Johnny Manziel ---

Everyone is saying that Johnny Manziel may be better in baseball than in football.

Aggie Baseball take NOTE !
If he can swing the bat then sign him up.. we could use some hitters.. hell im sure with his speed he could swipe a few bags too
very good left handed stick in high school
Johnny Baseball
He was very good on the ball fields in Tyler growing up. He played with JB Moss and was coached by JBs dad.
I don't see Johnny playing baseball anytime soon--but I wouldn't rule it out entirely. I'm not sure what his pro football prospects look like, but if he sticks around to use up all his football eligibility, I could see him coming back to play a year or two of baseball.
Honestly, I don't see it happening. I'm sure the need for him to develop in the spring as starting QB will be too high. But, hey, if he keeps this up how can you say no to the kid? They seem like they have loose reins on him. I don't know much about his baseball abilities but with his arm and speed, he would be a great replacement to Tyler Naquin in right field. At the least, I don't see a problem with him coming in to snag a few bases.

I like the sound of Johnny Baseball.
Sorry but this is more urban myth than reality. If he was better at baseball then football, we would have been scared to death that he was going to be drafted high out of high school.

Where was he drafted out of high school?
he was being recruited by A&M his sophomore year..
His Dad told me he was even a better baseball player...he played center field.
For those that did not know, JM did not play baseball his senior year at Kerrville Tivy. (my son played in that district and we played them twice)

If I remember right, he was already enrolled at TAMU in the spring.
He was reported to be a shortstop. He also was reported to have hit over .400 both his soph and junior years. Didn't play as a senior.
Was a standout SS who hit .412 and .416. His Dad said if he didn't win the starting Qb this summer he was set to play for Childress this spring.
I'm also close to Kerrville district and Aggie76 and BurnetAggie are correct. He's a great athlete so that made him a stand out high school player as well. I have watched him play both sports all through high school and what he is doing right now on the football field for the Aggies is no surprise. He is a better football player but also a good baseball player. Matter of fact A&M has the co-1st team all district SS's from that high school district on campus. Blake Allemand and JFF shared that honor their junior year with Allemand hitting .476 that year.
I think it is hard to be a college QB with spring ball and play baseball too, these days. Plus missing fall baseball.
Jeff Granger did it but it's a difficult task for sure.
Would love to see Johnny hitting home runs like he throws tds. I can't imagine how tough it must be to be a two sport athlete but if even one can do I bet he can. It's easier to be a football player and play another sport rather than the other way around cause the football team has already given him a scholarship so we don't have to waste a baseball one on him too (if I understand the rules correctly)
Cornelius Patterson
Jeff Granger
Gregg Porter

Unless I'm drawing a blank those are the only 3 I can remember playing baseball and football.
James Street did it for you know who.
Jordan Chambless
Al Thurmond
I may be wrong, but Elmendorf?...
His Dad told me he was even a better baseball player...he played center field.

His dad doesn't know which position he played?
is Chambless going to pitch this year?
Dave Elmendorf was all conference in both baseball and football and was drafted in both sports. He once said on the radio that the thought of minor league baseball travel pushed him into the NFL.
is Chambless going to pitch this year?

QB would be harder to do both.
is Chambless going to pitch this year?
Had Manziel not won the Aggies’ starting quarterback gig this past summer over sophomores Jameill Showers and Matt Joeckel, he might very well have played baseball for A&M this spring, a family member said.

from the heisman.aggieathletics site. any word on if he's still considering?
I'm gonna guess no. But a Heisman winner pinch running in the ninth sounds pretty epic.
Billy Cannon Jr. also played both football and baseball for us.

JC '88
If you value the Freedom and Liberties you have in your life, be sure to Thank a Veteran everyday!
Isn't it spelled Chambliss?
Now that he is the starting QB - I don't think he will play baseball. Will spend all his time working on football, IMO.
Johnny played in select ball leagues all throughout his youth and into high school. He played shortstop. A few buddies of mine played against him.

Said one select team always got him on their team every year so they were never teammates, but said he was unreal. The amazing footwork and strength to throw across his body obviously translated to the football field.

Johnny isn't going to come play baseball. But for what it's worth, yes.. He could make the team and start if he desired to try out.
Johnny is not going to play baseball now. Football has completely taken over now, IMO.
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