**** BTHO Vanderbilt Game Thread!!! ****

Shut the Dores!!
ok, switch the feed already
PSA for people like me who watch with the sound off: Aggies in white.
7-1 Dores. Ags missing everything, but getting Vandy in foul trouble.
11-9 Dores. 11:40 in the 1st. Williams with 2 fouls again.
How is that a charge when the Vandy girl is jumping in under Tori?
24-16 Vandy 4:12 in the first. Ags had cut it to 1 but turnover and bad shots allowed Vandy to pull away.
30-23 Vandy. at half.
A lot of silly turnovers, then you have missed free throws and everything else we shot. Just need to play better in all aspects and get this win.
Girls trying to underperform the men in shooting?
Coach needs to move CWIll to the 4, and keep Tori at the 3.
Karla and Achiri are very limited in how they can score...need to get it to the middle of the zone to CWill, and the O will get better!
from 9 down to 1 up!
Ags take the lead.
our size is wearing them down some, but we will have to play smart the rest of the way to win!
What did Tavarsha eat for breakfast this morning?
Tavarsha! Playing great...7 for 7!!!
terrible to
too early to foul with the lead for Vandy
How was that lane clear out legal? Geez...
Why are the benches on the baseline?
Nerve wracking....
What a weak foul call.
Terrible tic-tac call, but we should not have been in that position.
Really weak foul call. Is that a local ref that needed to get to s Super Bowl party?
Frustrating loss, can stink it up like that to start the game

Lost the channel. What's the score?
Tori probably should have backed off Batey; I'm not sure she was a jump shooting threat. Proud of the effort by the team in coming back from 8 down. 2 turnovers, 1 by Willams on the crosscourt pass, really really hurt. Clutch free throws by Curtyce to put us up by 4. Only 13 points by the CWs. Remember that Vandy beat UT there a few weeks ago.
Lost the channel. What's the score?

69-71. Vandy wins on two FTs called with 2.2 seconds left after the Ags tied it on a 3 pt play by Karla.

I don't understand a couple of things about the last play.
- why don't we have Rachel on the inbounds pass?
- why did we fall back so passively instead of making them use more clock in the back court?
I don't think we expected them to drive.

Good questions. Made it too easy to get into the front court; gave them too much time to create a drive to the basket...where everyone knew they were going to go. No wonder GB has won only once in his career in this building. A coaching blunder spoiled a gutsy comeback.

Edit for BQ. I did not see your post and I did not intend to insult you or anyone else. I was taught to go to the bucket for the win or foul shots when the game is tied.

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