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5 Aggies of All time that you wish you could (could have) hung out with?

1. John David Crow
2. Bear Bryant (coaches count)
3. Robert Gates instead of Dan Campbell
4. Stephen McGee instead of Robert Ferguson
5. Jackie Sherrill

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5 Aggies I have hung out with

1. Dat
2. A. Glenn
3. Dave South (many many many times)
4. L. Lowry Mays
5. The Governor
Do Medal of Honor Winners Count, and can I talk to all 7?

Major Horace S. Carswell, Jr. '38
2nd Lt. Lloyd Herbert Hughes'43
Lt. Thomas W. Fowler'43
Lt. Turney W. Leonard '42
Lt. Eli Whitely '41
Sgt. George D. Keathley '37
Sgt. William Harrell '42

[Staff Note: The niece of Lloyd Hughes would like to correct the above message saying that his name is ‘Lloyd Herbert Hughes’ NOT ‘Lloyd D. Hughes. For further info, please see the following:
Lloyd H. Hughes’ grave marker
The engraving on his Medal of Honor
The plaque outside of Lloyd H. Hughes Hall
Gig 'em, TexAgs Staff]

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Earl Rudder
Charlie Moran
Dana Bible
Bear Bryant
Emory Bellard

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MLB Mike Little 78-81, THE CRAZIEST one I
ever hung with. After he graduated anyway.
Anybody know where he is now?
Class of 77 don't read too good:
5 Aggies of All time that you wish you could (could have) hung out with?
Well if it is 5 Aggies you hung out with then...

Billy Yates
Richard Whitaker
Oschlor (great guy and funny)
Gamble, Brian of course
I read COULD(COULD HAVE) to mean
could OR could have.
Hence... know where he is now?
1. Aggie Dance Team
2. Aggie Dance Team
3. Aggie Dance Team
4. Aggie Dance Team
5. Aggie Dance Team
bknetag, that's one of the gayest posts i've ever read.
raptor, that's another "dirty" post.

this is starting to get gay.
Color me unimpressed.

I would have liked to hung our with Rudder...one bad mofo.
Keith Mitchell
Lary - guy tells some funny stories
1. Sull Ross (he counts in my book)
2. Dat
3. J.D. Crow
4. Dan Campbell
5. Bear Bryant
Jorge Quiroga - he was president of Bolivia
Kandance Krueger!
1. Bucky (actually did, but another story)
2. Aaron Wallace
3. Shane Lechler (his dad is a good guy)
4. Brian Gamble
5. Kevin Murray
1. Kevin Murray
2. Rod Bernstine
3. Keith Woodside
4. Johnny Holland
5. Joe Ogden
what a gay question

how is it gay? I hung out with them. not something that everyone has a chance to do. I am lucky to do so.
Earl Rudder
E.V. Adams (Actually knew)
Bob Smith
Turley Leonard
Edd Hargett (Have met)

If I have to limit it to 5.....

"Recall.....Step off on Hullabaloo..."
Major General Earl Rudder, hero to all Aggies and anyone familiar with WWII.
Hart Hall's sweetheart Fonda Peters
1. Not Raptor
2. Not Raptor
3. Not Raptor
4. Not Raptor
5. Not Raptor
Ed Hargett, Billy Hobbs, Steve Steagent, Dave Elmendorf, and Barnett because I did.
Ed Hargett, Billy Hobbs, Steve Steagent, Dave Elmendorf, and Barnett because I did.
1. emma smith
2. dance team
3. lexy beers
4. dance team
5. emma smith
bknetag, Lowry Mays, are you kidding me? Do you know ANYTHING about this guy? Let me tell you from first hand experience - total *****. In the Board of Regents meetings he demands to not be under an air vent and that his water be bottled and room temp. But you don't have to take my word for it, pick up any Rolling Stone Magazine from the last 8 years to find out how he single-handedly has ruined the radio. Embarrassing to the University, but fitting that those Wehner-brats would have such a role-model.
1) Kim Hiott
2) Jarrin' John Kimbrough
3) Gene Stallings
4) Bucky Richardson
5) E. King Gill

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1. Jesse Woods
2. Jamaar Toombs
3. Meathead Appell
4. Casey Chesier
5. "Juice"
I would have liked to have been beside these guys (and survived!) on their most famous days, espcially George Gay who witnessed most of the battle of Midway....
Major General George F. Moore '08 @ Corregidor
George H. Gay, Jr lone survivor of Torpedo Squadron 8 @ the Battle of Midway
Gen. J. Earl Rudder '32 @Pointe du Hoc Normandy, 1944.
Lt. Turney W. Leonard '42CMH winner, Kommerscheidt, Germany, on 4, 5, and 6 November 1944
Finally, any of the other CMH winners from Texas A&M...
Major Horace S. Carswell, Jr. '38
2nd Lt. Lloyd D. Hughes '43
Lt. Thomas W. Fowler '43
Lt. Eli Whitely '41
Sgt. George D. Keathley '37
Sgt. William Harrell '42

1. That little gymnist from Kruger in 1974.
2. The fox with the deep, raspy voice that ordered on the drive thru at Pepe Taco every Friday night.
3. The blond with the enormous ... that was in Phisophy 201.
4. That freshman (also from Kruger) who used to lean over the pool table in a most interesting way.
5. The girl from my one liberal arts class that wouldn't give me the time of day.
H.B. Zachary
Bum Bright
Gen. Rudder
Michel Halbuty
Bush 41 (Does his library being here qualify him?)

If 41 doesn't qualify - then:
RC Slocum
Kim Tomes Miss Universe or was she just Miss USA....don't matter...hot then, hot now.

I work for clear channel and happen to think this guy is first class.

he has not ruined radio. how has he ruined it?

he gives over $10,000,000 in free ad space, just inititated a "less is more" approach to radio which is costing the company millions and millions to provide the listener with a better radio experience. Less commercials, shorter commercials and less commercial breaks.

the man started with ONE radio station and has lived the American dream. I for one have had the best working experience in my life here. I have worked for the Houston Rockets and the PGA tour as well. nothing compares.
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