Countdown to Aggie Baseball 2013

Thanks to Aggie Baseball for the 2012 campaign - can't wait for Opening Day 2013 on February 15th.

BTHO the SEC and the 2013 season!

257 days and counting!
This seems like masochism to me
Pg 1
BTHO Everyone!
This seems like masochism to me

Then stop posting.
Thank you sir, may I have another.

I think that's 257

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Moving back for grad school. Can't wait for baseball season.
Hopefully we can get some bats before then.

can't wait! hopefully our guys will work out a little bit this offseason!
Pg 1. Come on February
What is our theme?
Pg 1. 257 days!!
This is really comical right now. Just wait until 2013.
257 til it starts again!!!
i'd say speeding ticket mph, but not sure that would work all the way through...
This seems like masochism to me

Hey, some of us are into that.

Lone Star Bottle Caps...

Bonus points if you take a picture of one yourself.

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Is that to drink this season away or in preparation for the SEC?

Either way, I like it.
Absolutely yes. Looks like my Lone Star consumption is about to go up.
+1 for Lone Star caps.
for the next month it is to drink the season away...

Then to enjoy summer...

after that we'll be drinking football season away before drinking to tolerate the holiday season and the end of the world.

If the Mayans did simply run out of room on the calendar, we'll drink to the New Year and in anticipation of 02-15-13.
We need to find some bats for next years squad or consult with oSu on their "strength and conditioning program" aka 'roids.
you mean move the bases on the softball field out to 90 feet, the mound to 60 feet 6 inches, and just use it?
are the Ags going to open the season at Fullerton?

I think that is very possible. The MMC classic is usually in early March

you know you have to solve the Rebus, too
Then stop posting.

oh cool
AggieFrog back where he belongs!

GREAT idea!
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