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So my wife and I are getting ready to buy our first house. We are in a great situation in that we can stay in the house we currently rent as long as we want on a month to month basis, just have to give 30 day notice we are moving out.

We are trying to make the big decision... buy a new or close to new home that is ready to move in or buy a home that needs some work. I am fairly handy and love the idea of buying a house that needs work. I am comfortable paying rent and a mortgage for a couple months while we work on the new house. I have a good idea of what a lot of things will cost to replace, I know there is no telling what I will find as we go but I can estimate on most things. One thing I have no clue about is painting. We are looking in the 2800 to 3200 sq ft range. Any ideas on what it would cost to paint the interior of a home that size? How about the exterior if it is brick/siding and we only want the siding painted?

One more question for the experts... We both hate the look of light wood cabinets, but are open to white painted cabinets. Is that something the painters will do? What so you guys think it would cost to have that done?

Any advice is welcome. Thanks guys!
Exterior is pretty affordable. We just had our house exterior repainted. 1 story, 1700sqft. The painter fixed some rotten trim, fixed popped nails, re-caulked everything, and painted for about $900. They were done in 7 hours. Worth the price IMO.

I'm not sure how much interior is but I imagine it is a little pricier as there is more surface area and they may have to move furniture around.

Add at least 25% contingency to any project or what you perceive as projects. There are always hidden gems in every house that will need work.
lot of variables in play in interior painting such as

Ceiling height ?
staircase if 2 story ?
Will the house be vacant ?
Is the existing flooring staying ?
Are you changing colors drastically?
How detailed are the trim work and built ins ?

Without knowing the above and seeing the actual interior a rough guess is 11k-13k

Converting cabinets from stain to paint is not difficult but it is tedious and time consuming to do it properly.

Remove all door, drawers, hinges and pulls.
Next they need to be deglossed, sanded and cleaned.
Then primered.
Then sanded again, cleaned and caulked.
Then apply 2 coats of enamel paint with a high chance the drawer and door fronts will need to be sanded between coats.
Then put everything back together.

Depending on kitchen size a rough guess is 1500-3000 maybe more depending on how many drawers and doors you have, but once again without knowing more detail and seeing the actual cabinets I can't be more accurate.

On exterior is it 2 story?
How many square foot of siding ?

3k for interior with sherwin williams pro on walls
More if you want all the trim repainted with enamel as well

That's my swag from my experience.

$11k is ludicrous
We bought our house new, 1600 sqft. 10 ft ceilings in half of house. It's in a new neighborhood so we snatched up some painters next door when they were there painting. Two guys did it in about half a day it was $200. it was empty and we bought the paint which was another ~$100-150.
So I know the situation is different than yours, but that's obviously the rock bottom low end.
We had a hot water heater go bad on us and cause some pretty good damage in the house which is a total of 1700 sq ft. State farm is paying for some new flooring and installation of new baseboards and painting them.

Outside of that we asked what the same company would charge to finish the baseboards in the remaining rooms (3 bedrooms and kitchen), tear down wallpaper in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms and then paint. Estimate was $5200. We are going to talk with them again tomorrow and I am going to try and get that down further, but I did not find it overly high. In addition, they are going to do some drywall patching for us and paint shutters in the living room.

I'll try to remember to repost when we finalize.
I paid $9,000 to have walls, trims, doors, cabinets, and ceilings painted when we bought our 2,600 SF house this summer. I got 3 estimates and they were all about the same. Included some minor demo and wall paper removal, as well as primer on all the wood.

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I paid about 4k to repaint walls/trim in 70% of my 2500 sqft house. This didn't include the actual wall paint, which we bought on our own. But the cost did include wallpaper removal and retexture in a few rooms which was a big chunk of the cost.

We got several quotes, most were sorta close...Home Depot came in at 12k haha

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I've been quoted $125-$150 per avg. size room. That was ceiling, walls and trim. Paint not included. I thought that was a little high.
Think I paid $600 paint included for Living Room, Dining Room, and 1 bedroom.
There's an outfit in Wylie that has an internet offer of "$99 and up" per room for painting, but, that may only be walls, and no moved furniture or the like.

Having been a painting contractor (you need a heart like Job to be good at it), you spend (if professionalism & quality is intended) as much time in the prep as in the actual painting. If you add in the knock-down afterwards, the actual painting time is the least number of manhours.

All back to the old construction adage about of, speed, quality, and cheap you can pick any two of those three, but not all three. Even if you hold your breath and stamp your feet, you can't. Sigh.
A few months ago I paid about $3500 for a 2600 sq ft house - all walls, all trim, all doors, a few cabinets, ceiling in a couple rooms, a 2 story wall.

I think I might have been able to get a cheaper price, but these guys did such a good job I have no regrets.
$3500 with trim is a very good price.
Thanks for all the responses guys.

Husky - was that in the Houston area? If so would you get me their info?
sorry, it was austin

mtz painting

I would check out yelp...
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