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Do NOT Use Exquisite Concrete Designs in B/BS
Can you post your pics?

Concrete staining is pretty fickle and might be something the contractor cannot repair. However, that does not make up for dodging your calls and refusing to talk about a refund.
FYI...that company is for sale. I doubt it has anything to do with this one instance but thought that was interesting.

jmazz '05
In my experience with stained cover with paper/ cardboard. NOT plastic or Masonite.

I also have never seen a stained concrete floor that looks worth a damn.
That sucks about the floors. He doesn't seem to get that he doesn't have a business relationship with ECD though.

He has a business relationship with the homebuilder only and the builder is the responsible party.

If this has gone on a year then the builder sucks just as bad.

The builder should have immediately fixed the problem and then gone after ECD.
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