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If someone in the military (Afghanistan) needs to notarize a document, is that difficult? What are the odds that he'll have access to a notary? Thanks for any thoughts/tips.
Not sure what service you belong to. I'm in the Navy, and I would look into your command's JAG, or Legal officer.

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Depends where they are at. If you are on Bagram or Kandahar you walk over the JAG and get it done. If you are at a small remote FOB it might take a week or more to get a flight to where one is.
Every battalion in a BCT should have a legal tech who can do it.

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Any JAG should be able to do it, from any Service. The vast majority of folks over there shouldn't have a problem finding a JAG for that.
Just for fun, here's the law: Public Law 506 (81st Congress, Second Session) Article 136: (a) The following persons on active duty in the armed forces . . . shall have the general powers of a notary public and of a consul of the United States, in the performance of all notarial acts to be executed by members of any of the armed forces, wherever they may be, and by other persons subject to this code [Uniform Code of Military Justice] outside the continental limits of the United States:

(A) All judge advocates of the Army and Air Force;

(B) All law specialists;

(C) All summary courts-martial;

(D) All adjutants, assistant adjutants, acting adjutants, and personnel adjutants;

(E) All commanding officers of the Navy and Coast Guard;

(F) All staff judge advocates and legal officers, and acting or assistant staff judge advocates and legal officers; and

(G) All other persons designated by regulations of the armed forces or by statute.

(H) The signature without seal of any such person acting as notary, together with the title of his office, shall be prima facie evidence of his authority.
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