Pitching Lessons - Ross Stripling

Hey guys. TexAgs may not be the right venue for this, but if anyone is interested, or has some one who may be interested, I'd love to give some lessons to kids around the B/CS area. I think it'd be fun to share what I've learned over the last few years.

Any age is fine with me and my schedule is very flexible. If you're interested contact me on here or email me at Ross.stripling@yahoo.com.

I'll just say that this is cool as hell. If I was in adult baseball I'd be all over this.
Anything in the DFW area?

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I would love to take lessons from the Strip himself. any chance you make it to Houston to do lessons? See you this weekend amigo
Someone who could get the word out to a bunch of baseball players in the BCS area is Kevin Hodge - khodge@twelvebaseball.com. Send him an email and he can probably help spread the word.

Also, email someone on the Little League Board - www.collegestationlittleleague.com - and see if they could get the word out.
email sent!
OH WOW... THE Ross Stripling AND THE Kevin Gonzalez both posted in the same thread...

Now if the artist formerly known as Shane Minks chimes in I will absolutely die!!

haha.. see yall boys real soon now ya here.
Gonzo, if you ever want a beer come out to sugar land.
That's awesome! Gig'em Strip!!!
Thanks Ross!

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