!!!
Awesome! Gald they will finally count towards PP!
That's great,

Just got the email with the application. Aggie Baseball SEC jacket with each membership - that should be pretty popular this year.
Who do I email for an application?
Who do I email for an application?

Is there a deadline for joining? I would like to join this year, but I am out of the country for a few more months.

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No deadline. The first of four gatherings will be February.
Thanks, see you this spring. Gig'em
How much to join?
How much to join?

Your donation will cover four dinners, a nice jacket, plus getting priority points for Aggie Access.
Pic of jacket?
Pic of jacket?

We won't see them until February.
I wish they were actually dinners and not lunches. I will probably be able to make 1-2, but for Aggies outside of B/CS, the lunch thing is kind of a bummer. Be nice to make at least one a dinner. Gig'em!

The Priority Points are a great addition!

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The 1st one is usually a really nice sit down dinner. I have couple of former player friends that come from afar.
I hope they do make it a dinner again. But the welcome email from Hutch said there would be four lunch meetings and didn't mention a dinner. I like being able to get together more often, but will be tough to make all four coming from Houston.

No worries. Already working on Diamond Club seats for the Astros College Classic!
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