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Anyone ever heard of a bois darc post foundation?

Whats the deal with this?

is it easy/cheap to repair?

is it similar to pier and beam?
Is this an very old house? Bois d'arc is very hard wood and is very resistant to insects and rot. I assume the house floor beams are resting on bois d'arc blocks, similiar to being set on concrete blocks. If the wood is rotten and unlevel, they can be replaced with concrete blocks and re-leveled
it was built in 1929.

is it expensive to replace the blocks with concrete ones?
East Dallas/Lakewood area is full of Bois d'arc foundations. I have owned a property or two with that foundation. The ones I have seen have been in great shape relative to the age of the house. And just like pier and beam it is very cheap to repair as compared to a slab. Just my two cents but I am not an inspector. Maybe one with experience with Bois d'arc foundations can chime in.

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Depending on where it is, you can probably get a free estimate from a foundation company.
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