season ticket renewal

when do season ticket renewals go out? I want to change seat location.
They'll mail Monday.
Are you sending emails out too? I moved!
You can renew by phone....or if you PM me I'll print a copy and mail to the right address.
Ok, I logged in to my account. When's the last day to pay?
Minimum of 40% due November 27. 2 equal payments on December 20 & January 15.
Got my renewal form in the mail today!
Thanks AggieTickets!
When will individual tickets go on sale?
No date yet. Probably wont announce one until January.
I renewed last week! Whoop!!!!!
Don't forget the deadline to renew is today
When are seat confirmations for season tickets posted?
Should already be up on TicketTrac...mine has section, row, and seat numbers already up...
Still says Ticket Request Pending
It says pending under Orders & Payments?
Mine does say pending. This is a new season ticket order.
Ahhh...makes sense now. I thought they were changing seats again!
We're working through the requests this week. Shooting to let people know late this week or next week.
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