2012 Cardinals

After a miracle 2011 championship it's time to turn the page without Pujols, LaRussa or Duncan.

Let the Mike Matheny era begin!

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Always have been a fan of the organization, have friends in Eureka Missoura and have been to a few games with them the last few years and always go to Pujols restaurant/sports bar when we're there, but DAMN last year hurt. However, if the Rangers aren't gonna win, the Cards are a team I'm glad to see win.

That said, I think with your pitching (provided Wainwright is healthy) and your front office you should still be in pretty good shape this year and going forward. Can't wait to see Shelby Miller.
LaRussa will coach the NL in the all-star game this coming season.
Man I wish the Rangers could've drafted Miller. He's going to be good.

Good luck this year, Cards fans. As a Rangers fan I hated the way we lost last year, but if we had to lose I don't mind it being the Cards.
The Cards "passed" on Oswalt.
Looks more like the Cards are getting him, rather than passing.

The 2012 are a beefed up version the Astros team that went to the World Series.

Berkman, Beltran, Oswalt! Let's get them other 2 Astros a ring!
The St Louis press persists in the landing of Oswalt but Mozy keeps denying it.
Looking to shed McClellan to possibly make room for Oswalt.
That would be great for the clubhouse too.
IF the cards add Roy-O, would that put him as the #3 starter? Carp, Waino, Roy-O?
Oswalt would compete with Garcia for #3 and Lohse and Westbrook wouid fight it out for #5.
I think I already told you Cardinal fans to get off of here. Everyone hates you.
Nothing promotes hate like a World Series win.
On the one hand, with LaRussa and Pujols gone - two of the biggest PED guys in MLB - you have to wonder if StL is in for some tough years.

With the otherhand... I pat Mark McGwire.

It is almost like passing the torch...
Cardinals Sign Dominican Prospect Serrano.

Anyone have some info other on this guy other than what's on traderumors?

17yr old (supposedly), 6'3", 95MPH fastball.

Really no new information other than they are still waiting MLB approval pending verification of his age.
Molina has postponed further contract extension talks until further notice; the specter of Pujols continues to lurk.
Now the St Louis press say that Molina may be close to signing with the Cards.
Yeah it looks like the Molina signing will be wrapped up very soon. Great news.
Molina is in the bag.
Exciting article about a Card prospect

Cards have a very good farm system.
Due to Carp's neck issues and Wainwright coming off TJS(I assume), Kyle Loshe has been named opening day starter.

He's looking pretty good so far this spring. Hopefully, standing in that No.1 role for the beginning of the season will help jumpstart his year!
as a baseball fan i say congrats on 2011. Tony was awesome and i wouldnt want him to go out any other way. Also dont get your hopes up. you lost to much from last year. make it to the playoffs and consider that a successful year. As a rangers fan GO F^CK YOURSELVES! WE HAD IT AND GAVE IT TO YOU!!

I know stay classy and all that but its baseball season!
Molina is a dbag

Correction, the Cardinals took it. They'll make playoffs again this year, but as a successful franchise, they won't look at it as successful simply making it.
Looks like Carpenter has had a "relapse"; the St Louis press is asking for another Oswalt "try".
I am now a Cards fan. Screw Houston and the A.L.
Welcome to the light!
I am now a Cards fan. Screw Houston and the A.L.

True "fan".
It's amusing to see a Ranger fan pointing fingers when Arlington was ground zero for steroids and HGH.
No self respecting Ranger fan is a fan of Canseco or A-Roid or even much of a fan of Juan or Palmeiro. We feel more betrayed by those last two. We are fans of Pudge, but that's because he was just on one of the reports, never tested positive. The fact that the Rangers were ground zero for steroids is not a source of pride, nor do we celebrate our hardcore juicers.

This is neither here nor there about your argument, but I don't feel Rangers fans should be held accountable for the actions of those players because we neither condone or support them. That may also be true about Cardinsls fans or Astros fans or whoever, but I have relatives who are Cardinals fans and I know they love to bury their heads in the sand about McGwire.
Yeah I would love to see us sign Oswalt now.

I can't believe they sent Eduardo Sanchez down. Hopefully that means we're stocked in the bullpen.
Matheny showing concern about Furcal's non-productive bat so far leading off. He might keep Furcal's glove in the lineup but batting eight or have Greene playing short and leading off. (Skippy being a factor at second when he comes off the injury list).
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