Colo Vista in Bastrop to reopen!

I just heard that Colo Vista in Bastrop is supposed to re-open as soon as the end of July! I grew up on this course and i'm thrilled its opening back up. I hope it gets back to the condition it was in in the late 90's.
I grew up playing Pine Forest on the other side of the Colorado. How did the fire effect the upper nine?
Loved that course!
I don't know exactly but I know a guy who lives out there and said it didn't affect the course hardly at all. I think one of the maintenance barns burnt to the ground, but that's about it. I enjoyed playing Pine Forest as well.
Good news..."So many golf courses, so little time".
great news
Wow, I didn't think that place would ever come back. I thought it would be too far gone by now to get it back in shape. I wonder how hard/expensive it is to recondition a course like that. Wouldn't all the greens be ruined? Seems like with the drought etc it would be a lost cause

Good luck to whoever is doing it. I always felt bad for the residents in that neighborhood.

But I too prefer pine forest
Colovista is in fact preparing to re open! It is looking like the middle of July. All greens have been sprigged with Champion and are progressing nicely! Billy Casper Golf (Briarcrest) is performing the reconstruction and will manage all operations. It's going to be awesome...again.
Sweet deal, i'm assuming you're associated with Billy Casper Golf? If so, hope y'all do well at Colo Vista, i'll be out to play sooner or later.
Look forward to having you.
So how long does it take to turn around a course like this?
Do you have resod the greens and fairways or can you save them?
Do you hapoen to have an overview of the course or a layout to look at? I googled around but couldnt find anything.

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Here is the old site URL or maybe the new?

You may have to cut and paste it into your browser.

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To anyone that's played both, how does it compare to Pine Forest?
Colo Vista is longer and more open, a better quality course. Pine Forest is tighter and the small greens are way too undulating, tee boxes were always bad, homes butt up to most fairways on the front nine. Tough par threes. Colo Vista, upper portion of the golf course is a great layout. Lower is so-so. I preferred Colo Vista, when I lived there.
Colo Vista was nicer, but it was also more expensive to play there. The back nine of Colo Vista is a lot like Pine Forest, tight fairways with trees everywhere. I'd certainly take a weekend and play Colo Vista, Pine Forest and Wolfdancer at Hyatt Lost Pines.

Is Jeff H. Still out there?
Yes Jeff H is doing the grow-in again. We are lucky to have him.
Any photos of the progress?
Looks like they finally posted what the rates will be:
Most of that forrest burned. I could not imagine that course without the trees.
Definitely going to check this out when it's open.
After returning to Colovista yesterday to host a chamber function, we solidified an opening date of July 13th! Champion growing in nicely!
Are the cabins/condo/cottages still there off number 2 (I think)?
They are still there and will be available for use beginning this Saturday! Invitation only golf outing on Friday and open to public on Saturday.
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