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Here's the winning answer: "I came out in 2009 as well. First job out of school was not even in my field of study. I was an engineering major, and this position was an HVAC field technician. I was quite simply not prepared for the adversity that I faced at this position. I was layed off 1 year later, and that really began a pretty rough downward spiral for me that ended in my losing several more jobs, going broke, landing in jail a couple times, drug addiction. Not a fun phase of life at all for me. At age 29, I started pulling it back together. Now, at age 34, I have a great job in IT with AT&T. I will be 100% debt free in June of this year. In the end, all of the same exact reasons why you failed will be the same exact reasons why you are successful. Life is about enjoying the journey, not waiting to arrive at the destination. Cheers boys."

Howdy Ags!
This graduation season we want to say congrats to our recent Aggie grads and wish them well as they start their careers. I graduated this time 10 years ago ('09, WHOOP!) and that milestone got me thinking about how much my life has changed in just 10 years. I went to grad school, married my beautiful wife Megan, we purchased and self renovated our first home together, had a daughter, Evelyn, and started Red Pear Realty!

So in this graduation month, to encourage our recent grads, we want to know from you...

What was the most significant thing that happened in your life in the first 10 years after you graduated from A&M?

On Friday at noon we'll choose our favorite post, and the winner will be mailed their choice of:
(A) Your choice of one of these sweet stainless steel or custom Whataburger Yeti Cups or
(B) A $50 Whataburger gift card.

Gig 'em,
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