Is Texas overrated?

They are getting their butts handed to them in the first half...down double digits...terrible shooting percentage.

Yes, it is on the road against a top-ranked opponent, but should a top-10 team ever get rolled like this on on the road?

A&M got rolled at Austin, and we know the primary reason is because the Aggies are overrated. So....

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Funny how magnificent a team looks when they are getting all the calls.
Making fun of our own fans
Ive never seen it from that angle before

tu has a habit of getting raped in hostile arenas. (I mean REALLY hostile, like Duke, Kansas, Reed Arena, Missouri, etc.)
texas couldn't miss a bucket on wed. it was ridiculous, the likes of which happen only once or twice a season if you're lucky. like tech in the big 12 tourney last year.
Texas only scored 23 points in the first half?!? How do Texas fans put up with watching that kind of crap basketball. Most Aggie fans would not tolerate that kind of bb if their team was ranked in the top-10
The horns shot over 70% in the 2nd half against us, and are at 32% for the game today.
Which just means that we played like crap vs them playing like superstars.

Hopefully, we can return the favor next week!!!
troll troll troll your boat
tu is only down by 5 now
who cares?
I guess not
probably not, they are looking pretty good right now
Nice thread.
Hey Pumpkin, you want to ask that question again? ahahahha

You might want to just stick to creating, err, fixing software bugs!

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Texas with the lead. J'covan Brown looking great.
pumpkin where art thou?
Maybe Kansas is overrated.
tu firing on all cylinders the last 5 mins or so.
Acie Earl???
tu is hitting everything now, just like they did against us
you know how a pumpkin looks 2 weeks after halloween? Pumpkinhead does.
So good teams never hit droughts, eh?
they are rolling now and probably going to get the first win since ACIE EARL's three point shot.
Aaaaaand Pumpkinhead has left the building.
wow does kansas have what it takes to salvage a win???
They will definitely make a game of it.
Kansas is clawing back.
No - might be the best tu 'TEAM' in a long time - do not appear to be a one (or two) trick pony this year.
Overrated or underrated?
Texas is very real.

We'll be very lucky to win on Wed.
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