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Dillon Bates...

The last time a Bates boy came to Kyle Field it didn't go too well. Let's just bring this one to play for us so we don't have to worry about any bad omens.

Mark didn't offer
Patrick Bates?
"The Hitman"
Wrong colored player there, men....
Wrong colored player there, men....

What color is this guy?
Bill Bates, ex Dallas Cowboy's son.
He has an ill-favored look about him....
6' 3" and 218 as a Junior OLB is promising. He looks mean. Cant be 6' 3" in HS without suitable ankles. Hair is decent and he's undoubtedly fond of Subway.

Do it.
Here's a good article on Dillon:


“As of now I’ve got 22 offers, about seven of which I’m really considering.”

Those seven schools are Notre Dame, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Ohio State. Bates just finished his junior season.

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I thought ya'll were supposed to know stuff. One of his brothers played for Arkansas St. (another one at Northwestern). I don't want another Arky St replay.

His dad played for the Cowboys for 15 years and is the reason there is a "special teams" position on the pro bowl rosters. This kid has hard work in his DNA.

Notre Dame - he likes real girlfriends
Tennessee - mom and dad's alma mater
South Carolina - SEC
Florida - home state school
Oklahoma - why would a top recruit want to play for a Big 12 defense?
Texas A&M - Kevin Sumlin, Wrecking Crew, SEC
Ohio State - not SEC


Notre Dame - he likes fake girlfriends
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