Galveston Seaweed

Anyone in Galveston or been recently. We are headed there on Friday and was curious how bad the seaweed is. We go every year and have for about 10 years now. A few years the seaweed was kinda bad but not to crazy. I've heard it's really bad this year. Thanks
bring a few rakes.
Just came back from a two day trip. I've gone every year since I was twelve. One of the worst summers I have come across, mileage may vary but in my opinion it made my getaway less fun.

Good luck.
I was there the weekend of the 13th and it was the worst I have ever seen. I talked to some locals that said the same. They could not remember a time when there was that much seaweed. Bring a rake would be pretty good advice. If you don't mind alcohol-free, go to Stewart Beach where they will clear it.
Not my video, but I saw this elsewhere the other day. Not sure how bad it is now.
yup my in laws were down there last week and it was bad...the seaweed, the was all bad....
Why can't that dang Mississippi current go the other way. Can you imagine if Galveston beaches were like Destin? Really nice beaches close to so many major cities in TX.
Went to visit some family today near pearland. Decided to take the kiddos to the beach. Drove up on the sea wall and immediately decided to turn around. I have never seen it as bad as it was today. There was zero people on the beach. No apparent effort to clean any of it up. Smell was awful. The water out a few hundred yards was pretty but you could see large patches of seaweed coming ashore
That video
Can anyone report on Port A/North Padre? It may not be as a bad as Galveston but I am guessing it is still sucks. Wondering if we should cancel our trip next month; the hotel pool gets old quick after a six-hour drive.
port a as of saturday

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I cancelled a day trip to Galveston earlier this month after researching the seaweed. It was bad the last 2 years, but everyone was saying this is the worst they've ever seen. Those picutres above are very helpful.

However.... when I went to Galveston 2 years ago, I was shocked at how bad and gross the seaweed was. But guess what, my elementary age kids didn't even notice it. We cleared an area so they had some sand to dig in, and they had fun in that spot and in the nasty, disgusting, murky water.

This seaweed sucks. I love Galveston otherwise.
Good lord that looks terrible. Is there any natural benefit to the beaches/ecosystem for all this rotting seaweed?
Heading down to Port A/North Padre this weekend, will let you know if its cleared up any down this way. It's only an hour and a half drive for us, so we head down there pretty often for a quick get-away. Someone told me it had cleared up significantly within the week. Wouldn't cancel the trip just yet
Was in Port A this weekend. Worse ice ever seen. 10 yards thick piled up from coast to ocean. In the waves there was so much we all got scratched up. Not gross or slimy, just everywhere.
Yes the seaweed captures sand and silt for beach and shoreline protection. Years of allowing this to build up and become new beach will mean decreased storm surge damage.
The biologist in me always thought it was kind of neat to capture a piece of floating seaweed in a container of some sort and see what little critters were tagging along in it. Usually could find some small shrimp, crab or fish hiding there. However, good lord that is a LOT of seaweed!!
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